The Facebook Dirty Dozen (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a 2 part Facebook series.

Part 1 covered the following 6 mistake that most people make at least some of the time on Facebook:

  • Perplexed with Profiles and Pages
  • Killing Consistency
  • Forgetting to Link Profile and Page
  • Weak Connections
  • Lack of a Strong Call-to-Action
  • Missing a “Messages” Strategy

You can read Part 1 here .

Let’s move on to the final 6 mistakes.  Remember, after reading these two blog posts, I don’t want you to think you have to do ALL of these things. I want you to just choose 2 or 3 core strategies and really focus on those.

#7:  Playing Small with Your Brand

Branding your Facebook Page is very important – the way you set up your Page is a true reflection of your brand. Mari Smith, a good friend of mine, does an excellent job of that, so I wanted to use her as an example. Mari changes her Timeline cover photos often, and this one below is one of my favorites.


This is a perfect representation of Mari’s style! It’s a great representation of who she is and what she’s about.


So here’s a question for you, “What’s your style?” What’s your message?”

If you impeccably brand yourself to your Facebook Page it will stand out. You don’t want to just kind of glaze over this idea and think, “I’ve got to throw up a Timeline cover fast!” Think hard about it. Think how you could really stand out by doing something different.


I love what my good friend Adam Urbanski did on his Timeline cover photo – such a great reflect of his brand and message. Adam’s Timeline cover photo is a great example of what he teaches and who he is at his core.


My personal mentor, Marie Forleo, always tells me to “go pro” in business and life – and I try to by that motto. When it comes to branding, you want to go pro and really make sure that you don’t skimp on design – you do this and you’ll stand out above all your competition on Facebook.

Helpful Resource:  Click here to link to a great post to help you create a fantastic Timeline cover photo.

#8:  Lack of a Timeline Cover Strategy

And speaking of your Timeline cover photo, think about changing it up when you are launching new programs and services.  To do this right, get a strategy behind it.

When you have something coming up – a launch, a campaign, a new product – take the opportunity to showcase it.

I have a few versions for my own Timeline cover – the simple one says “Facebook Expert + Author + Trainer” as seen below.


This Timeline cover photo is the one I use between promotions. When I do a product promotion, I change it out.


When I have something coming up I change it out, as seen in the Timeline cover photo I did for a webinar I was promoting.


When creating a Timeline cover photo, according to Facebook guidelines, make sure you don’t have a URL or call to action in your Timeline cover, and be sure to include images as well as text.


As you can see in the Timeline cover photo above,  I added text and imagery. I didn’t add any call to action, but I told people what’s going on. Underneath my Timeline cover I have a custom application where you can sign up for my webinar. I brand everything to my current promotion.

So think about a strategy. If you have something coming up, use your Timeline cover to get the word out!

#9:  Half-Baked Custom Apps

Most people don’t yet have a really good strategy with their custom applications. With custom applications, my philosophy is to turn them into lead opportunities.

On mine you can sign up for my Social Media Updates, you can sign up for a webinar, a free video series, or you can check out my product FBInfluence.  I have actions behind every single custom app.


Get strategic with your custom apps and use them to drive traffic to what matters most to your business.


I use a tool called Lujure. That’s the tool I use to create easy custom apps. It’s drag and drop simple! I do not like dealing with code so I often use this tool to create quick, easy custom applications.

In addition to that, make sure on your custom application you have a strong call to action in your thumbnail design. Tell people what’s behind that custom app using action words.  Here’s a great free tool to help create thumbnails on your own:

Really get aggressive with your custom apps so that you can drive traffic to the areas of your business that matter most.

Helpful Resource:  Click here to learn how to create client attracting custom apps.

#10:  Avoid Total Automation

Although I’m a fan of scheduling posts for your Facebook Page, be careful of total automation.

A mistake most people make on Facebook is that they automate too much. When this happens, it’s tough to increase engagement because your responses are delayed.  The more you can create in real-time, the better! I encourage you to at least spend 10 minutes a day in “real-time” on Facebook to engage with people.  The personalized attention will go a long way with your fans.

Helpful Resource:  Click here to learn some new Facebook engagement tips.

#11:  Ignoring Your Insights

Facebook metrics can tell you A LOT about what’s working and not working on your Facebook Page.  Facebook Insights will tell you what’s working and what’s not working with your Facebook activity.

Insights are easy to find on your Facebook Page.  Check out the images below to get you right there.

My favorite Insights data are the details you can get with each post.  On the Overview tab inside your Insights dashboard, scroll down and you will see all the posts you made in the last 28 days.  There you can see how many people engaged with your post (e.g.liked it, shared it, posted a comment. etc).

As you can see from the snapshot below, my Insights data shows me the posts where I had the most engagement (highlighted in yellow) and the posts with weak engagement (highlighted in blue). When I look at this info I think, “I need to do more mosts like the ones that generated a lot of engagement and less of the posts that fell flat with my audience!”

So if you’re curious as to what’s working on your Facebook Page, go into your Insights on that very first page there, scroll down below the graph, and you’ll see this information.

Again, when I’m wondering what’s working and what’s not working on my Facebook Page, this is the first place I’ll look.

Helpful Resource:  Here’s a great article about easy ways to track your Facebook Insights.

#12:  Failing to Explore Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can get you BIG results when done right.  They are the #1 way that I’ve grown my email list.  If you haven’t experimented with Facebook ads yet, I encourage you to test them out for sure! Here’s a tip – to get more quality fans, test out “Engagement Ads.”

When you do start to experiment with ads, be patient with yourself! Just like everything else, practice makes perfect. With Facebook ads you’re not going to be a pro overnight. It took me a few months to really get used to them, but I’ll tell you this – I started small and now I’ve gotten bigger with my campaigns, and they’re really  Facebook ads really make the difference.

Helpful Resource:  Click here to check out a blog post to set up Facebook ads to grow your fan base.


Want to see the coolest Infographic ever?  Click here to check out the Dirty Dozen Infographic and make sure to share it with your friends!

  • Donna Moritz

    Love this series Amy – I don’t think there are many people who would not find something in this list that they have forgotten to address..and even if not, they are great reminders not to stray to the dark side.  Thanks for sharing! 

  • The Krishna Key

    This half dozen is bit on the higher end FB users who aren’t making the mistakes listen on the first half dozen post.

    Well written post Amy and thanks for it.

  • Pierre Venter

    Thats a couple of very detailed and idea-provoking posts Amy, very much appreciated! Great content!

  • Tracy Young

    Great tips Amy. I went through all 12. Hoping to make #12 a priority this year.

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