Facebook News Feed Changes (and What it Means for Pages)

link posts featured imageFacebook just changed things up again, but this time it’s really good news for Page owners.

Yesterday, Facebook announced a slight tweak to the News Feed algorithm. Starting today you will begin to see more “text-only” posts from friends in your News Feed. You will also see less text-only posts from Pages in your News Feed (because Facebook noticed text-only posts from Pages were not getting much engagement).

Why is This a Good Thing?

Here’s the good news. Facebook also announced that they will start to push more “link-share” posts from Pages out into the News Feed of our fans.

What’s a “link-share” post? Oh, I was hoping you’d ask!

Most of us embed our links directly into our status updates, but that’s no longer effective. I suggest you DO NOT post like:

link posts 1

Instead, create a LINK-SHARE post that looks like this:

link posts 2

Notice how there is an image in the post as well as the title and description text below the image? That’s a “link-share” post. (This type of post is not new – what’s new is that Facebook tweaked it’s algorithm and is now giving more weight to link-share posts vs. text only posts.)

How to Create a Link-Share Post

When you add a link to a status update, the image with the title and description should automatically get pulled into the post, thus creating a “link-share” post. You can then delete the link in the status update box because the image and the description are now clickable.

Simple as that!

Here’s what Facebook had to say about this recent change:

“The best way to share a link after this update will be to use a link-share. We’ve found that, as compared to sharing links by embedding in status updates, these posts get more engagement (more likes, comments, shares and clicks) and they provide a more visual and compelling experience for people seeing them in their feeds.”

This is good news for Page owners because images take up more room in the News Feed and therefore are more eye-catching and interesting than a boring text post. So I see only good things coming from this new change.

One More Tip!

You can continue to also create status updates where you actually upload the image yourself. When you do that, I suggest you upload an image that is 1200 x 1200 pixels (that’s big, I know!) and Facebook will resize it for you so that your post will show up correctly (nothing will get cut off) on your timeline, in the desktop News Feed and on mobile News Feeds as well.

I Know It Can Be Frustrating

As a marketer, I am sure you know that Facebook is extremely valuable to your business. However, I know it’s frustrating when you hear that organic reach has declined and each time you post on your Page, only a fraction of your fans see your post in their News Feed. (It makes me mad too!)

But I also know there are ways to increase your organic reach and there is no denying that Facebook is a powerful tool for relationship building and list building.

I see it as my job to help you make Facebook work for you. I have more timely tips and tricks to increase your engagement and turn your Facebook posts into real profits – so look for more valuable strategies coming your way soon.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them by leaving a comment below!

  • http://www.sunspotuniverse.com Wendy Lynn Staats

    Hi Amy! I found this link via Pat Flynn’s “5 Five-Minute or Less Blogging Tips that Yield Big Results” article. In the article, Pat recommends making the image 560 x 292, whereas you suggest 1200 x 1200.

    I’m wondering, does Facebook crop the 1200 x 1200 image (is there an “active” portion of it where most of the content should go)? Just trying to clarify some of my own confusion.

    Thanks for the great article!

  • http://www.nomorepencils.com/ David Bennett

    Good post – good info (who knew 1200x1200px was a good size to upload?)

  • Shirley

    I want to make my Facebook newsfeed text-only. (I find graphics/photos distracting and I imagine they are costing me data.) Do you know if there’s a way to do this?

  • http://beingunraveled.com/ K.A. Reedy

    Awesome! Thanks for your help, Amy!

  • Laura Ferry

    Amy — 1200×1200 is no longer resizing to fit for link shares and page posts.

    Can you recommend a new size?

  • C

    Hi Amy…great hints…my question is whether when you link share an article on a fan page from say a popular news website…and the image pops up…will this be considered to be “fair use ” of the material if the fan page isn’t currently being used for financial gain (although it may be so used in future)?

  • dee

    I am not very good with technology, and I am having some trouble now. I broke my phone, and they replaced it with an identical model. When I downloaded Facebook, I found changes that are very frustrating to me. I have no “share” option on any posts now. I only have “comment” and “like” options. I also belong to a couple groups, and when someone posts on one, and I click on their message (through the little world icon at the top of the Facebook feed) it tells me that the page can not be found. I am not adjusting to these changes well. Is there any way I can get my old Facebook back?

  • sony

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  • http://www.cherylpetty.com/ bonsaibabe

    Hi Amy. I took your webinair friday and spent all weekend trying to work on my business page. I have many issues which are not addressed in your webinair or anywhere online. my current issue is with my personal page. suddenly all my blog posts are missing. I was going to work on getting a better thumbnail or as in this post of yours a ‘link share.’ not clear what’s going on here. do I go back to mail chimp and put in a new url or what?

  • Aaron Acosta

    My traffic and sales have tanked overight. I also noticed the stats info (see pic) what changed? We didn’t change a thing??? Please help!

  • Aaron Acosta

    Dan we have noticed the same thing. Our organic reach is only hitting a fraction of what it did two weeks ago. All our stats are down and our revenues habe dropped quite significantly as a result. What is the fix? It appeaes that facebook is trying to force us to spend more money on ads.

  • Guest
  • http://www.inmarketingtips.com/ Kent Chow

    Amy, thanks for bringing this up. I’m learning from my “competitors”. How would you suggest to create Fans Page for a niche site? I think those “images” got liked and shared much more. I’m learning what are likable and building up my FB traffic.

  • Nickmarquet

    Wow that was sooooooo useful, thanks. Small question but really big issue for me is how would I then schedule these? I spend one day a month scheduling all my posts so this option without the schedule tool would mean 30 additional manual posts on the exact days and finding all the links again…do you think I could just grab the URL from the link share and paste that into the post? Would love to hear thoughts on this…

  • Roger

    Hello Amy,

    I have created a fundraising page with a you tube video and a picture that I have shared via the page / “link” to Facebook for the second time, yesterday it showed up on my homepage and everyone could see it, today when I did the same thing with an updated text header it is not showing up as a physical post on my homepage. How do I make this post correctly now, as well as new future shares of the page?

    Thank you,


  • Diyash

    What can I do if the page i want to share does not have an image and i want to upload my own image to fb?

  • Chris Beyond

    That’s the point, Aaron. Facebook is tweaking everything so that you have limited reach, THUS are “forced” to buy ads (if you want the people who liked your page to see your posts). A couple years ago they said that the average reach was 12% of your pages fans. Now they are saying that only 1% will be seeing your posts. That’s certainly not an organic change.

  • Chris Beyond

    That’s the point, Aaron. Facebook is tweaking everything so that you have limited reach, THUS are “forced” to buy ads (if you want the people who liked your page to see your posts). A couple years ago they said that the average reach was 12% of your pages fans. Now they are saying that only 1% will be seeing your posts. That’s certainly not an organic change.

  • http://www.AmberHurdle.com/ Amber Hurdle

    Perfect. I would have done this incorrectly. Thanks for the clarification!

  • deegee101

    Looks like they changed the format again today–no option to upload your own photo with a link, from what I can tell.

  • CodyBlake305

    And Facebook just took away the ability to upload your own image in a “shared link” post :(

  • Sarah

    Hi Amy If you post a photo or comment to a closed group does that show up in your friends feeds who are not in that group ?

  • Ground with Sound

    I just posted a link on my page and it did not show in my newsfeed. I also asked a friend of mine if it showed in her newsfeed, it did not. We both have “Liked” my Page a long time ago. Other posts have shown up before, why not this one