The Benefit of “Email Updates” vs. “RSS Subscribers”

Email CroppedI recently read a blog post from Brett Borders of about how to get more subscribers to your blog. His checklist of the 11 tips is outstanding. Each tip is worth the read.

The title of the post is “11 Ways to Get More RSS Subscribers” and that got me thinking about a recent tip I learned from Jonathan Fields.

Instead of encouraging people to subscribe to a RSS feed for your blog, encourage them to “SIGN UP FOR UPDATES” with their email address.

When you do this, you can update them on your new blog posts as well as give them additional tips and strategies that are relevant and valuable. When you email your updates, you have a little more flexibility to connect in different ways.

A good rule of thumb is to tell your subscriber how often they will hear from you (that’s just good business).  Here is a great example from Jonathan’s site:


I like the idea of “email updates” because a lot of people who use readers do not check their reader daily for new RSS feeds.

If you sent an update to their email box, they are more likely to see it. Staying on the radar is important and this is a great way to do it.

When you get the email, just make sure you never abuse it. You do not want to sign these people up for your newsletter or spam them with a bunch of offers.  This will get you bunches of “unsubscribes” quickly.

Jonathan said it best, “If it’s relevant and not spammy, you’re usually good.”

So there you have it.  Just something to think about as you continue to create your kick-butt blog!

Don’t forget to check out the blog tips at and pay close attention to #11-I think it’s the most important one of all!  When you make a content schedule for your blog, you are more inclined to post more.

More GREAT Posts = More QUALITY Subscribers

Tell me your thoughts.  Have you had a success story from implementing any of the tips Brett outlines in his article? Are any of his tips especially difficult for you to implement?  Also, tell me what you think about asking for email updates vs. RSS subscribers?

P.s: I am going to test out the “Sign Up For Updates” tip on my site this week and switch out my big “subscribe” button.  How about you?