#66: How to Get Your Business Back on Track

I started out this year with a fully fleshed-out calendar. I knew exactly what I was going to do, when we were going to promote, when we were not going to promote, when I was going to take vacations, etc. Everything was planned. Well, as you probably know, things change as the year gets going. As entrepreneurs, … Click to Read More

#65: Selling Yourself–The Art of a Winning ‘About Page’ with Melissa Cassera

For busy entrepreneurs, the About page of a website is one of the easiest to put off. You might throw a few vital details up there, like your name (always a good place to start) and your credentials, and promise yourself to fill it out later. Maybe you even go back and try adding some details … Click to Read More

#64: A Backstage Pass to My Most Successful Launch Yet

Two weeks ago, in Episode #62, I reviewed the project plan I use for all of my promotions. And if you downloaded the free Project Plan Checklist that I offered, you might have had some questions about the bigger action items on that list. I’m going to break down some of those bigger items in upcoming … Click to Read More

#63: How Podcasting Can Complement and Grow Your Business with John Lee Dumas

Last year, one of my most popular podcasts was an interview with John Lee Dumas. But I invited him back this week because I wanted to talk about podcasting again, in a whole new way. Today, I want to focus on about podcasting for somebody who already has a platform. Maybe you have a business with … Click to Read More

#62: How to Create a Project Plan for Your Next Promotion

You know me–I teach what I know best. And what I know by now, more than anything, is that the key to making a sales plan work is having a proven, foolproof system.  So today, I’m going to walk you through my project management system, line by line. This is one I’ve spent hours mapping out with … Click to Read More