HOW TO: Create a Twitter List

Have you heard about the new Twitter Lists? Most everyone has access to them now and they are a fantastic tool to check out. With Twitter Lists, you now can put people into categories and only see tweets from people you have selected. If you follow a lot of people, these lists make it easier to separate out the people you most want to hear from regularly. Start creating yours now!

To check out other people’s lists, I suggest three options:

  1. On the right panel of your HOME page on Twitter, you will see a new link called “listed” right next to the “following” and “followers” links.This new link shows how many people have included you in their lists. Click on the link to view other people’s lists.
  2. When you go to someone’s profile on Twitter, you can click on their “listed” link to see all the lists they are included in. You can also see all the lists that person created. A list of their created lists will be in the right panel on their profile page.
  3. There is a new service called Listorious that is a directory for all Twitter lists. It is fantastic and I recommend you check it out here (Note: The site has not yet “fully” launched, but it is still worth checking out.)

To check out some of the lists I have created: Click Here