Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

#539: 5 Strategic Launch Pivots That Boosted My Course Enrollments

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#539: 5 Strategic Launch Pivots That Boosted My Course Enrollments

Position Overview:

We don’t have to tell you – coaching is important and a good coach can make all the difference in someone’s life. 

You understand the challenges entrepreneurs face when starting their own businesses. 

If you LOVE (yep, all caps) helping people move past their own objections and stepping into their purpose.

If you have a proven track record helping your clients make progress in entrepreneurship, marketing, course curriculum building and/or moving through mindset roadblocks…

Do we have a spot for you.  :)

Our students’ success is directly tied to our ability to provide a proven step-by-step formula in our flagship course Digital Course Academy. This contract coaching position will deliver the highest level of coaching to these students. 

Your #1 job will be to guide and hold accountable our students as they move through modules 1-3 of our flagship program Digital Course Academy. 

Our ideal coach is experienced and well-versed in industry best practices and understands how to manage the mindset challenges their students may experience. To say you’re committed to the craft would be an understatement.

The thought of working with a dynamic and super-talented team with BIG goals lights you up.  As a coach for Team Porterfield, you’ll be an integral part of a dedicated team that loves to have fun and make an impact in the lives of online entrepreneurs everywhere! 

This contracted position reports directly to our Director of Community, while also working closely with the Content Team and other key members of Team Porterfield. 


Contract Coaches will be responsible for 40 hours per week guiding, mentoring and supporting our students.

Your wheelhouse will also include reviewing materials our students have used to create and validate their digital courses, and staying on top of all project deadlines. 

You’ll be responsible for… 

  • Establishing genuine rapport with our students, finding out where they are stuck and what they need to do next to move forward in a way that feels exciting to them
  • Enthusiastically using your uplifting, encouraging outlook and our systems, and processes to support our students in moving the needle in their businesses, getting phenomenal results, and successfully navigating the stress that comes along with building a business
  • Managing your coaching calendar with flexibility
  • Creating customized communications with students through email and text 
  • Maintaining excellent student communication
  • Providing feedback and suggestions to Team Porterfield so we can improve the coaching program
  • Being open to change and being flexible
  • Attending monthly meetings ready to learn and contribute
  • Adhering to our Coach Guidelines
  • Prioritizing projects based on established delivery dates
  • Ongoing commitment to your professional development and learning and growth
  • Representing the Amy Porterfield brand with integrity.


The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

  • Experience coaching entrepreneurs, executives and/or leaders
  • Completion of a certified coach training program preferred 
  • Knowledge of business and marketing strategies and a willingness to learn our approach and systems in supporting students as they reach their highest potential
  • Juggling multiple projects and to-do’s simultaneously while still staying organized is no problem for you — you work well under pressure, meet deadlines and keep promises
  • Familiarity with list building, digital course creation, online launching, and self-development models already in the marketplace 
  • Ability to be flexible, be coachable yourself, and be open to feedback and adapting your approach to the way we teach and work with our students
  • A willingness and ability to master technology such as Slack, Google Drive, Google Docs, Zoom, and Asana
  • Outstanding internal communication skills (both written and verbal) — you love working with a team and your communication style is clear, kind, and concise 
  • Hold space for students from diverse backgrounds 
  • Knowledge about education/curriculum building is a plus!


If you’d like to be considered for this role please submit the following via email to

  • Your resume
  • Answer these 2 questions in your cover letter:
    • Why do you want to work with us?
    • Why are you the best person for this job?
  • Provide a 5 min coaching video of yourself answering the following 2 questions from a “student”:
    • “What if I launch my course/business and nobody buys what I’m selling? Can I come back from that?”
    • “Where can I find my audience? As in the people that are most likely to buy my course/product?”
  • Any testimonials from former clients are welcome and a link to your website (if applicable)

What We Do:

We empower entrepreneurs to build profitable online businesses that bring creative, professional and personal freedom.

In everything we do, we aim to inspire confidence and action. Our signature service is helping budding entrepreneurs break free in the areas of business that were once holding them back into new levels of joy and fulfillment. We give these entrepreneurs tangible proof that small actions every day will ultimately build a business worth creating and a life guided by their own design.

We lead a fun-loving culture and a dedicated team that is committed to excellence. We always find the upside to any situation and maintains the strength and flexibility to change course as our business evolves.

Meet Amy

You might know Amy Porterfield from her top-rated “Online Marketing Made Easy” podcast, or from the courses and webinars she offers to help entrepreneurs build their business through social media and online marketing strategies. To learn more about our fearless leader, check out the details here.

Our Values

Our team is ambitious (always striving for excellence), hungry (competitive to the core; always wanting to be at the top) and enthusiastic (always excited about the work we are doing.)

Purposeful Ambition

→ We value drive, hard work and kicking ass. When the heat’s turned up, we step up to the challenge. We are equally thoughtful about our commitments.

Unyielding Compassion

→ We believe that everyone is doing the very best they can in the moment. We lead with love, patience and understanding.

Openly Coachable

→ We believe in continuous growth and are open to feedback and necessary tough conversations to move us forward.

Creative Resourcefulness

→ We are strategic and thoughtful in our actions. We believe there is always a way to make it work and we will do the digging to figure it out. We rely on each other when we get stuck.

Unwavering Integrity

→ We take pride in our reputation as industry leaders. We are honest, professional and intentional.

Total Ownership

→ We believe we are all leaders. We own our individual positions like a boss.

Intentional Margin

→ We prioritize the down time so that we can be our best when we are showing up for ourselves, our team members and our students.

Proactive Inclusivity

→ We believe in the diversity and inclusion of all people regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and religion. This includes thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences.