The Facebook Dirty Dozen [Infographic]

Facebook Marketing can be confusing and frustrating at times. Here’s a checklist of 12 common mistakes most people make on Facebook.  Take a look to see if you’re guilty of any of these.  And if you are,  no worries! You can quickly correct them to keep your Facebook marketing on track!

The Facebook Dirty Dozen by


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  • Donna Moritz

    Love it Amy….so much more fun than reading a blog post don’t you think!  Appeals to my visual nature and I just looooooove the styling. So Mad-Men-esque of you.  Good one!  

  • gerri50

    Nice & informative infographic Amy. Can I put it up on my site?

  • Amy Porterfield

    Sure! Thanks for asking :-)

  • Jeff Abramovitz

    Nice information, well presented and consistent with the information you continue to provide.  Great stuff.  I’ll share it out there!

  • Denise Vogel

    Thanks for sharing, may I put it on my site

  • Kelly Garrett

    Fantastic post! Many of the things on the list can be easily fixed with some custom design. Here’s my company’s resource for designing great Facebook pages:

  • Ray

    Great website Kelly!

  • Devani Freeman

    Love this!! You hit them all!

  • Johnkhanaaa

    Excellent tips Amy. I have a different problem. I created new profiles and then went about creating a new page followed trying to add a new app, and Facebook repeatedly kicked me out saying it’s not a natural person. And, at one point it even block an account from accessing.

    Why I wanted create a new profile and not use my own personal profile: I want to use the new profile/s to promote business and not tie that to my personal profile. The reason behind that is simple. I wanna keep those two totally separate, to keep my private life to friends and family only and to socialize and not reveal to the world that I am promoting my business to. And, only want to promote business to prospective buyers/clients, etc., from a profile (made up) that don’t have my real info as my real profile does. I wanna maintain my privacy. So, now please advice me how can I accomplish that, or should I start with creating a business account, where I don’t have to reveal my personal Facebook profile. How can accomplish that, thanks.

  • Ellen Thomas

    Love this “cheat sheet”! Particularly fun to see it now that we’ve finished your fabulous class…and I’ve done (or am working on) them all.

  • Ridge

    Thanks Amy for all the great tips

  • Devra

    Aloha Amy I love the format and the 12 points were right on. Made it fun to read and a good review after Profit lab class just to make sure we didn’t miss anything.
    Sidebar: We are so excited we just reached 413 talking and when we started our Profit lab we
    only had 106 WOW!

  • Jeannie

    Great one Amy. You really summed up all the points well.

  • Ross

    Hi Amy, thanks for this :) With regard to point 2 – it says not to post too much, and then suggests posting between 2 and 5 times a day. For a brand – isn’t posting 5 times a day too much? For my brand I post once a day and now feel like I might be missing a trick. Thanks!

  • Amy Porterfield

    Hi, Ross!  It really depends on your engagement and fan count.  If you post 3 times a day and each time get some great engagement and interaction, then you might want to try posting a little more and see if that engagement continues.  If you post just a few times a day and each time you hardly get any engagement, then I would post a little less and perhaps consider changing things up. When you don’t have strong engagement it may mean a few things – your content is missing the mark, your posts might need to pack more of a punch like including a video or image, or you might need to change the time of day you are posting.  One of the things I like to do is go into my Insights – in the overview page – and scroll down to see all my latest posts.  There I take a quick look and find the posts that had the most engagement and least and I try to see if there are any patterns I can take away from that info.

    So it’s a bit of a trial and error experiment until you find your sweet spot :-)

  • Ross

    Hi Amy, thanks for the reply! Yes I do all the above and get a good level of engagement – i guess i was thinking as a user of Facebook too – if i ‘like’ a brand page i wouldn’t be thrilled to have my newsfeed clogged with statuses from a particular brand, regardless of the quality. I’ll trial uploading once more a day (if i can find attractive enough content!) and see what happens.

    Thanks again :)

  • Swamykant

    Cool Infographics. Thanks for share.

  • Mike Dibos

    Well laid out and easy to read.  Thanks for the great pointers on facebook do’s and dont’s!

  • Moshiul Alam Sarker

    Thnx Amy for nice tips

  • Wrench50
  • Valerie Joy Deveza

    Wow!  You just
    stated everything so perfectly well. 
    Very nice infographic.  Looking
    forward to more posts.  Cheers!

  • Trần Nguyễn Hưng

    excellent tips! Your post is so useful :D

  • JohnLeeDumas

    Amy, this is a ton of great contrent packed in a short list.  I do have a confession…I laughed out loud a couple times…and I blushed a couple times :-)

  • The Krishna Key

    crisp, cool looking infographic. More effective than the two part post. Gotta share this

  • Danijela

    Hi, Amy
    this is great. I am still trying to figure out how to run my Facebook page the best possible way. I have learned so much here. Thanks!

  • Martingodfrey

    I need some direction……if that is possible…I am using a regular page here on facebook for my small business…is there something else i can do…for instance..the “admin panel” you refer to….I cant find it….

  • Bill Grey

    Thanks Amy…. great poster for my wall to keep these things in front of us as we move forward! Appreciate the extras :-) 

  • Randi Thompson

    Love this! I am sharing it. Thank you Amy

  • John Glenn

    Thanks Amy, I now have #4 completed for the week connections. Awesome info that I’m sure many will prosper from.

  • Deanna Moyers

    Very helpful

  • Katrina Moody

    I think consistency will always be the hardest part of this one for me to complete. Trying to work it around lots of “mommy” commitments – I am thinking that the schedule feature will be my best friend as I work toward more consistancy!

  • Sherryl Chowning Wilson

    Nice and so informative! #2 is a tough balance. I too block on my newsfeed when dozens of posts come through from one person. Usually, this is when they for whatever reason have all their posts come over the newsfeed at once. Scheduling will have to be on the top of my todo list. Thank you for the article… I learned a great deal!

  • zevenesh

    Amy, this was an ass kicker! HUGE thanks and I am Loving FB Influence!

  • Amy Porterfield

    Ha! Love it. So great to hear you are enjoying FBinfluence!

  • janisfriesler

    Very good! I just love how you explain things.

  • Cheryl Hawley

    Love this especially the weak call to action! Most specialists in the industry know that social media is not a hard sell, but it is a direct sale. You just have to know the difference and how to integrate your call to actions within your business strategy and social media marketing paradigm.

  • Veronica R. Tabares

    I love the visual nature of this post! It is entertaining as well as informative.

  • Alexandra

    Why can’t I print it out completely? Am I supposed to go somewhere else for a complete printout?

  • Amy Porterfield

    So happy you like it, Veronica!

  • Dana Howard Neuts

    This is helpful, but I have a question. In the Insights for my page, I
    can’t locate the section that shows me what posts were hidden from
    someone’s News Feed. I went to the FB Insights Help but didn’t find the
    answer there. Could you steer me in the right direction? Thanks!

  • Sondra Sneed

    I really wish I had a handle on WHAT to post relative to my message? my book? my activities? my passions? I wish I had a simple strategy for posting instead of just waiting for the right mood. I am inconsistent and have lots of non-english-speaking followers from my Ads. So engagement is not easy to get, at least in English. Wish I had a consultant who would sit side-by-side with me, read my book(s) and really help me get some strategy. Love what you’re doing, Amy, you’re a big help to this surely figureoutable issue.

  • Business Marketing Press

    this are really helpful tips, never though of changing my timeline cover photo, this are ideas are really great i would definitely try this.

  • Michael Munson

    Thanks Amy. Great information.

  • Brankica

    Re #8. Are we still not allowed to include call to action? I though I saw some after the last changes

  • Mohit Jain

    Dana you’ll require to download the “Post Level” data from Facebook Insights and then look out for Column “Lifetime Negative feedback” (column U) to know how many users gave a negative feedback or “Lifetime Negative Feedback from Users” (column V) to know how many times the negative feedback was given.

  • Ricky

    Facebook Ads is great advice for growing the email list.Thank you.

  • Ken Davis

    Amy, You never fail to bring me ideas that work. Your participation at Platform was stellar and what you offer on line is off the charts. You had me at hello! I am bragging about you everywhere I go. Thank you.

  • Jimmy Lean

    Thanks Amy, it is very great resources!

  • Ken Smith

    Amy, thank you for continuing to share your knowledge. I’m a real estate office owner and broker, and I just joined FBInfluence. My goal is to create raving fans and leads for my agents in the office. That being said, in regards to #4 I cannot find the “Highlights” drop down on either my personal or business FB pages. If you or anyone on this string can help me with this, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!