New Studies Show Marketing Power of Facebook

Note to reader:  I wrote this article for Social Media Examiner a few weeks back and I am posting it  for my readers here in case you missed it earlier.  It is full of great facts that can support your marketing campaigns as you continue to master your Facebook Fan Pages and strengthen your engagement … Click to Read More

Why I Eat Up Everything My Favorite Bloggers Think Up (Blogs That Rock, Part 2)

As I confessed in my last post, I have become a bit of a blog snob (click here if you missed my confession). And when you are a blog snob, you become pretty passionate about the blogs you love. Do you ever feel like a voyeur?  Do you find yourself being pulled into the blogs … Click to Read More

I Confess: My Name is Amy and I’m a Blog Snob. Now Pass The Wine. (Blogs That Rock, Part I)

Are there any blogs that you devour each time a new post pops up? You know, those really special blogs that you just LOVE and can’t wait until the author thinks up more.  If you can’t relate at all, I might be making myself look a little foolish here, but I get REALLY excited when … Click to Read More

Quick Survey on Your Blog Viewing Habits

As I work my way to a better blog (and report on the best blogging tips and strategies I find along the way), I wanted to create this short 3 minute survey to get get information from you on your blog viewing habits. It is short and sweet and I will share the results with … Click to Read More

Here’s Why Marie Forleo is a Genius (and how you too can be one!)

I had a terrible day today.  It was odd because I just woke up feeling frustrated and that rarely happens in my world.  So I struggled through the day . . . until I received an email from Marie Forleo.  And then everything shifted. Let me explain. . . Marie Forleo is amazing.  I consider … Click to Read More