#77: 5 Video Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Make

I know it’s only October, but I’m already thinking about how to boost my business in 2016. And one of my biggest goals is to do more video. Video is a complex issue for a lot of entrepreneurs. You know that it could help you make an amazing connection with your audience. But all the tinkering that … Click to Read More

#76: How to Be Happier (and More Profitable)

My guest today is a New York Times bestselling author, as well as a speaker, blogger, and recognized expert on the topic of happiness. A happiness expert? Oh yes, there is such a thing. Gretchen Rubin takes the topic very, very seriously. She put her Yale education to work with the goal of finding out systematic ways … Click to Read More

How to Build a Small but Mighty Team for Your Blog and Business

Guest post by Rebecca Livermore One of the biggest joys in my life as a business owner was being part of the Amy Porterfield Team. I had the privilege of learning and growing together with Amy for three years, and learned many lessons that I’ve applied to my own business after moving on. I recall … Click to Read More

#75: How to Launch — The #1 Project Management Method I Can’t Do Business Without

If you’ve been listening for a while, you’ve heard me mention the word Scrum. When you hear this word, you do one of two things: Feel your heart surge with pride and joy because, as a fellow Scrummer, you know how amazing this approach is for running a small business. Scratch your head / do a … Click to Read More

#74: Write Better Copy: Quick Tips for More Confident Communication

I know I have talked about copy many times. But can you blame me? It’s a hot topic! Many of you that are growing your business online or have been growing your business for a while now still struggle with copy. Believe me, I get it. I have definitely struggled for years with writing good … Click to Read More