3 “Must Read” Facebook Marketing Tips From Top Social Media Pros

The best way to get the most from Facebook is to model the best. Find out who’s doing it right and getting real results, and model their strategies. While writing for Social Media Examiner I had the opportunity to interview top social media pros. Here are the top 3 tips I took away from the interviews:

#1: Bring Facebook to Your Website

“The number-one thing you can do is to bring Facebook onto your own turf. It can be done with a few simple lines of code. This can be one of your most powerful tools for improving your brand awareness,” says Jesse Stay, author of multiple Facebook books, including FBML Essentials.

To bring Facebook to your website, I suggest using social plugins.  My favorite is the Like Box with the Activity Feed, as seen below.  This Like Box is from Marie Forleo’s website.

#2: Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Lead Generator

Facebook as a lead capture source? “You bet!” says renowned Facebook expert Mari Smith.

“One of the first apps to add to your Facebook Fan Page is ‘Static FBML’ (Facebook Markup Language), which allows you to add your own custom content, including an opt-in box. You can add multiple iterations of the FBML app, and try out various lead-capture systems—ezine signup, giveaway, ask campaign, etc. Each opt-in box can appear on a separate tab, each of which has its own unique URL, allowing you to accurately split test results,” noted Mari Smith, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day.

The image below is from Brendon Burchard’s Facebook Page (on his Welcome Tab). I love how he added a cool video right above his opt-in (nice touch, B!).

#3: Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Thriving Community

“Your Facebook presence can serve as a meeting place for like-minded individuals. Make it a point to involve your customers as much as possible. Ask questions and suggest items for them to share on your wall. Ask yourself more than “What should WE share?”—ask, “What would our fans like to share with us and one another?”—and build your strategy around those answers. Allow them to connect with others who share the same interests by encouraging them to use your Facebook presence as a platform for sharing,” said Rob Birgfeld, director of digital strategy at SmartBrief.

Here’s an example below of a “Fan-Focused” question:

There are so many great tips out there for Facebook marketing success.  I only listed three here and I would love for you to post your favorite Facebook tip in the comments below! Let’s all pass on a little Facebook love…