How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List Quickly

Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business, because leads lead to customers. The great news is, Facebook is an excellent tool for growing your email list quickly.

The very first step to getting people to opt in to your email list is to create a Signature Promotional Giveaway — a giveaway that you create for the specific purpose of collecting leads.

question_marks with dropshadow 403Ask the Right Questions

 A lot of people struggle with what to giveaway, so here’s a little trick to help you figure out the best giveaway that will help you get a lot of leads:

Don’t think about the media. A lot of people ask themselves, “Should I create an eBook? Should I create a webinar?” Those are the wrong types of questions to ask.

Instead, ask yourself the following questions:

“What’s a challenge that I can solve for my ideal audience, and how can I put that into a mini-training or a mini-giveaway so that people will find immense value from it?”  

Start with the challenge and the solution before you worry about what type of media you’re going  to use for your giveaway.

 Once you answer the question of the problem that you want your giveaway to solve for your ideal audience, you can then move on to whether or not you should create an eBook, video, or some other type of giveaway.

Stop Wasting Time On a Million Different Strategies

time spent on opt in offer
A problem that a lot of people have is getting bogged down by all of the different lead generation strategies they hear about on the web.

To help you avoid overwhelm, I want you to identify just three different lead-generating opportunities that work for you. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Facebook ads

  • Webinars

  • eBooks

  • Free reports

  • Checklists

  • A certain type of Facebook post that always attracts people to your optin.

 Instead, of wasting time on a million different strategies,figure out what works, document it in a plan, and stay the course.

That approach is what has given me so much success in my business, and that’s what I teach my students. Learn what works, and focus on that rather than getting bogged down in all the other ideas you might hear about on the web.

Set Up a Custom App


It’s important to have at least one custom app on Facebook that provides an opportunity for people to join your email list. This custom app is a page where you collect names and emails inside of Facebook, and you should use your Signature Promotional Giveaway for it.

One of my favorite resources for custom apps for collecting names and emails is LeadPages. It has a lot of templates that are super easy to use, and once you’ve created the optin page, you can add it to your Facebook Page with a single click.

 Make a Plan

planner One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to growing their email list is that they take in information such as what is in this post, and flounder around because they don’t take the time to make a plan.

My Challenge to You:

Within the next 24 hours, grab a piece of paper and a pen, or open up a Word document, and write down the following:

1. A challenge that you can solve for your ideal audience

2. The type of media you’ll use (eBook, video, checklist, etc.)

3. Who is going to create it. Do you need to hire someone to help you with this? Are you going to write it, and have someone else make it look good? Think through what you can do yourself and what you need help with.

4. When you’re going to get it done. Assign yourself a deadline, mark it on your calendar, and to help make the commitment firm, share your plan, including the deadline, with a few friends or associates who will hold you accountable.

If you document that, you’re going to be amazed how much more action you see actually happening on your Facebook Page.

Question: What’s the number one thing you’ve done to build your list?


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