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This is the B-School Bonus Package that the “Top B-School Class of 2019” will be talking about in a year from now when Marie Forleo singles out the biggest success stories of the year (that includes YOU!).

My B-School Bonus Experience is designed specifically for the super ambitious B-Schooler who wants that extra edge.

Here's how it all breaks down…

These bonuses are all about helping you breeze through the B-School foundational stages with more clarity, community, and support.

It’s what will guide (and accelerate) your entrepreneurial path to the point where you can start implementing the high-impact strategies (webinars, Facebook ads, course creation, etc.) that grow your income to the point of a profitable and sustainable full-time business.

  1. BONUS 01

    3-Day Live Event Ticket in San Diego with Amy, Rachel Hollis, Jasmine Star and More!

    The Entrepreneur Experience with Amy Porterfield & Special Guests

    My first bonus is a big one — for me as well as you. I only offer one live event each year and the seats have always been highly coveted. When you enroll in B-School as my special bonus member, you’ll get a ticket to my live 3-day business building event in San Diego on October 17th – 19th!

    This will give us a chance to meet in person and collaborate on helping you grow a business you truly love. To make this EXTRA SPECIAL, I’ve invited best selling author and speaker (and all around cool chick!) RACHEL HOLLIS and Instagram and biz strategist for creative entrepreneurs (and one of my dearest friends) JASMINE STAR to join us in person, live on stage! Can it get much better than that?!

    Here’s the truth: I used to dread going to live business events.

    Those awkward, impersonal, “let me just hang here in the corner and look busy on my iPhone” kind of events.

    Events where I’d have to make generous use of the in-flight snacks on the way home (give me all the peanuts pls…) just to calm my nerves and convince myself that all those notes I took would actually turn into concrete, profitable action.

    (Spoiler Alert: They never did.)

    Or worse… those “events” that would slowly morph into sleazy sales pitches in disguise.

    (No thank you.)

    “Seeing Amy live really moved the needle. It was a game changer for me. The event was intimate, you got the ability to get up and ask questions, and it wasn’t pitchy at all.”
    – Mary Barbera


    That’s why my team and I decided to totally flip the script to make this event actionable, intimate, fun, and purposeful!

    Especially for driven, outcome-focused entrepreneurs like those enrolling in Marie Forleo’s B-School Program.

    Over an inspiring, jam-packed 3-days in San Diego, CA, we’ll dig into the nitty-gritty of all the things you need to predictably grow and automate your online business without the guesswork or anxiety.

    The things you wish teachers and business coaches would stop glossing over, and finally give to you straight.

    Meaning that instead of going home with a Moleskine full of random scribblings you’ll never turn back to, you’ll be buzzing about your new lifelong relationships, profitable execution plans, and renewed motivation to see it all through.

    Here’s how we GUARANTEE this event will catalyze game-changing growth in your business:

    • A warm and intimate setting to make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd… and instead, feel all the love from the speakers and your fellow guests.
    • Extra surprises designed to not only delight you but to ensure this is one of the most impactful events you’ve ever attended. We’ll even dive into planning out your year so that you walk away feeling recharged and ready to rock.
    • A Q&A session with my entire team where you get to draw from their unique expertise! (I’ve got a pretty amazing team if I do say so myself) A panel including everyone from my customer support rep to my integrator, to my marketing team will be in open book mode, ready to answer all your burning questions.

    Not to mention 2 powerhouse speakers that’ll have you on the edge of your seats, inspired to take action the minute you go back to your hotel room…

    Rachel Hollis

    Rachel is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, mom of 4, in-demand speaker, and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Girl, Wash Your Face.

    She’s hilarious, fun, down to earth, and a champion for finding success on your own terms. She’s lovingly known as “the Tony Robbins for women”. You bet she’s as high-energy and inspiring as she sounds.

    On a personal note, I’ve had the honor of hanging out with Rachel and just being in her presence makes you feel like you can do anything.

    Get ready to walk away from Rachel’s talk feeling lit up and encouraged to stop comparing and start sharing.

    Jasmine Star

    Jasmine is the Queen of Instagram and my go-to gal to learn from when it comes to social media. I love Jasmine’s style because she keeps it real and teaches others how to do the same.

    She’ll be sharing her best tips and inspiration to help you stand out on Instagram just be being yourself.

    After this impactful session full of creative examples, you’ll never be stuck wondering “what should I post?” ever again.

    Amy, you had me at hello. Sign me up for your b-school bonus experience!

  1. BONUS 02

    10 Weeks of Exclusive Access to Amy’s Private B-School Facebook Group

    Think of the B-School Facebook community like New York City. Brimming with possibility, dazzling and full of activity everywhere you look.

    Think of my personal B-School Facebook community like a retreat to a private island off the coast of Antigua. Cozy, intimate, and focused on connection. With plenty of room to swim in the warm turquoise waters and wash away all that overwhelm and imposter syndrome you’ve been feeling.

    Sure, you’ll get to form amazing new connections and friendships with your fellow B-Schoolers…

    But the main goal here is to make sure you’re supported and held accountable. Committing to growing your list this month? Share it in the group! Feeling deflated or in need of some extra encouragement? We’re here for ya.

    If you show up in the group, I just know you’ll really get the most out of B-School and make amazing new connections to boot.

    I know you don’t have time to waste, which is why you’ll get your questions answered by your fellow students, our Community Manager and myself (without having to wade through frustratingly inaccurate Google results or FAQs that don’t apply to you).

Here's what Amazing Alumni Say About Amy's B-School Experience

  1. Without B-School and the extra support I got through Amy’s bonuses, I would have quit by now.

    Andrea Green

    Creator of and the 5-Minute Housekeeping Course

    From realizing she’d worked 9 years to build a blog — not a business —  to investing in B-School with Amy’s extra support and bonuses and growing her audience like wildfire with qualified leads, launching her first course, and finally creating sustainable success that doesn’t waver when the algorithm shifts.

    “Without B-School and the extra support I got through Amy’s bonuses, I would have quit by now.

    It wasn’t until I took B-School that I realized I didn’t have a business. I had a blog. I was just really happy with the low hanging fruit and now I expect more from myself.

    I finally landed on the right lead magnet and it is currently converting at 81%. My email list is growing at 5x the rate it was just a few months ago!

    I wasn’t having success on my own. Now, I’m really excited about what I’m creating! I had no idea! I actually see all kinds of places I can go with it, and I know how to get there!”

    If internet years were dog years, Andrea’s blog would be in her 70’s. She was around for the hay days of Facebook marketing when simply putting up a few links meant attracting 250k visitors or more every month.

    Andrea’s blog started as a resource for sharing coupons. Though she’d written hundreds of blog posts, none of them were evergreen. That was okay for awhile, but once the algorithms shifted — so did her ability to drive traffic and grow her revenue.

    Have you ever put a ton of effort into something only for it to fizzle out faster than a 2-day old kombucha bottle left out in the sun? It’s no fun.

    Andrea felt stuck in this cycle of constant content creation without having a method for generating consistent income.

    “I always listened to Amy but didn’t take her advice. I didn’t have a lead magnet, an email list or anything.”

    At her wits end, Andrea decided to start from scratch. She created a lead magnet, started emailing her list, creating evergreen content, and she’s launching her first course this February!

    “Going through B-School with Amy was really the start of my starting from scratch and realizing I don’t just have this random blog and I post here there where I never send out an email and never do anything.

    I’m doing the steps! And when you do them, low and behold people read it! And they pin it! And they tag their friends to come read it!”

    That’s just the start of Andrea’s newfound success. This gal is getting amazing results with her Facebook ads thanks to Amy’s guidance.

    “I've experimented and experimented and experimented with different lead magnets.

    I finally landed on just the right one and it is currently converting at 81%. My email list is growing at 5x the rate it was just a few months ago!!!!

    Amy's FB ad training in her B-School Bonus Experience has been a huge help in driving traffic to my lead page.”

    So what was it that finally inspired Andrea to take action and invest in herself and her business?

    “It wasn’t until I found B-School through Amy and found Amy’s bonuses! I wouldn’t want to go through B-School without Amy. You really want that time and attention.

    And you need that in your business. It was so nice to have somebody to go alongside with. To have an engaged group and we all wanted to sit down and hear what she had to share and ask her questions. It was huge.”

    Thanks to Amy’s Systems that Scale Bonus, Andrea finally got organized and can now confidently grow her team without getting stuck in overwhelm.

    “Because of STS, when I do get to the point where I can hire, I now have an organized system that I can move them into, I can train them on it. It’s going to be huge.”

    Amy’s 2018 live event was another pivotal moment in her journey, it was there that she decided to commit to creating an digital course.

    Sometimes life gives us exactly what we need at the right time. Andrea was ready to give up before joining B-School and we’re so glad she didn’t!

    “Without B-School  and the extra support I got through Amy’s bonuses, I would have quit by now. Or I would have stuck around for the low hanging fruit. I do make a couple hundred or a $1,000 a month, but it’s pennies on the dollar compared to what's out there.

    When you do your business from home and no one else is around you is doing that, you can feel kind of alone. But when you have someone who’s a mentor saying ‘okay, if you want to achieve these things, here’s what you have to do,’ everything changes.”

    “Now, I’m really excited about what I’m creating! I had no idea! I actually see all kinds of places I can go with it, and I know how to get there!”

  2. Anne went from being abruptly laid off after 25 years in corporate to discovering her creative passion for pattern design and sharing it with others.

    Anne LaFollette

    Pattern design artist and founder of

    Anne went from being abruptly laid off after 25 years in corporate to discovering her creative passion for pattern design and sharing it with others.

    Thanks to Amy’s B-School Bonus Experience, she’s gone from having 35 people on her email list to 5,000 in just 1 year, all while feeling happier and more present than ever before.

    “Amy’s support, encouragement, and shining light fuel me every day. She has helped me realize my motto that: It’s Never Too Late To Create!

    If you follow her plan, you will succeed. She has changed my life.

    I’ve grown my email list from 35 people to over 5,000 in just one year. I’ve created a signature course that I’m launching right now, as we speak.

    I feel like I now own my life. Like I’m not beholden to anybody or any corporation.

    Amy and her team are my North Star. I feel like everytime I listen to one of her podcasts or take one of her courses, there are going to be step-by-step processes that are going to help get me to my end goal.”

    Most people, over an average lifetime, will spend 90,000 hours working.

    But rarely do we stop to ask, is this how I want to be spending my time?

    For Anne, the answer was a straight up no, but sometimes comfort pulls a veil over our eyes and makes it hard to make a change.

    Anne LaFollette’s story is proof that sometimes, what seems like the worst possible scenario, turns out to be the best.

    Because after 25 years of loyal service, or just over 52,000 hours invested in her job, she was let go.

    “It was a total shock. I was 55 years old. How was I going to reinvent myself at this stage of my life?”


    Anne’s family used to make fun of her for collecting art supplies and never using them. That stopped once she took her mom’s sage advice — that when one door closes, another opens — and decided to pursue her creative passions.

    On her search for “what’s next”, Anne started taking online art classes and discovered that she had a passion (and a talent) for pattern design. This journey inspired her to help others do the same.

    But in order to do that, she knew she needed help. With Amy’s guidance and extra support through her B-School Bonus Experience, Anne grew her list from 35 people to 5,000 within a year. Even though the tech side of things completely overwhelmed her, she was able to push past her fear.

    “The content that Amy provides is gold and it’s completely doable. No matter what industry you want to explore or how you want to bring this to life in your own business, it’s completely doable. I know that if I continue to follow this path I will be successful.”

    When Anne heard she could get Amy’s support through her Bonus Experience alongside B-School, she was elated.

    “I’d heard about B-School from friends but I felt like I needed a helping hand to go through it. I knew that doing it with someone like Amy who I already had total confidence in was gonna help me learn as much as I wanted to learn.”

    Not only has Anne grown her audience like a pro in a short amount of time, she also recently had her first six figure course launch.

    Most importantly, Anne is finally doing something that she really loves. She’s happy. She’s able to be more present for her family. She’s spending her precious hours doing something that makes her come alive!

    Anne may have spent decades helping someone else make their dreams come true, but she’s still got ample time to focus on her own.

    “When I was in the corporate world I was working all the time, I was travelling all the time, working 24/7. I don’t feel like I was really present for my family. This journey has helped me to connect with them in a deeper way and also I’m happy!

    The vision that I have for my business makes me happy to be alive. I get up every morning and I can’t wait to work on my business”

  3. I should have done B-School with Amy years before I did it. By the time I did it, I just did it for Amy’s bonuses. Seeing her live moved the needle. It was a game changer for me.

    Mary Lynch Barbera

    Autism Mom, BCBA-D, Bestselling Author

    Autism Mom, BCBA-D, Bestselling Author, and Creator of the Turn Autism Around Course, Verbal Behavior Bundle, and the Autism ABA Help Membership Program

    When Mary’s son was diagnosed with Autism, she felt like it was a death sentence. After learning there was hope, she made it her mission to inform and support other parents and professionals.

    In 2 years Mary’s grown her email list from 8,000 to 45,000 people, launched a podcast, created life changing, scalable offers, and is well on her way to reaching her goal of impacting 2 million lives.

    “I should have done B-School with Amy years before I did it. By the time I did it, I just did it for Amy’s bonuses. Seeing her live moved the needle. It was a game changer for me.

    The event was intimate, you got the ability to get up and ask questions, it wasn’t pitchy at all.

    “I love her style and loved having her go through B-School with us, having her in the private group each week was amazing

    With Amy’s support and guidance I was able to do my biggest live launch last spring bringing in $90,000.”

    Mary is a woman on a mission whose work has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of parents, professionals, and children with autism.

    But when her son was first diagnosed, she felt completely lost. Luckily, Mary asked questions and through her research she discovered that an autism diagnosis isn’t a death sentence.

    In fact, the research she found showed the disorder was reversible in mild cases when treated with intense therapy.

    The only problem? No one was talking about this possibility. There was little awareness, funding, or support for parents or professionals.

    Mary made it her mission to spread the word and offer resources to a community sorely in need of support.

    Mary founded the Autism Society in her local county. She became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and worked with hundreds of kids. She wrote a book, travelled the world, and spoke at live events, all while raising her 2 boys.

    “Raising my kids and travelling the world just wasn’t congruent. All that time and expense and I thought, I’m not gonna turn autism around speaking to 300 people for 50 minutes at a time”

    That’s when she decided it was time get online.

    Mary was pretty advanced when she ultimately joined B-School through Amy. She had some courses and a membership under her belt. But as someone who’s constantly learning, she decided to jump in.

    “I looked at B-School pretty early on, like 2013, and didn’t do it. I should’ve done it with Amy back then. By the time I did it, it was just for Amy’s bonuses. I had been such an Amy fan for so many years that I wanted to see her live.

    Seeing Amy live moved the needle. It was a game changer for me.

    I love her style and loved having her go through B-School with us in the private group each week.”

    Since joining Amy’s B-School Bonus Experience and attending the live event, Mary has gone on to grow her email list from 8,000 people to 45,000.

    With Amy’s guidance, she had a $90,000 launch which enabled her to hire her first full-time employee.

    Mary is making $85k/year from her membership alone — a testament to her hard work and the value she gives her community.

    When Mary’s son was diagnosed with autism, the rates were 1 in 500. Today, 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

    Knowing that so many parents and professionals feel ill-equipped and discouraged, Mary made it her mission to impact 2 millions lives by 2020 and she’s well on her way.

    “I want to offer families hope that there is recovery for some children.”

    If you’re on the fence about joining B-School and getting access to Amy’s bonuses, listen to Mary’s words of wisdom…

    “I highly recommend anything Amy produces. She always gives really great step-by-step advice, it’s high quality, it’s sincere.

    What you see is what you get and so much more. I’m a huge Amy fan and will be for life.”

  4. It's been one crazy, amazing year... I went from an entrepreneur who had never made a single dollar online to someone who made $250,000 in sales.

    Bobby Klinck

    Lawyer and creator of

    Bobby went from jobless with a 3-month old baby to building a multi 6-figure business built on a foundation of generosity after joining B-School and getting Amy’s extra support through the B-School Bonus Experience.

    “It's been one crazy, amazing year… I went from an entrepreneur who had never made a single dollar online to someone who made $250,000 in sales.

    When I signed up for B-School I’d sold maybe $1000 total. I had maybe 90 people on my email list, many of whom were stale.

    Then I started committing and being a leader. Things immediately started to take off. In April, is when I first started selling products. I’d paid for B-School a few times over by that time.

    I put together a 3-part training, and Amy reached out to me to come on the podcast. The day after I went on her show I launched my membership and by the end of May I had $70,000 in revenue.

    Every month since then I’ve been at 5-figures and often, multiple 5-figures.

    Getting Amy’s bonuses through her B-School Bonus Experience, and getting to go through the journey with someone as advanced as her, along with getting her behind the scenes insights, to me was priceless.”

    Like many of us, Bobby’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t start by choice. He was laid off from his law firm (thanks to a mistake he now teaches others how to avoid) and found himself holding his new baby and wondering, what’s next?

    As a self-proclaimed introvert, Bobby decided building an online business was the perfect fit for him. He put his head down, read all the books, invested in courses, and figured out the mechanics with total ease.

    The only problem? He had no idea who he was talking to.

    Bobby was never the type of guy to buy into coaching and mindset. He was a classic, self-described Type A lawyer who had no trouble figuring out the mechanics of marketing, but was lost when it came to finding his message.

    Regardless, Bobby create and launched a course…

    “I did everything wrong and the course was a complete flop, I sold 1 and they asked for a refund.”

    You and I both know how much effort goes into creating an online course. To have something you worked so hard on flop isn’t easy for anyone. But Bobby didn’t give up. Instead, he started looking for answers.

    “I was in the dumps to be honest with you.

    It was New Year’s Eve and I was thought — my words for 2018 will be giving and gratitude.”

    I just decided to start giving. I decided I wanted to be a resource for people instead of just make a sale which changed everything.”

    Bobby found Amy and her teaching style inspired him.

    “Amy’s one of the most genuine teachers and mentors I’ve found.”

    “2018 started and I heard about B-School and Amy’s epic bonuses. I said, you know what, this is it, it’s either gonna work or I’m gonna go find a j-o-b again.”

    Whew! We love a good turning point, especially when the story works out like Bobby’s.

    “B-School served me before I even started. One of the first things they had me do was read Start with Why, and I realized I’d been doing everything wrong.

    Through the pop-up group, just seeing Amy in the lead up to B-School, there was someone in there that posted something on a Sunday morning about how she was in the dumps.

    Amy took the time to record a message for her Sunday afternoon, and I thought, wow Amy doesn’t have to be doing this but she truly cares for her people. I tried to mimic that and it’s made all the difference.”

    It’s no secret there are a lot of alternatives to B-School. Just hop onto Facebook and you’ll see ads for all sorts of online business building programs.

    But over here at Team Porterfield, we believe B-School paired with Amy’s Bonus Experience truly is the best option. Bobby thinks so too…

    “I was simultaneously doing B-School with Amy AND this high-ticket program that I paid significantly more for. I have gotten nothing from that high-ticket program, literally not a single sale. B-School, along with Amy’s additional support, on the other hand has paid back in spades.”

    Bobby’s life changed because he invested in himself and his business. But it wasn’t just B-School that helped him along, it was all of the incredible bonuses Amy provided.

    “Getting Amy’s B-School bonuses and getting to go through the journey with someone as advanced as Amy, along with getting her behind the scenes, to me was priceless.

    Forget the fact that I got to come out to San Diego and hang out with hundreds of amazing entrepreneurs! The community is fantastic and I think it’s the nature of the people Amy attracts.”

    Bobby’s story just goes to show how powerful learning to listen to your audience really is. He revamped his course based on what he’d learned from Amy and B-School, and made $10,000 on his first webinar.


    “I just decided to start giving. I decided I wanted to be a resource for people instead of just make a sale which changed everything.”

    By the end of May I had $70k in revenue between April and May. I had done $2k before that and every month since then, I’ve been at five figures, most of the time hitting multiple five figures.”

    “Getting Amy’s bonuses through her B-School Bonus Experience, and getting to go through the journey with someone as advanced as Amy, along with getting her behind the scenes insights, to me was priceless.”

  5. Amy’s B-School Bonus Experience helped Whitney transform her business and her life in under a year.

    Whitney McNeil

    Certified Medium, Reiki Master-Teacher, Ordained Minister

    From burnt out business owner who spent years on the online course fence to self-proclaimed Mother ‘Effing CEO of my business!

    Amy’s B-School Bonus Experience helped Whitney transform her business and her life in under a year.

    “With Amy's support and extra guidance through her bonuses,  you’ve got everything you need inside B-School. You don’t have to look for other things. It’s the best investment I’ve made in my business 100%!”

    Whitney McNeill must’ve known deep down that one day she’d wake up excited to work on her business. She is a certified medium, after all.

    But that reality felt far away when she found herself serving 5-6 clients a day, 6 days a week. Regardless of the fact that she loved her work, she still found herself tapped out and unable to scale her impact or her income.

    “I was happy that I had clients but I was also resentful. I was really tired, run down, and not getting good value for my time. I couldn’t do anything else. I was so so stuck and I didn’t know what to do. I was in burnout mode completely.”

    The truth is, a part of Whitney DID know what to do… she’d been interested in creating an online course for years before a Google search finally changed her life.

    That’s when Whitney found Amy and went from dreamer to doer. After years of chronic exhaustion and hesitation to invest in herself and her business, Whitney jumped in.

    “It was like a surge of energy came over me. After I made that decision to buy B-School through Amy and get all her incredible bonuses my mindset completely shifted. It was like ‘I mean business and I’m growing my business.’’

    What happened next just goes to show what’s possible when you take action. After attending Amy’s B-School Bonus Experience live event last year, Whitney finally committed to creating her digital course. She launched to her list of 1300 people — many of whom weren’t even engaged.

    Fast-forward to 5-figures in course sales and suffice it to say, Whitney knew she was onto something.

    But don’t be fooled. Making the decision to invest in her business didn’t come easy to this mama.

    “I felt like I had to contribute to the family so I didn’t know if I could spend this money on me.” (Hands up if you’ve ever felt the pressure of a strong “should”!)

    After a heart to heart with her hubs, she realized…

    “If I spend this money on myself, it’s really just to help my business and helping my business helps my family.”

    She clicked the buy button and never looked back.

    What I love about Whitney is her willingness to learn! In addition to her incredible mindset and intuitive energy work, she has a marketing degree. But in Whitney’s words, “They didn’t teach me this stuff in college.”

    After learning all about running profitable ad campaigns thanks to the extra trainings in Amy’s B-School Bonus Experience, when Whitney launched her course a second time, she spent $333.96 on FB ads and made $11,635.

    Talk about ROI. But this woman isn’t some tech savant…

    Her process was simple. She followed Amy’s guidance and surprise, surprise — got the results she was looking for!

    “I trusted Amy so much. She talks the talk and walks the walk. This the best investment I’ve made in my business 100%.”

  1. BONUS 03

    Weekly Live Q&A Sessions with Amy (and a guest appearance with Marie!)

    I’m gonna make you a little promise, OK?

    As long as you enroll in B-School through my link, I will personally guarantee that you NEVER stay stuck on anything longer than necessary.

    Momentum is everything.

    And I’m gonna make sure you maintain it for the entire duration of the program — including a week BEFORE the actual start date so you hit the ground running… and a week later, so that you get crystal clear on how to continue growing your biz post B-School.

    I’ll be in the group LIVE ON VIDEO for an hour every week to answer your questions so you never get stuck. I’m here to make sure you’ve got what you need to move forward with confidence.

    Did I mention that Marie herself will be showing up for an intimate live session to answer your questions and add even more juice to your business growth green smoothie!

    Oooh yeah! Sign me up for this b-school bonus experience!

  2. BONUS 04

    Bi-Weekly Hot Seats with Amy

    Every other week, I’ll bring the fire and we’ll burn away whatever is holding you back. Whether you’re paralyzed by imposter syndrome, struggling to package up your expertise, or simply don’t know where to start when it comes to attracting more clients and customers — I’m here to help.

    These sessions are my fave. You’ll have a chance to apply to sit in the digital hot seat where we’ll dig deep and get hyper-specific about the exact actions you need to take to move forward.

    The thing is — even if you’re not chosen, you’ll still take away SO much valuable insight from these sessions. So many business owners are struggling with the same things and we’ll tackle it all.

    **If you can’t make a live Q&A or hot seat session, no problem! Every session is recorded so you can binge watch and take notes on your own time.**

    Hot dang! I'm in! Sign me up for Amy's B-School experience.

  3. BONUS 05

    Your Backstage Pass to a B-School Success Story


    About two (difficult!) years into building my own business, I made a fateful decision to simplify my business (things were too overwhelming) and streamline my focus. Little did I know that simplifying things would lead to a QUANTUM LEAP in my business. (In 2013 I literally TRIPLED my revenue from the previous year and in 2014 AND 2015 more than DOUBLED the revenue from each previous year!)


    I am not selling this exclusive training – mainly because I am truly giving away my entire business model! It is ONLY available when you purchase B-School through my link.

    Here’s what I will share with you:

    • The “Master Plan” for maximizing what you already have (vs. being in a crazy rush to create “new” stuff all the time)
    • Templates, scripts and checklists for promotions, launches, ads, webinars, and content creation
    • 3 little tweaks that took the sales of my first big launch from $30,000 in 2012 to $915,000 in 2014
    • How I finally launched a million dollar online training program in 2015
    • My proven method for getting over 15,000 people to register for my webinars in a two week period
    • The exact ads I'm running, the landing pages I'm sending them to and the process I use to grow my email list every single day

    I have no doubt you are going to learn a tremendous amount from Marie during B-School (which is why I recommend it so highly – it was the foundation for building my entire business). But I also know that you are going to need a focused game plan – and this is it.

  4. BONUS 06

    Systems That Scale: How to Organize & Systematize Your Online Business

    I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

    Just between friends, k?

    I spent almost all of 2017 talking to my students about what they most needed me to create next as a follow up to our existing training suite (List Builder’s Lab and Digital Course Academy).

    Their answer was nearly unanimous:

    “Teach me how to expertly organize and systematize my online business to grow quickly and profitably without the extra stress”.

    And it makes total sense.

    In my experience, one of the BIGGEST reasons people hold back on growing their business is a lack of confidence.

    Sometimes in themselves, their skills, or in their ability to serve…

    But most often in their business’s ability to HANDLE that growth without breaking at the seams.

    Nobody wants their business’ growth to come at the expense of 60-hour workweeks, missed school functions, or too much overhead crumbling under the weight of more team members than your business REALLY needs.

    That’s why I’ll be rolling up my sleeves immediately after B-School to create the Ultimate Guide to Organize and Systematize Your Online Business.

    You’ll get the exact same processes, systems, and operational playbooks that I’ve used to scale my own business well beyond the 7-figure mark with nearly a QUARTER of the full-time staff members that similar businesses employ.

    If you’re just getting started in your online business, you’ll be engineered for sustainable growth from Day 1.

    If you’ve been at it for a while (but secretly sabotaging your own growth for the reasons above)… you’ll finally have the confidence to let your business reach its full potential while keeping overhead low and enjoyment high.

    And best of all — you’ll do so with COMPLIMENTARY access to my brand new signature program… while it still has that luscious ‘new course smell” to it.

    Bring it on – sign me up for Amy's B-School Bonus Experience

Want to know what other B-School Alum are saying about my bonus experience?

A little birdy told me you have questions

  • If I get your bonuses, do I still get Marie’s?

    Is the sky blue?

    Is The Notebook the best movie ever? (Oh, Ryan Gosling, I love you.)

    Are you MORE than ready to ditch the struggle (and the doubters) and make this the year your online business finally becomes a full-time thing?



    And if you’re reading this… definitely yes.

    But the best part about snagging both Marie’s and my bonuses is that they’ve been carefully DESIGNED to support one another.

    After EIGHT years of personally supporting literally over 2,000 B-School students, as well as having dozens of private conversations with Marie about the program…

    I know where you might get stuck.

    I know where you’ll appreciate some extra hand-holding.

    I know exactly where you’ll have arrived at the end of the 10 weeks… and what NEW trainings you’ll need to keep that precious momentum and results flowing and compounding.

    What you’re getting is not a random stack of bonuses carelessly plucked out of the Amy Porterfield archive.

    But a carefully curated, built-for-B-School sidekick with the kind of on-screen chemistry that would give Gosling and Emma Stone a run for their money.

  • When do I get all of your bonuses?

    Raise your hand if you just LOVE feeling overwhelmed.


    Yea… me neither.

    That’s why we’re not gonna send you 19 links and 40 downloads the second you order B-School, and pretend we’re actually delivering value.

    Like George Clooney’s super smooth tequila brand, there is such thing as too much… too fast.

    (not like I’m speaking from experience or anything)

    Instead, we’re gonna ease you into the experience… dripping out the right bonus training at the right time to make sure you’re getting the smoothest ride possible, and ONLY investing your energy and attention into training that supports your current leg of the journey.

    Following the refund period (aka once you’ve gone “all in” on building your online business)… you’ll get to unwrap your exciting new bonuses.

    It’s pretty much like Christmas morning for your business.

    If you want to lock it into your cal to have something to look forward to (or warn your downstairs neighbors about the ensuing happy dance)…

    March 19th is the date you will receive access to your shiny new membership site with all of my B-School bonuses.

  • Do I only have a limited amount of time to use your bonuses?


    How does “for life” sound?

    Just like you, we’re proud residents of the “real world” where things happen, timelines get pushed, and a litttttle bit of flexibility goes a long way.

    No rush. Go at your own pace.

    Download everything to your desktop for easy access.

    And if in 50 years you want to show your great-great-grandkids what the tipping point was in building the life and business of your dreams (and setting the foundation for a legacy of impact)…

    Then these bonuses will still be yours to show them.

  • How can I ensure that I get all of your bonuses?

    SUPER important instructions (Please read carefully. No skimming)

    If you’re ready to start your B-School journey and want to make sure you get EVERYTHING we just got you all excited about…

    You need to follow this simple 3-step process to a tee:

    Step 1:

    Click our extra special magic B-School link here.

    Step 2:

    After you click this link, you’ll be taken to Marie Forleo’s official B-School page, which looks like this:

    Step 3:

    Scroll to the buy button and fill out your info on the order page:

    Need some help walking through the process: Contact Team Forleo at [email protected]

  • When does B-School begin?

    B-School begins Monday, March 4th. The training is released in weekly modules and includes two full weeks of implementation and live group coaching.

  • Will I have access to Amy to ask her questions?


    We’re gonna be online besties when all is said and done.

    As soon as you enroll using my special link, you’ll be invited to join me inside my private, “Amy’s Bonus Members Only” Facebook group.

    It’ll be much smaller and more intimate than the main B-School group…

    Meaning you’ll get extra support, more individual attention, and an amazing opportunity to form meaningful relationships with your fellow students.

    You’ll get 10 weeks of private access (including an extra week prior to — and following B-School)…. to meet your fellow students and get your burning q’s answered by me and my uh-mazing community manager, Angie.

    I'll also be showing up LIVE on video every single week to clear any roadblocks you’re having, and make sure you gain momentum, stay motivated, and pile up the big wins week after week.

  • If I have any of Amy’s other courses, do I still need B-School?


    There’s literally not a single student of mine who doesn’t have soooo much to gain by going through B-School.

    I personally love giving myself a refresher every year as well.

    That said, B-School gets bumped up from a strong “recommend” to an “absolute must” if: 

    1. You’re just getting started on your online business, and want to GUARANTEE you’re building it on a rock solid foundation that makes growth a million times easier later on.

    2. You’ve been at it for awhile, but nothing seems to be working. You’re not even exactly sure what’s not working… you just know that the constant sense of overwhelm, lackluster sales, and lack of excitement around what you’re building isn’t normal. But…

    3. Instead of throwing in the towel prematurely, buying into the self-doubt, or caving under the pressure that concerned friends/partners might be unknowingly inflicting… you’re excited to go back to the foundations, and rekindle the magic between you and what you KNOW in your heart is the ultimate expression of your life’s work.

The conversation no one warns you about

This happens to everyone.

The moment you hit “enroll”, all your excitement and enthusiasm will be quickly met with a minor wave of anxiousness.

A tiny voice inside your head saying:

“OMG I can’t believe I just did this.”
“How can I justify the investment?”
“How long till I start making money?”
“What will my friends and family think?”

Oh boy.

Breathe, my friend.

And be 100% confident that not only can you be sure of the success to come…

… but you can confidently answer the concerns of friends and family KNOWING you’ve invested in a special limited edition package that greatly accelerates your path to profitability and gives you the strategies to take it even further.

In short, I got your back.

Our special group of B-Schoolers has your back.

And as long as you lock down your spot in my B-School Bonus Experience, you can enroll with confidence knowing that all these questions running through your head will soon be replaced with a new voice…

A PROUD and EMPOWERED one, thanking you for the courage and
guts it took to step up on this day the way you did.

And as someone who once walked that path…

I personally can’t wait to lead you there.

“I’m Ready + Excited, Amy!”

Sign me up for your B-School Bonus Experience

In the spirit of full disclosure, if you enroll in B-School via my link, I'll receive a commission. That's one reason why I devote so much time and energy into creating my special B-School Bonus Experience. Because your success is important to me, I only recommend programs that I've personally used to create real results in my own business, and B-School is definitely at the top on my list!