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Why Facebook Timeline Apps?

Social Media Examiner uses custom apps to provide valuable content, collect leads and introduce their new Networking Clubs.

Now that the new Timeline layout is mandatory for all page owners, we’re all beginning to find our way around the new layout. For many, especially those who just started seeing traction with the old layout, Timeline presents brand-new challenges (and opportunities!) for staying top-of-mind. Sure, the layout is beautiful, with lots of room for … Click to Read More

How to Use Facebook Ads to Get More Quality Leads and Attract More Blog Traffic

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Are you ready to get more traction out of the new Timeline for Facebook Pages?  Without a default landing tab, the new challenge for Page admins is how to drive traffic to some other spot within Facebook to collect leads—in this case, to a custom app. In my last post, I gave you an overview … Click to Read More

2 Ways to Use the New Facebook Timeline to Move Your Fans to Action

Progress in Action - Road Barricade Improvement and Change for F

  Timeline for Facebook Pages is here—and more so now than ever, business owners need to create clear calls to action to ensure that their fans stay engaged (and their businesses, top of mind). Before Pages rolled out the new Timeline format, having a default landing tab (also referred to as the “default welcome tab”) … Click to Read More

3 Quick Actions to Stay Ahead of the Latest Social Media Trends (Pinterest, Timeline and Google+)


New (or improved) social media trends and tools crop up every single day. And to hear some people tell it, every single one is the next big thing. I don’t actually agree—the real secret to social media is creating a strategy that works for you, which may or may not include the latest new tools. … Click to Read More

How to Create Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest Lists

Want to cut through the Facebook clutter and focus in on the posts you really care about? Check out the new Facebook Interest Lists. . . **For optimal viewing quality, watch this video in “full screen” by clicking in the lower right-hand corner of the video screen above.** Tip!  You can easily create an interest … Click to Read More