Here’s Why Marie Forleo is a Genius (and how you too can be one!)

I had a terrible day today.  It was odd because I just woke up feeling frustrated and that rarely happens in my world.  So I struggled through the day . . . until I received an email from Marie Forleo.  And then everything shifted. Let me explain. . . Marie Forleo is amazing.  I consider … Click to Read More

Do You Want More Social Media Exposure? Here’s 3 Things You Can Do Today

Here’s the deal:  I firmly believe you have to show up daily in the social media world to really see the fruits of your labor.  If you want to engage at a deeper level, build key relationships and create new partnerships and opportunities for you and your business, you have to make the effort to … Click to Read More

How To Improve Your Blog: Blogging Tips From The Experts

Consistent blogging is not an easy task. And just like anything else in this world, to be great at it, you have to work at it. To get you moving in the right direction, I have complied some extremely helpful tips and strategies from some of the best bloggers around.

6 Social Media Predictions for 2010

With 2010 fast approaching, there’s lots of talk about the social media predictions for the coming year. Although we don’t have a crystal ball here at, we do have recent social media studies to support some very likely trends. David Armano recently published his social media predictions for 2010 on the Harvard Business Blog. … Click to Read More

Do What You Love. Period. (not so easy, but oh, so good!)

Ask yourself this: If you were told today that you were out of a job, would you turn lemons into lemonade?  Would you go after your passion full-force? Now ask yourself this REALLY scary question:  Why do you have to wait until you lose your job?  Why can’t you go after IT right now? Here’s … Click to Read More