How To Get More Traffic And Increase Sales [Website Review with Derek Halpern]

My motto has always been to find out who’s doing it right (aka: getting REAL results) and find out what they’re doing (and what they’re not doing). That’s why when my friend Derek Halpern of Social Triggers recently offered to review my site, I jumped at the opportunity.  After all, Derek is THE GUY that the best-of-the-best call on to help them turn web traffic into leads and sales.

Here are some valuable takeaways you’ll learn in this video:

  • Find out what a “Feature Box” does and why you need one for your site
  • How to get more people to opt-in to your list
  • The most valuable spot on your website to add a testimonial
  • AND the easiest (yet most GENIUS) content marketing tip ever…

Derek’s tips and insight have already increased my overall lead conversion and sales. If you want to know how to optimize your website – quickly – you don’t want to miss out on this *must see* training video.

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