How to Increase Fan Engagement on Your Facebook Page

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Facebook’s organic reach has drastically declined.  That’s a fact. When reach declines, it often feels impossible to get your fans to engage with you on your Facebook Page. It’s really a Catch 22: Low engagement means less people see your posts (this lowers your reach), but you can’t increase your your reach if you don’t … Click to Read More

#027: Video Marketing Tips and Tricks with Caleb Wojcik

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Podcast: Play in new window | Embed Click here to download the .mp3 On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, we talked all about video creation and editing. I know a few of you instantly felt a little anxious when you read those words, because video is not usually at the top … Click to Read More

Changes to Facebook Pages: What You Need To Know

The Best Thing about the New Streamlined Look for Facebook Pages

Facebook recently announced a new, streamlined look for Facebook Pages. It’s no surprise that Facebook is making some changes. It is, after all, Facebook. ;) You can read an overview of the changes here. Some of the changes will take some getting used to, but many of them are positive, and there is one in … Click to Read More

#026: The Power of Virtual Support and Outsourcing with Chris Ducker

The power of virtual support and outsourcing

Podcast: Play in new window | Embed Right click to download the .mp3 On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I interviewed my good friend, Chris Ducker. This interview came at a perfect time, because the evening after completing the interview, I got on a plane to the Philippines to speak at … Click to Read More

How Do I Change the Name of My Facebook Page?

How do I change the name of my Facebook Page?

Have you chosen a name for your Facebook Page and then decided you don’t want to keep it? Or perhaps you want to keep the name of the Page, but noticed you have a typo in the name and because of that need to change it. This actually happened to one of my clients, and … Click to Read More