Facebook News Feed Changes (and What it Means for Pages)

link posts featured imageFacebook just changed things up again, but this time it’s really good news for Page owners.

Yesterday, Facebook announced a slight tweak to the News Feed algorithm. Starting today you will begin to see more “text-only” posts from friends in your News Feed. You will also see less text-only posts from Pages in your News Feed (because Facebook noticed text-only posts from Pages were not getting much engagement).

Why is This a Good Thing?

Here’s the good news. Facebook also announced that they will start to push more “link-share” posts from Pages out into the News Feed of our fans.

What’s a “link-share” post? Oh, I was hoping you’d ask!

Most of us embed our links directly into our status updates, but that’s no longer effective. I suggest you DO NOT post like:

link posts 1

Instead, create a LINK-SHARE post that looks like this:

link posts 2

Notice how there is an image in the post as well as the title and description text below the image? That’s a “link-share” post. (This type of post is not new – what’s new is that Facebook tweaked it’s algorithm and is now giving more weight to link-share posts vs. text only posts.)

How to Create a Link-Share Post

When you add a link to a status update, the image with the title and description should automatically get pulled into the post, thus creating a “link-share” post. You can then delete the link in the status update box because the image and the description are now clickable.

Simple as that!

Here’s what Facebook had to say about this recent change:

“The best way to share a link after this update will be to use a link-share. We’ve found that, as compared to sharing links by embedding in status updates, these posts get more engagement (more likes, comments, shares and clicks) and they provide a more visual and compelling experience for people seeing them in their feeds.”

This is good news for Page owners because images take up more room in the News Feed and therefore are more eye-catching and interesting than a boring text post. So I see only good things coming from this new change.

One More Tip!

You can continue to also create status updates where you actually upload the image yourself. When you do that, I suggest you upload an image that is 1200 x 1200 pixels (that’s big, I know!) and Facebook will resize it for you so that your post will show up correctly (nothing will get cut off) on your timeline, in the desktop News Feed and on mobile News Feeds as well.

I Know It Can Be Frustrating

As a marketer, I am sure you know that Facebook is extremely valuable to your business. However, I know it’s frustrating when you hear that organic reach has declined and each time you post on your Page, only a fraction of your fans see your post in their News Feed. (It makes me mad too!)

But I also know there are ways to increase your organic reach and there is no denying that Facebook is a powerful tool for relationship building and list building.

I see it as my job to help you make Facebook work for you. I have more timely tips and tricks to increase your engagement and turn your Facebook posts into real profits – so look for more valuable strategies coming your way soon.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them by leaving a comment below!


  1. N Hamer says:

    what is the differnce between share now (friends), write posta dn copy link to post under the “share” option of a link?

  2. N Hamer says:

    what is the differnce between share now (friends), write post and copy link to post under the “share” option of a link?

  3. Interestingly enough, I’ve noticed we get more reach without images. In other words, the exact opposite. We hired an intern not too long ago, and she began experimenting with postings on our page and noticed when she only included the link, removed the image and summary, we started to get a much higher reach. Granted the post looks worse, but more people are seeing it. Any explanation?

  4. nolanwinkler says:

    FaceBook user and for the past 3 days I have only been shown 6 posts at a time on my Home page. At the bottom there is a box that says: MORE STORIES but when I click onto it nothing happens. I am missing lots of stories/posts from friends. How do I fix this?

  5. Carrie Lorentz says:
  6. Carrie Lorentz says:

    This is the group I was in https://www.facebook.com/groups/storybumping/ Others use the word syndication in the group name.

  7. Aaron Brown says:

    This was super helpful, thanks so much Amy. I so love your content.


  8. It’s because unless you have uploaded the video or image, the share only shares the link…not the actual post with your name branding and comments…

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  12. I didn’t get an image just a larger box with the web address in larger letters
    I uploaded a pic 1200×1200 and it appeared small and the link share box disappeared

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