5 Tips to Increase Your SEO with Pinterest

Increase SEO Using Pinterest

Pinterest is now one of the fastest-growing and most popular social networking sites on the web. Though still relatively new it already has a rabid fanbase of users with more and more turning to its unique layout and content sharing system each day.

Like the more established networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest allows companies and individuals to post, share and spread content of all types. As an SEO marketer there are huge gains to be made by turning to the Pinterest platform, as it offers many unique tools to boost SEO.

#1: Share Unique Content

Like any social networking site the biggest draw for Pinterest in terms of marketing is the ability to share new content with the world. By creating a profile page you are free to share whatever images and captions you choose, thereby allowing other Pinterest users to view the content and “pin” things they like to their own profiles where even more people will see it. Whether you’re posting product information, new blog posts or just images of the office, it is a great way to reach out to a massive audience and grow that viewership with very little input.

#2: Build Backlinks

In much the same way that Pinterest allows for exponentially growing viewership of content posted it also creates a huge amount of backlinking for your site. In SEO terms a backlink is an invaluable thing to have, as search engines create page rankings by taking into account how many outside links will lead people to your site. With proper usage Pinterest can create many of these useful links.

As a user you can insert links into the captions and information of your Pinterest posts. This means that every time someone “pins” or shares one of those posts a new backlink is created. It provides a new chance for someone to find your site and gives a boost to SEO rankings. Additionally, as your content gains exposure, it can also lead to viral links if people like the content and link to it from their own sites or social channels.

#3: Keyword Targeting

Another vitally important part of SEO with any website is keyword targeting. You must use the keywords frequently in your content that your target audience is searching for, thereby increasing your page rank when those keywords are searched.

You can work keyword targeting into Pinterest posts as well. Use those same keywords in the descriptions you’re allowed to include with each post, along with a website link of course. This will bring your Pinterest page up in the rankings for those keywords as well, providing yet another way for people to find your content. And a higher ranking Pinterest page also increases the value of those backlinks, in turn boosting your SEO even further.

#4: Use the “Pin It” Button 

Pinterest is all about sharing content across the web so it’s no surprise the site makes it easy to do that even from outside sources. As a Pinterest user you have the ability to add a special button to any post on your own website.

This “Pin It” button allows readers to automatically post an article or photo to their own Pinterest account to begin sharing with the world. It’s a small but excellent way to get more mileage out of everything on your website even if you don’t publish it to Pinterest yourself.

#5: Build Followers

Just like a Twitter or Facebook account, users can follow specific Pinterest accounts they like. This notifies them whenever that account posts new content so that they can see it and share it quicker. Build up the followers for your Pinterest account and the content you share will spread further and faster, greatly increasing the SEO of the linked page. If someone follows you be sure to follow them back as well, because then you’ll be recommended to other users and the followers base will continue to grow.  Be sure to engage with others on Pinterest by commenting on their pins and liking their pins, this will in turn encourage them to like you back.

Additional Tips

  1. Schedule your pins using Pingraphy.com
  2. Use hashtags and keywords in your pins to increase visibility and expsoure
  3. Use giveaways, such as Pin it to Win it, to increase engagement

Drive more visitors, links and social engagement with Pinterest

By using Pinterest for SEO you can gain engaged visitors, links and traffic.  Pinterest creates new ways of having your content found and shared, which can in turn improve your rankings in the search engines.

About Marcela De Vivo

Marcela De Vivo is an online marketer, focusing on sharing social media advice for HostPapa.  She is passionate about social media marketing and particularly loves to share great tools and actionable methods to improve online visibility.  You can find her on Facebook, and Pinterest.

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    Great post Marcela… I have realized Pinterest have been doing a lot of wonders to my site especially when it comes to authority backlinks… Been using it since. Very informative by the way..thanks for sharing pingraphy.com..never used it but will give it a shot now.

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    Hi Marcy, I have to confess I’m a HUGE fan! It’s saving me so much time. Instead of having to research and pin images every day, I can focus on researching many images and get into an “image research and pinning” groove. Then I use pingraphy and set it up so it pins a few images a day, and I try to spread it out across multiple boards. Then I only have to return to Pinterest for engagement, which is the fun part. At that point, since all my pins for the week are scheduled, I just find cool images, comment on people’s pins and boards, and reach out to other like minded individuals. It’s well worth a try, the learning curve is very small so it wont’ take you much time to figure out.

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    Hi Patti and Karen, yes, the links are still nofollow. The benefits are two-fold. You don’t want an inbound link profile that only contains Do Follow links. It’s imperative to have a natural appearing inbound link profile so you want to make sure a percentage of your links come in from nofollow sites. Also, the traffic and exposure that you gain from Pinterest can LEAD to Do Follow links as people then share your images on their other social platforms, blogs, etc. That’s where I see the SEO benefit.

  • http://twitter.com/marceladevivo marceladevivo

    There’s quite a debate in the social space about quantity over quality. I personally do follow as many people as possible as I find this strategy has worked for me and my clients, but other people stick to smaller numbers of highly targetted and qualified followers. It really depends on your overall social and content marketing goals and strategy.

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    I guess because I’m starting out with my site, I wondering if I need to follow the heck out of people to get a bit of exposure, I don’t like really like that as I feel it’s “cheap”, but that strategy could work!

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