The Facebook & YouTube Love Affair: 7 Simple Facebook Hacks to Get Massive Views & Exposure on YouTube

As an avid fan for sharing your message with video, I always recommend YouTube as ideal platform-or virtual stage for distributing your video content and building your community online.  But there’s nothing worse than creating a fantastic video, uploading it to YouTube and seeing only seven views.

To breathe life into our videos, we need to bring our content to the platforms where our audience is already hanging out.  Fortunately for us, YouTube seems to play well with all the other social networking sites.  And Facebook is no exception.

When it comes to marketing your business on Facebook, Amy is the expert! In this post, we look at seven simple tips and tricks you can implement to get more results from your YouTube videos on Facebook.

Let’s begin…

1.  Enable “Social Sharing” on YouTube

To integrate your YouTube Channel and your Facebook account more easily, you can “connect” your Facebook profile to your YouTube Channel.  This way, when you upload a video, your status will be automatically updated with a link to your video.  Note: As of now, this function is only available for your personal Facebook Profile, not Business Pages.

To enable your “Social Sharing,” log in to your YouTube Channel, head on over to “Account Setting” and select the “Sharing” option.

Note: If you are looking for even more automated sharing tools, check out

2.   Build the Anticipation

I am a big fan of the Power of Consistency.  The more consistently we create content and share our message, the more momentum we create.  Before uploading next week’s video to YouTube, why not “tease” your audience with a preview of the video.  Here’s how you can do this…

  1. Take a screenshot of the “Golden Shot” or best shot of your latest video.
  2. Update your status by adding your screenshot to Facebook
  3. Include some copy that gets people excited about your upcoming video and tells them when it’s going live!
  4. For an added bonus, include a link to your direct-subscribe page on YouTube and ask your fans to subscribe to your channel

Direct Subscribe Link:

Below is an example of Liz DiAlto who did this exact strategy recently.  She added over 50 subscribers and the video she promoted has over 12,000 views.

3.  The Share-Factor

The obvious thing to do is actually post the direct link of your video on Facebook to share with your fans.  However, most Fan Page owners don’t take any effort at all to be marketers.  These updates are dull and boring.  I’m sorry, but “Check out my latest video” doesn’t compel anyone into action.  You need what I call The Share Factor.

You have to understand that people are busy.  You have to be smart, creative and unique in order to grab the attention of your fans, pull them away from what they were doing and convince them to watch your video.  I love to use the power of Curiosity to get people to press play.  Something like:

“Check out my bloopers in the last 30 seconds. I think I went too far, what do you think?”

Don’t assume that your fans will watch your video just because you posted one.  You must convince them WHY every single time.

4.  Change your Video Title

Did You Know: You can actually change the “title” of your YouTube Video as it posts on Facebook. All you need to do is double click the title, and you can edit it!  I do this when posting my video to different “Facebook Groups” and I want to tailor the content or the marketing to that demographic.

5.  Pin Your Video!

Well, Pinterest just HAD to make it’s way in here, didn’t it! After I post upload my video, I like to pin the video on Pinterest.  My “Pinterest Activity” gets posted to my Facebook Feed and others can see what I am pinning…my videos!!

You can wait a few days, then go back and pin a screenshot of your video (with a link to your video) and it will once again show up on Facebook.  I like this step, because it takes an additional seven seconds and gives added exposure for my video.

6.  Share Your Blog Post

Up until now, we’ve just been sharing your YouTube video. However, as soon as you embed your video on a WordPress Blog Post and add additional content, you have a whole new link to share with your audience!  By waiting a few days to share a “video blog post” to your audience, you’ve generated new traffic without appearing to have a “lead finger” on the share button!  ;-)

The trick here is to add additional content, training or graphics.  This creates more value for your audience and compels them to click over to and see what you have!

7.  Make it Viral!

I’ve saved the best for last, haven’t I!  Up until now, we’ve had to rely on your existing audience and fan base.  With few fans, you are quite limited on the amount of views you can receive.  This is where some viral strategies can come in handy.

I like to use “share to unlock” software that gives my readers additional content or goodies when they share my videos. It’s really simple actually.  With a simple bribe for a “free video” or more tips, your audience will be compelled to share your YouTube with their audience without hesitation.  And then they share it with their friends, and their friends share it with their friends, and…

If you want to see this entire process in action, go watch my latest video, here:

Here is an inexpensive code you can install to add this functionality to your blog:

You can also use for free and have your audience tweet your links with the click of a button!

Going Full Circle

Wow! Seven more things you have to learn and execute in your business!  Well, before you feel overwhelmed and panic, just know that most of those tips only take a few seconds to implement.  But the real secret is this…Facebook and all these other social networking sites are just tools.  It’s the STRATEGY we deploy that determines whether we get great results or not.  And that strategy always starts with GREAT CONTENT.  I can’t think of a better medium for content than video, can you?

James Wedmore About James Wedmore

James is the founder of Video Traffic Academy. James shows others how to use the tools and skills they already possess to harness the power of video to grow their business.


  1. Hi Amy. I have put it on my list of things to do – read Amy Porterfield’s blog. I’m so glad that I am subscribed to your email list, as I attended the James Wedmore YouTube training and signed right up. I also need to start going through your FB Influence course again, as I know there is a lot of fine tuning I can do. Thanks so much for this post. I’ve focused on blogging this month with the Ultimate Blog Challenge. November is going to be Facebook. In the words of the governator … Ahhll be back :)

    All the best,

  2. Hi Amy, I would like to ask you if it is possible to send a repeat telecast of the webinar for youtube training to me as I was in New york at the time the telecast was made and we were faced with this hurricane and were out on power for 3 weeks! so please consider this request and send it out once more!!


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    Do you suggest sharing youtube link on FB or actual upload of video on FB?

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