Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

#629: How To Balance Your Business During The Holiday Bustle

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#629: How To Balance Your Business During The Holiday Bustle

Why Ask Amy?

The inspiration for this special segment I will be adding to my podcast came from my good friend, Pat Flynn, who has a show called, “AskPat.”

I wanted to add  an “Ask Amy” segment to the show because I receive a high volume of questions via email and on my Facebook Page. I would LOVE to answer every question that comes in, but due to the volume, it’s not possible.

Having a podcast where the focus is YOUR questions gives me a way to answer your questions and then share those answers with a larger audience which makes this a win-win for everyone!

Question Guidelines

Since I anticipate not being able to answer every question that comes in, please keep the following in mind to increase the odds of YOUR question being used on the podcast.

1. Concise questions are best. Please do your best to keep your question less than one minute long.

2. You are free to leave your name and URL to your website, but please don’t be overly promotional. For instance, something like, “Hi Amy, this is Bob Smith from and my question is. . .” is fine, but “Hi Amy, this is Bob Smith from, the best widget maker on the planet! If you need widgets, be sure to check us out at, that’s right, check us at at today!” is not acceptable, and if you engage in that type of promotion, your question will not be used.

3. Questions that are highly technical that would require screenshots or a video to explain are unlikely to be answered. This is an audio only podcast. Therefore, questions such as, “How can I increase engagement on my Facebook Page,” or “Are images with quotes still a good thing to use on Facebook?” are more likely to be answered than questions such as, “Can you show me how to set up an ad in the Power Editor?”

4. Questions with bad language, or any type of question that I feel is inappropriate will not be used, so please use some common sense and respect both for me and my listeners with the types of questions you submit.

How to Submit a Question

I use to gather questions. All you have to do to submit a question is click on the “start recording” button below! And don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to listen to your recording and re-record it if desired before submitting it.

Please note that by submitting a question, you’re agreeing to allow me to use the question on the podcast and potentially in other content that I create.