The Facebook Dirty Dozen (Part 1)

This post is part 1 of a 2- part series where I’ll cover “the dirty dozen” — 12 Facebook mistakes that most of us make at some point or another.

As you read, keep tabs on what mistakes you’re currently making and which ones you are not making.

Even if some of these don’t apply to you, use these two posts to take an assessment of your Facebook Page right now in order to find what you want to change. Once you’ve done that, I want you to choose just two or three core strategies and really focus on those.

#1:  Perplexed with Facebook Profiles and Pages

Most people are perplexed with Profiles and Pages. They often ask me, “What’s the difference? Do I really need a Profile and a Page?” so I want to get really clear about the difference between a Profile and a Page.

Facebook Profiles

Some people feel that you need just a Profile, especially since you can add a Subscribe Button so everybody can subscribe to your public posts. But I don’t think you should limit your exposure on Facebook to only a Profile.

Profiles are indeed important because most users, at least currently, see more engagement on their Profile than their Page.

However, having just a Profile isn’t the smart way to go because Facebook doesn’t want you to blatantly sell on your Profile. The Facebook blog specifically states that a Profile is your personal persona and is not intended for “monetary gain.”

There are also other things you can do on your Facebook Page that you can’t do on your Profile, and I’ll cover those below.

For these reasons, you need BOTH a Profile and a Page.

Facebook Pages

A Page is for your business to engage, promote, and sell. Since Facebook Pages were designed with those objectives in mind, they have the following options which do not exist on Profiles:

  • On Pages, you can target your existing fans via Facebook ads. Ads are not an option on Profiles.
  • You can create opt-in opportunities on your Facebook Page.  I use Facebook as a lead generating opportunity. As I build trust with my fans, I can encourage them to sign up for different opportunities so I can market to them through email and really build a relationship there.

#2: Killing Consistency

If you want to win on Facebook you have to be consistent. I’ve seen it over and over again with my clients. Pages with daily activity are the ones really thriving.

I often get asked, “How many times should I post a day?” The sweet spot, based on many studies I’ve read, tends to be about 2-5 times a day.

If you don’t yet have tons of fans or massive engagement, posting more than 5 times a day can lead to unlikes. In fact the #1 reason people unlike Facebook Pages is because people post too much. Posting 2 – 5 times a day is the sweet spot.

What to Post About

You might be asking, “All right, so what do I post about?” Sometimes people get what I like to call, “Facebook Posting Block.” They don’t know what to post on their Facebook Page. Believe me, everyone’s been there one time or another, so I just wanted to remind you of different things that you can post.

  • You can post “easy to answer” questions. “What’s one word that best describes XYZ?” or fill in the blank. Those are always great for engagement.
  • Include calls to action such as, “Click Like,” “Please Share,” “Click This,” “Watch Now,” “Enroll Here,” or “Check this out.”

    I created an image with a call to action – this post received A LOT of engagement!

  • Shareable images.
  • Shout-outs for others. Go find some great content and give other people a shout-out on your Facebook Page.
  • Promos and lead opportunities. Do webinars, teleseminars and free trainings to promote your programs and services. Facebook is a great place to showcase your programs and services. You’ve just got to do it with a mixture of all these other ways to post.

Helpful Resource:   Click here for some helpful Facebook resources.

#3:  Forgetting to Link Profile and Page

The way you know you’re on a Profile is if you see a list of “Friends.” You’re on a Page if you see the Like button.

Make sure your Profile is linked to your Page in your About section.

As you can see, on my Page it says “Takin’ Care of Business at Amy Porterfield.” You can have fun with that title. You can say, “CEO” or “Owner of…” or “The Big Boss at…” or whatever you want to say, and you can then link to your Facebook Page here.

Many people don’t link to anything there, so people go to the default page, which is the “suitcase page.”

You don’t want this page to show up when people try to click on your Facebook Page from your Profile!

To link to your Facebook Page from your Profile, do the following:

  • Click on the “About” link. This is located right beneath your personal information such as where you live and your relationship status.
  • Type in the exact name of the Facebook Page for where you are working now. It should pop-up in a drop down menu. This will enable people to click from your Profile to your Page.
  • (Note:  Sometimes when you type in your Page, it does not show up in the drop down menu. This is a Facebook glitch.  So frustrating – just keep trying!)

This is extremely important real estate; you want to make sure you have the two linked.

#4:  Weak Connections

Things are a little confusing with the Facebook Page Timeline layout.

On your Page, right beneath your Timeline cover, there are four boxes, and right beneath that, you’ll see a little dropdown.

Change this drop down to Post by others to easily reply to everyone who has posted on your Page.

By default it will say “Highlights.” Basically your Highlights are the highlights of your own posts, but if you click the dropdown you’ll see Posts by Others.

What I encourage you to do is every day just take 10 minutes, click that Posts by Others, and then reply to everybody who’s mentioned you or written on your wall or commented. These are all the people that want to engage with you, so make sure to acknowledge them!

They are the people you can turn from fans into paying customers, so never miss an opportunity to connect with those fans.

Helpful Resource:  Click here for daily habits to supercharge your Facebook activity.

#5:  Lack of a Strong Call-to-Action

On your Facebook Page, you can add a call to action to get people to click to your website, a sales page or an opt-in opportunity.

On the About section of your Page, there’s one section that gets pulled into your wall. Be sure you have a hot link in there so that people can go find out more about you.

Make sure to include a call to action with a hyperlink in your about section!

When people come to your Facebook Page you need to ask yourself this question: Is it very clear how people can do business with me?

If I came to your Facebook Page today and I wanted to pay money to work with you, do business with you or buy your product, is it clear how I can do that?

Consider adding in a coupon code and drive traffic to your website.

One of my favorite ways that I recently saw in an article was What they do is they give an actual code in their About section and they say, “Get 10% off. Come to our website, enter this code, get a discount.” That’s a great way to use that section.

#6:  Missing a “Messages” Strategy

A fairly new option on Facebook Pages is the Message Button. If you add this button to your Page, people can send you a private message that will go only to you. You cannot initiate a message to your fans, but you can respond if they send you a private message. (Also, non-fans can send you a private message as well.)

If you go into your Admin panel, on the right you’ll see a box there. If you deploy the button then you’ll see your messages.

Here’s where to see your messages when you go into your Admin Panel.

Here’s a tip! If someone sends you a private message, and has a question for you, consider using a tool such as SnagIt to create a little video that answers their question.

As an example, let’s say someone emails me and says, “Amy, I can’t get the Message Button to work on my Facebook Page. Can you help me with that?” I can make them a quick video showing my screen and saying, “Are you clicking here and then going here? Let me know if this works.”

You’d be amazed how impressed people are with a short little video. They get to hear my voice, it’s personalized to them, and it goes so much further than just a text email. It’s a really cool way to respond.

There is one important thing to keep in mind with the message option. If you’re going to deploy the Message Button, make sure to have a system in place that includes having someone ready to answer any questions or messages that come through.  These days people expect fast responses.  If you add the Message Button, and then forget to keep track of your messages, you could be creating a customer service mess!  Make sure to get a plan together to respond in a timely manner!

Helpful Resource:  To learn more about private messaging, click here.


Want to keep going and finish out the Dirt Dozen?  Click Here for Part 2.

  • Julie Leonard

    Good tips! Looking forward to the remainder of the dirty dozen.

  • Ileane

    Great tips Amy! I think #3 is the mistake I see most often. People are really confused about how to link from their profiles to their pages. I have a question about that – does your page need to be listed under a specific category in order for this to work? Seems like people are running into this problem because their page doesn’t appear to be linkable. I changed the category for my page to “company” and that made it much easier for me to add it as an employer on my profile.
    Also, you mentioned using Snagit and I’d like to add that Screenr is a free screencasting site we can use to do a quick demo in response to questions from our fans. 
    Thanks for the post Amy, looking forward to part 2.  

  • Lisa

    Great tips – I see #1 a lot, not everyone wants to see all your business postings so I think having a page is essential. #2 is another common one – some people post too much too often. They could at least use the buffer. #4 I must work on – I haven’t done that in a long time. I also have to checdk #6 too.

  • James Pruitt

    YIKEs, out of the 7, I am hitting 2 of them pretty well. some of these like messages, I didn’t even know about. thanks for sharing these tips. My profile has always been the center of my FB activity, since I have always struggled to get followers on my pages. Now I know how to improve my FB pages Strategy, and hopefully get more likes. 

  • Amy Porterfield

    Hi, Ileane!  That is so interesting about chancing the category.  I know a lot of people have had trouble with the linking and if that will fix it, I love that trick.  I will need to try it next time one of my clients has an issue with it.  Thanks for the tip!

  • Andi the Minion

    As always, excellent information and easy to follow.Looking for the next 6, My biggest issue is interaction. Since the Timeline was introduced it seems to be getting less. Any tips there?

  • Carra Manahan at Marketo

    Definitely agree with consistency when it comes to Facebook posts. It’s important to have daily updates that your fans can enjoy or find value in. On our brand page we do weekly things so our fans have something to look forward too.

  • Donna Moritz

    I think you are right ladies – the Company category works best for linking. Something has had me thinking recently though…with “Facebook Offers” coming on line, we may find that those locations listed as Local Businesses can use it but not Companies as they are not geotagged….It is a toss up between being able to put your url on the “about” section (which you can’t currently do as a Local Business Category) or putting yourself as a Local Business and being able to take advantage of Offers which will be huge. Please correct me if I am wrong…maybe Facebook will allow both on both types of category – now that would be ideal!  

  • Tom

    This is just flat awesome information and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next installment. Just beginning a new venture and we’d really like to do it well out of the gate! Thanks so much!

  • The Krishna Key

    I am surprised to see how many people still do #2 and #3.

    They suddenly post tens of messages in a day and lost for a week or so from their page. You wouldn’t believe how many profiles I have seen were missing link to their website.

    I hope your post creates the much needed awareness on this points.

  • Michael Belk

    A very good job explaining the profiles and pages.  I mostly use my profile for pretty much everything.  I might  consider getting a page later. 

  • Michael Belk

    A very good job explaining the profiles and pages.  I mostly use my profile for pretty much everything.  I might  consider getting a page later. 

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