How to Use Facebook Ads to Get More Quality Leads and Attract More Blog Traffic

Are you ready to get more traction out of the new Timeline for Facebook Pages?  Without a default landing tab, the new challenge for Page admins is how to drive traffic to some other spot within Facebook to collect leads—in this case, to a custom app.

In my last post, I gave you an overview on how to create custom apps to drive engagement. But the next step in this process is to dig a little deeper and leverage Facebook ads to really super-charge your custom apps’ traffic and conversion rates. By offering value-added content via a custom app and bringing traffic from Facebook onto that app’s URL, you can jump-start the process of collecting leads and, hopefully, re-charge your community of potential “Super Fans” in the process. And it’s easier than you think, so stick with me….

Here’s a how to create a custom app strategy while using Facebook ads. The goal is to launch a custom advertising campaign to see some real action on your Page.

Step #1: Create a custom Facebook app packed with value.

We already went over how to position a custom Facebook app, so that Page visitors see it and take action. But since this strategy is all about advertising, what I want to focus on is how to create an app that has content (or a promise of future content) that will drive higher conversion rates and bring traffic to your blog AND Facebook Page.

There are a few ways to approach this. Here are my two favorites:

  1. Create an app that actually pulls in an entire blog post. As you can see here, I pulled in a post using Lujure, put a cover photo across the top, and chose share buttons that link to my app’s custom URL.


I used the tool Lujure to pull my blog post into a custom app on my Facebook Page.                                               This post in on my Facebook Page INSIDE of a custom app.  Cool, huh?


Anyone who reads an entire post is a very warm lead—and likely to opt in to read more of your content in the future. That said, make sure it’s a high-value post with lots of actionable takeaways, and don’t forget an opt-in at the end. This is not a spot for personal or entertaining blogs—this is a spot for blogs that showcase your expertise while educating, entertaining and informing your future clients!


I added an opt-in box at the end of the blog post I pulled into a custom app on my Facebook Page to capture quality leads inside Facebook.

  1. Another way to collect leads is to do what I and many other Page admins did on our welcome tabs in the past—offer a value-added content download OR signup (e.g., for a webinar) to anyone who opts in via the custom app. The idea here is to use a high-quality teaser—like a 45-second video that gives away information your target client looks for from you—and invite them to opt-in to get the rest of the series or perhaps access to a free webinar. Bottom line, again, is to provide value up-front and a good reason to enter information (and like your Page if they have not already!).

Step #2: Now, create an ad that brings traffic to the app, not your Facebook Page’s Wall.

We’ll want to keep everything inside of Facebook—many studies have shown that Facebook ads that drive click-throughs to pages within Facebook have a far higher conversion rate (as much as 50 percent higher, by some estimates). What’s more, keeping everything “inside” Facebook creates an environment of trust—you’re not asking a user to leave Facebook.  The key is to drive your ad traffic to a custom app, not your Page’s wall.  Custom apps allow you to target your marketing message far better than you can do on your wall.

Here are some simple steps to make sure you get the most out of your ad:

  1. Choose your custom app as the ad’s “destination tab.”  When you’re in the ads dashboard, under destination, choose your Facebook Page. For type, choose “Facebook Ads,” and for story type, “New ad message.” You’ll get a drop-down under the “Destination Tab” where you can choose where you want people to go when they click your ad. Choose the (custom) name of your app.


2.  Target your ideal audience. Running an ad campaign that’s targeted to your ideal client is critical to a successful ad strategy. Don’t waste your money marketing to people who aren’t interested—use Facebook’s advanced targeting options to reach the right people. Now, there are actually two approaches here. You are welcome to try both:

    • Targeting fans who already liked your Page—to drive engagement with your Page and brand.
    • Targeting friends of fans and others who don’t yet know you—to bring in qualified leads and grow numbers, not just engagement.


  1. Use a strong call to action. This matters with all ads, but particularly with one that you’re using to grow a list inside of Facebook. Make it clear from the ad what the value is for the user who clicks through. One of my ads, as seen in the image below, drove traffic to the blog post custom app pictured above.

Remember to create Facebook ads that will entice your ideal audience.                                                                                   Ask yourself, “What does my audience really want?”


  1. Measure, monitor and experiment. The ad + app combo that works best for you will depend on a lot of factors—from targeting to how much you spend on your campaign to which calls to action you use. I suggest running multiple ads at a time to split-test results, but you can also tweak:
  • Headlines (of ads and custom app content).
  • Content featured in the app (a video post may yield more signups than a blog post—or vice-versa).
  • Targeting (depending on your goals and value add, existing fans may be more apt to click through—or not!).

By keeping your ad traffic on Facebook and then sending leads to an app that delivers massive value for free, you will begin building an incredible amount of trust. This sends a strong message to your fans about your expertise and your ability to make good on promises—and in the process, helps drive engagement with (and respect for) your brand.

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