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How to Customize, Optimize and Monetize Your Facebook Fan Page

Did you know that over half of Facebook’s 400 million active users log in daily and spend an average of 55 minutes per day on the site?  Compared to other social sites, these stats are extremely impressive! Here’s a quick video to show you some of the features you can add to optimize your fan … Click to Read More

You May Need to Step Away from the Social Media Mic

Make no mistake:  Running a successful social media campaign can be a lot of work. It’s time consuming, a little overwhelming and it demands a lot of attention.  However, as I am sure you have seen in countless case studies (here’s my latest favorite), the benefits and rewards can far outweigh the efforts. Since these … Click to Read More

It’s Ladies Night! (20 Awesome Blogs By Women Bloggers in Marketing & Social Media)

This post is for the ladies in the house tonight!  Here’s a great Fores article with a list of 20 best blogs by women bloggers (with great excerpts to tell you why they rock). I love that MarketingProfs’ very own Ann Handley and IttyBiz’s Naomi Dunford made this extremely short list. Rock on, ladies! You’ll … Click to Read More

How To Make Facebook and Twitter Visually Jive with Your Brand (and why it does not even matter if you don’t engage)

So many of my clients ask me about the “right way” to highlight their social network links, such as Facebook and Twitter, on their existing websites.  Specifically, they want to know where they should place the social media icons or badges and what they should look like. Some people just throw up an icon of … Click to Read More