Are You Asking The Wrong Questions On Facebook?

To best way to create engagement on Facebook is to ask interesting, thought-provoking questions. But did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to ask questions? Watch this video to learn how to ask the questions that get your Fans talking.


  1. Carol Mortarotti says:

    Thank Amy I will definitely try this tip to engage with my fans!

  2. Facebook Polls are a great way to keep people engaged because they don’t require the reader to think too hard. Like you said, no one wants to take the time to compose a long-winded response.

  3. Great tips in this video. I’ve had some success asking a question after a quote I’ve used on facebook as a way to engage their agreement with the message in the quote. Thanks Amy.

  4. Thank you Amy. Great post and even better ideas using short, interactive questions. I think @whimsybears and @sixfiguredesign will like it also.

  5. Thanks Amy! As always great tips!

  6. Service says:

    People LOVE FREE STUFF. I do product give-aways attached to a contest of some sort. The duration of the contest must be short (a day or two) and the goal is to engage as many fans as possible while simultaneously getting THEM to bring more fans to my page to “like” their contest entry. It’s a win–win for everyone.

  7. Arawdog1 says:

    I need the right questions too ask, is there a book on that?

  8. Thanks, Amy! I will definitely try this… actually thought about calling it “One Word Wednesday” and making it a weekly thing. I used to post corny jokes with a picture of one of my balloon sculptures and those always got great feedback. I’m training a friend to help me get those going again, as I’m just running out of time. I also use your Featured Facebook Fan and post them every other week to my blog then bring it into FB – I tried FB notes but found the blog was getting more hits. I’m still a newbie but I love this stuff!

  9. Yauline_13 says:

    Thank Amy! That was very helpful I am actually working on post a video soon so you gave me great points to think about before posting it.

  10. Good information on the finer points of posting questions, and not just any questions. When it’s done correctly, your community becomes more responsive and interactive.


  11. Those are really great actionable tips you’ve mentioned in the video! While I was almost at the end of it, I thought that I will make a comment with a tip, referring to Copyblogger headlines… but you seemed to read my mind at this very moment and mentioned it yourself :)

    The only thing I want to point out is “FUN”. People are generally looking for fun on Facebook. So if you are able to make them smile with your question, or give them an opportunity to answer in a funny way – they will most likely interact :)

    ps: sweet hair style, you look great! :)

  12. Mysocialnuggets says:

    I find it a good practice to include an image with every post. Posting standalone status updates could get lost in the sea of feeds..
    Great video! Thanks Amy :)

  13. Realtor Matthew says:

    Amy, great tip: less is more. I don’t see other SM consultants talking about this, as well as the kinds of questions. 

  14. Great ideas. Thanks Amy. I’m off to try those ones out!

  15. crwills says:

    I’ve not been using facebook to promote my book but with your guidance I shall definitely give it a go. Thank you.

  16. crwills says:

    I’ve not been using facebook to promote my book but with your guidance I shall definitely give it a go. Thank you.

  17. are u asking the wrong question? stop it

  18. Very interesting and informative video, Amy. Thank you for sharing these great tips. I always tend to end my post with a question but leading with a question was rather new to me and I will give it a try for sure.
    I also love Facebook new “Question” feature especially that people can follow question. I believe that the best way to use this feature for optimal engagement is to ask poll-type question, allow people to add more answers and ask them to briefly justify their answers in the comments.

    Unlike conventinal polls that gives you mere percentage, The beauty of this feature is that you can see “who answered what” by cicking on the “…” to the right of each answer.
    If the question was rather important, I would take  extra step and contact each fan indivdually and ask them to justify their answers. It’s a great feature that could be very helpful in market reseach and lead generation.

    What  I love most about Facebook us that it’s continously evolving and adding new features that you can’t help but fall in love with him. I watched your SME Facebook tutorial and it was excellent. Thank you so much for taking the put it together.
    And hey, I’m a huge Tony Robinns fan by the way. Please tell him I said hello :)

  19. Great stuff Amy, as always!  And your videos are always engaging, refreshing and “real”.  Fab tips, fab presentation.  Cheers!

  20. Clemonskunkel says:

    Working on the free Stuff for capture the leads, because my book is coming out and  I am a 30 year Carpenter, I love seeing these young kid getting there info out, Its COOL!

  21. Clemonskunkel says:

    I Love Tony and Brendon I have learned a lot lot from them, now I Have to add Amy I love Beautiful People. Wish for the world to be like our Friends. Live, Love Matter

  22. Clemonskunkel says:

    Thats what I want to Know?

  23. willtemple22 says:

    good job,, thinking back, asked everyone monday, who is your super bowl selection?

  24. Great advice which I will put to use. About to jump into the socail Media
    Ocean and finally getting it.

  25. Very nicely done Ms. Poterfield

  26. Thanks amy! Awesome advice!

  27. wow wow wow :)))
    My list of 12000 fans (built mostly through facebook ads) was quite responsive in terms of likes to quotes, statements and so on. During summer I lost connection. And if I asked questions there was most of the time no answer at all :(

    I took your one advice and asked:
    “What is the number one thing you would like to improve in your parent-child relationship ???”result:
    5 likes and 9 comments within 2 hours not on the best weekday (saturday) and not to the best time!!!

    THANK YOU very much for your advice!!!

    As I told you already I am also impressed by your teams response time to requests: really FAST!!!

    keep up the good work!

    have an awesome day!

    all the best

    Paul from Austria :)

  28. Paul from Austria! So good to hear from you again! And I am SO VERY HAPPY to hear this strategy worked for you! It is one of my favorites for sure. -Amy

  29. Hi Ami,

    i found an very interesting resource – maybe you would like to make it available to your audience:
    against my experience as I stated in my previous comment:
    Saturday should be the best day to post on Facebook!

    if you want to determine the average lifetime of your post and maximize your reach (hm, maybe this is against your “take the stress out of social media” :)

    Paul from Austria :)

  30. Marinaklima says:

    Great job, Amy. Very helpful. 

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