3 Steps To Unlock Your Digital Course
Idea Using AI

The no-doubt
certainty of
“I could teach
that in my sleep”


👉 Creating a course a snap.

👉 Teaching a course a joy.

👉 Selling a course the most natural thing
in the world.

Get help with the “what could I teach” brainstorming phase with AI and reveal the digital course topic you’ll LOVE to teach (+ your future students will BEG to learn from you!)

Here's How It Works

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    Download Your
    Free Guide

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    Answer 4 Intuitive
    Questions To Find
    Your Course Creation
    Sweet Spot

    AKA What Sets You Apart From Online Competition (Without Any Online Experience Required)

  3. 3

    Plug and Play
    With AI Prompts

    To Effortlessly Ideate
    Of Topics You Could
    Teach Inside A Digital Course

In This Quick and Easy Guide, You'll Learn:

  1. 1

    4 things to identify about yourself first in order to prepare your AI to offer GOLDEN suggestions from the get-go

  2. 2

    Copy and paste prompts to generate digital course topic ideas based on your experience, what people are frequently searching online, what others in your industry are doing, and more

  3. 3

    The sweetest way to identify your course
    idea’s sell-ability
    AKA if people actually
    *want* a particular topic

  4. 4

    And so much more!

woman planning digital course on her macbook

Imagine Earning A Living By Teaching What You Already Swear By 🤩

  • Making You The Boss, The Check-Collector, And The Work-Schedule Maker
  • Swapping Daily Busy Work For Meaningful Impact Whenever You Log On
  • An Inbox Full Of “I’ve Tried To Figure This Out On My Own For FOREVER, I’m So Grateful I Found You” Messages

Every part of teaching a
digital course isn’t easy…

But it isn't all hard, either!

Have some fun 🤸‍♀️ (with stellar marketing
strategy subtly woven in) as you identify the
digital course idea that will change how
and why you work… forever. 🙌

And one more thing…

One natural thought that crosses every
should-be course creator’s mind is…

“Who am I
to teach a
COURSE? 🤷‍♀️

After all, you can learn to train for a 5k
on fitness apps. 👟

There are 100,000 watercolor painting videos
on YouTube. 🖌️

Your 5-minute meditations helped
your anxiety, but who’s to say it will
help someone else’s? 🧘

After working with more than 50,000 course creators, here’s the good news…

are your most
sellable asset.

A smart watch can’t answer questions about
cramping, nutrition for runners, or what to
do when motivation stalls. ⌚

YouTube is for dabblers. Paid courses attract
a serious student who wants a no-nonsense
path to painting alla prima – the kind you
want to work with, anyways. 💪

Your stories, lessons, and unique-to-you
experience create a compassionate place for
your future students to turn. 💛

Amy Porterfield wearing a black dress standing in front of a dresser

Which Makes You Highly
Qualified, My Friend! ✅

Who better than you to teach a
digital course you’d put your heart and soul into?

It starts with an idea that lights you up. 😍

Which starts with this free guide.