3 Easy Ways Use Pinterest to Get More Sales During the Holidays

As the biggest buying season of the year approaches, do you find yourself scratching your head trying to come up with a marketing plan?

For some business owners, the holiday season can represent anywhere between 20–40% of their annual sales. In 2011, holiday sales represented 19.5% of the total retail industry.

This year, holiday sales are projected to be around $586.1 billion dollars! [Source]

So how can you get in on this action?

Research shows us that more and more people are using Pinterest as a place to go to get inspiration on what to buy. And with an average referred order value of $179, Pinterest users spend more money on their purchases than anyone else! [Source]

Keep reading to learn the 3 best ways to use Pinterest to market your products or services this holiday season.

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales With Pinterest

1. Trending Topic Board – Ex: Christmas Décor & Recipes

Millions of buyers are flocking to Pinterest this year for holiday decorating inspiration. More still are using the popular platform to find great recipes and gift ideas. Take advantage of this behavior by supplying holiday themed information alongside of your product and services by creating a holiday board. Research shows us that trending topics on Pinterest see an 94% increase in CTR (click-thru rate).


Below is an example of a “trending” holiday board that I made to promote my product based business Luxury Monograms.

View the full board HERE.

You can see that I’ve pinned my own products (that could be a part of holiday décor) alongside of other people’s holiday recipes and photos of Christmas décor. You want to make sure that what you are choosing to include from your business makes sense. People will see right through forced promotional pins if they don’t add value. But many of us could find some way or another to tie our products or services into a holiday theme.

Take for example a gift buying board….

 2.   Gift Buying Board – Ex: Gift Ideas for Lovely Ladies

We are all faced with an equally daunting “to buy for” list each year. Why not help your customers out by showcasing your offerings as a solution for someone on their list?

I have found that general recipient characteristics make the best gift buying board titles. Consider some examples such as: “gifts for wives,” “gifts for men,” or even “great gift ideas for kids.” Keywords matter here, so for optimal search visibility on the platform make sure to include words like “gifts” or “Christmas” in your board titles AND in the image captions.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to add prices! You can add a price to any pin simply by typing the dollar sign ($) and the numeric value in the caption of your pin. Pins with prices get more likes and are automatically included in the “gifts” tab on the homepage of Pinterest.

Below is an example of a gift idea board for women:

View the full board HERE.

Again you’ll see that I’ve included a mix of both my own product offerings along with great gift ideas from other sites.

The key to success on Pinterest is continually adding value to your followers, whether it be from your own offering or other’s.

3. Contest – Ex: Pin It to Win It

Finally, the third way to get more sales from Pinterest around the holidays is with a contest.

Hosting a contest on Pinterest is one of the best ways to quickly get more followers and get a ton of traffic to your site.

Take a look at the contest that the clothing company Intermix recently hosted on Pinterest and promoted on Facebook:


This particular Pinterest contest was hosted on a Facebook custom tab. Isn’t that a great way of leveraging two of social media’s best platforms?

Intermix also spread the word about this promotion by emailing their list this:


But you could just as easily get exposure by highlighting the contest on your page, or even by running Facebook ads directly to your custom tab.

Now you may be wondering: What are the benefits of a contest like this?

Well when a person pins something from your site it then appears to all of their followers on the Pinterest newsfeed. This leads to getting your brand in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of new customers.

Additionally, each pin will also create a backlink to your site which helps to improve your SEO rankings and visibility.

NOTE: If you don’t have much pinnable content on your site, you could just have participants repin sponsored pins off of one of your Pinterest boards.

Service based businesses looking to get in on the action can create “coupon” pins offering special discounts or bundled offerings.

Want to Learn More?

Now that you can see the power of using Pinterest to get you more sales this holiday season, join us on a webinar and learn the foundational strategies for increasing your traffic and sales well into 2013!


Melanie Duncan About Melanie Duncan

Melanie Duncan is a business owner currently using Pinterest to increase the traffic and sales to her websites. She is also an international and award winning speaker who has trained thousands of business owners across the world how to use Pinterest for business.


  1. Perfect timing considering the holiday season is coming up! Not to mention the new UI improvements and increased user-base since last season- Tis’ the season to market on Pinterest after all!

    Thanks for the layout Melanie, you are truly a Pinterest rock star!

  2. I have taken been through Melanie’s Pinterest course and taken part in her Pinterest workshop – FANTASTIC – I recommend to all Pinterest users.
    Pinterest is a great tool and lots of fun.

  3. Great tips Melanie, Pinterest is so much fun and users just love to get holiday ideas from the network. I’ve seen many pins about holiday arts and crafts, holiday decor, holiday recipes and holiday outfits. I love Pinterest : )

  4. This year holidays almost ended, but next occasion I will follow your tips!

  5. Melanie,
    Great article. I am not on Pinterest yet because I’m not quite certain how to leverage this platform for my research and public speaking business. Can you please share examples of experts/gurus who have used Pinterest to great effect?

    Thanks so much for your time,

  6. Great article Melanie, I have written an article on leveraging sales from Pinterest that could be of interest:


    I hope you find this useful, thanks Tom.

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  15. I am totally agree that on Christmas Occasion adding an option like Gift Ideas may help a lot in capturing the customer’s attention. Now I am going to create a board, naming like that. Thank you.

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