How To Get More Traffic And Increase Sales [Website Review with Derek Halpern]

My motto has always been to find out who’s doing it right (aka: getting REAL results) and find out what they’re doing (and what they’re not doing). That’s why when my friend Derek Halpern of Social Triggers recently offered to review my site, I jumped at the opportunity.  After all, Derek is THE GUY that the best-of-the-best call on to help them turn web traffic into leads and sales.

Here are some valuable takeaways you’ll learn in this video:

  • Find out what a “Feature Box” does and why you need one for your site
  • How to get more people to opt-in to your list
  • The most valuable spot on your website to add a testimonial
  • AND the easiest (yet most GENIUS) content marketing tip ever…

Derek’s tips and insight have already increased my overall lead conversion and sales. If you want to know how to optimize your website – quickly – you don’t want to miss out on this *must see* training video.

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  1. Hi Amy & Derek – Great stuff on this post and video.  Even though I work in this space (but from a different angle) I learned some super helpful tips here – the category / tags piece and adding additional opt-ins to about and blog pages.  One suggestion Amy, you are super photogenic and your head shots look great – why not add some alternative images of you to your About page and other spots on your site? Ex: on your shop it could be you in action with a client.  This continues to add your personal/warm touch throughout your site and also makes it more visually appealing because it breaks up all the text.  It also makes your site more memorable.  Thanks for sharing this excellent video.  

  2. Brilliant post Amy because I know putting yourself out there like that can be so scary!  Well done!!

  3. Great video and info. Thank you so much. I am building my second web business so it is always a process of combining the right knowledge and execution.

  4. thank you I’m always looking for new ways for improvement

  5. Okay, so I think I’ve made most of these changes on my newer posts! I’d love to know what you think of my site & as always, suggestions are very welcome! – Thanks Amy!

  6. A friend sent me this link.  I am relatively new to this world & it is great to have good information from the start.  I hope it will get me results after because after all results are motivating.  So thanks.

  7. Welcome, Karen! So happy you found this pot valuable and so much luck to you :-)

  8. Very  interesting site review. VERY interesting. I really like learning that if someone reads the first 3 or 4 lines of a article they will more than likely read the whole article. And at the end of a article is a good place to add a opt-in.  What a fantastic strategy!  Thank you a whole lot for sharing this post Amy! 

    I am definitely tweeting this ! 

  9. You are so welcome, Craig! I too loved the idea of the opt-in below the blog post – so smart. It really makes sense – I wish I thought of it first :-) Derek really knows his stuff!

  10. Great video and ideas!  Very courageous of you, Amy.  How do we find a web person who will implement the kinds of ideas suggested? 


  11. Hi, Lorrie. Here’s one my favorite “web guys” you can talk to:


  12. p.s.:  Wondering if you have some referrals for web people you work with?  thank you

  13. thank you!

  14. Scottie Schufford says:

    Awesome information Amy! I’m sold so I will be opt in to learn how your system help me increase my fans and promote my cause to end the trend of Diabetes.

  15. Love the video, Love the Tips, Love your website, Love Derek’s website, Love the purse and Love the shoes!

  16. Ha! Love to you right back :-)

  17. HAHAHA, at 11:55 Derek comments on font size.  “Does this font size look big on me?”.  Dangerous ground Derek.  Dangerous ground.  Outstanding video!

  18. Shelly Barber says:

    Wow, that’s such a great video. Derek has given us so many incredibly helpful tips on how to set up our website. I’m very excited, I’ve started making changes already. Thanks Amy & Derek!

  19. This is outstanding!  The “action color” information was genius and the opt-in forms on the various pages. So informative!

  20. Also I was impressed that you were so open to receive information. I kept thinking – wow, if Amy Porterfield can be so accepting of website advice, we ALL should be ready to receive input and information!  We’ve already changed our action colors and opt-in pages. THANK YOU!

  21. Awesome!

    Although I have watched couple of Derek’s earlier sessions before, I always get something new out of them (like from yours). 

    I have plenty of notes and action steps that I’m going to implement on my own site soon!

    Thanks for sharing :)


  22. Derek surely knows his onions. He’s a guy that came from behind, studied the market and came up with great contents. He’s such a wonderful guy and worth checking out.

    BTW: Amy, hmnnnn you are beautiful!


  23. Raymond says:

    Wow that was o awesome video this is help gonna me a lot for my site…

  24. I understand I am pretty late to this post, but I am happy I was late instead of missing this video. Derek is amazing in the video. His views are refreshing and actionable.

    I have visited his blog one or two times. Now I will make sure I am subscribed to his blog.

    Thanks Amy for this wonderful video.

  25. This is such a valuable post, Amy, I had to go back to it, since I’m revamping my site. I’ve also shared it again with others. Thanks to Derek, too, for his insightful critique. I want to say that because of it and your adoption of his recommendations, your site is one of my gol-to sites for design and sales conversion.

  26. Hi Amy (and Derek) – thanks so much for sharing this Amy. I learned so much from it. I took notes furiously and nearly every word was huge value. It was a huge, valuable tutorial for me. Thanks again ~ Bev

  27. I’ve to say this blog post with your website analyzed by Derek was great! I just have to say I love what you do and provide great value! Also, thanks for introducing Derek. Never heard of that guy before but seems like he is in the circuit and knows what he is talking about

  28. PauloVascoSilva says:

    Hi Amy, only now i stop by to see this video with Derek Halpern. Its fantastic how simplicity make a huge diference. I will apply all the Derek stuff in my website.
    I’ve never heard about Derek Halpern and turn me on in a Derek’s fã. Great content in SocialTriggers.
    And thanks for sharing with us this valuable information Amy.

  29. emeroy bernardo says:

    Love this video, because of Derek I simplified the amount of links I have in my blog and utilized the opt-in pages.

  30. Hello Amy and Derek!

    This is incredibly awesome. I love all your tips and I can’t wait to apply them on my website. But before I do that, I have a quick question that might be off, but I will still ask this anyway because I really wanted to hear it from you guys. My website is currently in go daddy and I have a blog in wordpress. I am planning to shutdown my blog and transfer it to godaddy. What do you think? Is this a good idea?

    I hope you can help me. I would really appreciate it.


  31. Good Points Overall. I appreciate the deeper analysis by Derek Halpern.

  32. Prabal Chowdhury says:

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  34. Leanne Lindsey says:

    Such a useful video! Good to see I’m already doing some of what he recommends. Will work on adding his recommendations over the next few weeks. Thanks for sharing Amy!

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