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5 Killer Image Strategies to Skyrocket Your Facebook Engagement

gus on coach

2012 was definitely the year of social media — but it was also the year of visual social media. If you’re looking to ramp up Facebook engagement on your Page, there’s only one place to start: with your visual strategy. I know what you’re thinking — you already post photos, and you already know they … Click to Read More

3 Easy Ways Use Pinterest to Get More Sales During the Holidays


As the biggest buying season of the year approaches, do you find yourself scratching your head trying to come up with a marketing plan? For some business owners, the holiday season can represent anywhere between 20–40% of their annual sales. In 2011, holiday sales represented 19.5% of the total retail industry. This year, holiday sales … Click to Read More

How to Use Google Calendar to Create an Editorial Calendar

how to create an editorial calendar

Editorial calendars are a great way to plan your content ahead of time. Although it takes a fair amount of time to plan out your content in advance, knowing where you’re going helps reduce the writer’s block that often comes as a result of having no clue what to write about. Editorial calendars can also … Click to Read More

The Facebook & YouTube Love Affair: 7 Simple Facebook Hacks to Get Massive Views & Exposure on YouTube

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As an avid fan for sharing your message with video, I always recommend YouTube as ideal platform-or virtual stage for distributing your video content and building your community online.  But there’s nothing worse than creating a fantastic video, uploading it to YouTube and seeing only seven views. To breathe life into our videos, we need … Click to Read More

5 Tips to Increase Your SEO with Pinterest

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Pinterest is now one of the fastest-growing and most popular social networking sites on the web. Though still relatively new it already has a rabid fanbase of users with more and more turning to its unique layout and content sharing system each day. Like the more established networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest allows … Click to Read More