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#220: Your Summer Listening Playlist (Strategy, Inspiration and Biz Insights!)

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#220: Your Summer Listening Playlist (Strategy, Inspiration and Biz Insights!)

Position Overview

The Community Manager’s main function is to create a fun, healthy, and helpful environment for our students and members. The goal for this position is to help members connect with each other and to facilitate, strengthen, and encourage relationships. The role is also a support role for our students, to ensure we help them troubleshoot and move past any obstacles that may be in the way of them seeing true success. The number one goal of this position is to create outstanding customer experiences.

The Community Manager position is an advocate on behalf of our company to our members by representing the business on a very personal level. The position is also an advocate on behalf of our customers, monitoring conversations and providing feedback to our company.

This is a full-time, salaried position that reports directly to our Marketing Project Director: Chloe Euse, while also working closely with other key members of the team.

The position requires candidates to come into our office in Carlsbad, California. Hours for this position are 9am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday, but are somewhat flexible as this position involves working some evenings and weekends, and responding to community members outside of work hours.

Also, because our business uses an online launching business model, a few times per year there will be the need to work additional hours on evenings and weekends preparing for program launches.

Duties and Responsibilities

Our Community Manager will primarily be responsible for:

  • Adding and removing members to our exclusive FB groups.
  • Welcoming new members.
  • Establishing community culture.
  • Moderating community content.
  • Responding to comments and customer queries.
  • Providing timely customer support to community members.
  • Gathering testimonials and feedback produced in the community.
  • Creating strategic content designed to build relationships between members.
  • Introducing community members to each other.
  • Developing and enforcing community guidelines and policies.
  • Creating solutions and new ideas for issues and broken processes based on community feedback.
  • Ability to identify and track relevant community metrics.
  • Supporting Amy on her FB Live broadcasts inside the groups and on her Business Page, as well as live webinars during launches.
  • Responding to comments in paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Reporting any change of sentiment, content suggestion, or member feedback to the proper team member.

If you have experience in the following areas, it’s a PLUS!

  • Experience with Infusionsoft.
  • Participated in any of Amy Porterfield’s programs, including: List Builder’s Lab, Courses That Convert, and/or Webinars That Convert.
  • Experience using Google Suite (mail, docs, drive, calendar), Dropbox, Slack, Asana, SnapEngage and Help Scout.

Here’s what a typical day may look like:

  • Welcome new members and answer any questions they may have.
  • Answer private messages from community members.
  • Read through posts and comments, pointing people to helpful content, other members, or escalate to other Team Porterfield staff.
  • Monitor community content for feedback loops.
  • Review any posts made over the weekend that have zero comments, and provide assistance or tag in community members who can help.
  • Create a weekly accountability post, giving established members a chance to connect and newbies an easy opportunity to participate in the group.
  • Moderate posts and comments, making sure they are in line with our community guidelines. Reach out privately to anyone who broke the rules.
  • Resolve any personal issues members might have with each other.
  • Listen to new “Online Marketing Made Easy” podcast episodes and any other content recently published via Team Porterfield to to stay up-to-date on the latest content.
  • Create a community event for our weekly Live Q&A Sessions and invite members to post their questions in advance.
  • Identify weekly student superstars and write and send personalized notes to them.

Skills and Abilities

You are a strong fit for this position if the statements below are true for you:

  • You fully embrace technology and dive into any opportunity to learn new systems and ways of doing things.
  • You delight in the details and you don’t let little things slip through the cracks.
  • You make it your mission to find ways to make other people happy.
  • You are comfortable working in a fast-paced and high-intensity environment.
  • Your personal and professional relationships are incredibly important to you and you find great value in staying connected.
  • You would never utter the words “That’s not my job” – instead you always jump into help, no matter what.
  • You welcome the opportunity to work on your own, but can easily switch gears to work inside a team.
  • You love any and all opportunities to over-deliver on your commitments.
  • Your past employers would call you a natural go-getter. If you can do better work, you will always rise to the challenge.
  • You are inherently compassionate and believe that most people are doing the very best they can.


  • You have experience in customer support.
  • You understand and pick up technology basics quickly.
  • You’re an effective communicator, especially in writing.
  • Your grammar and writing skills are top notch.
  • We prefer a Mac and iPhone user who is technologically savvy, quick to learn and an early adapter.
  • Knowledge of in-depth operation of all major social media platforms is required.
  • Note: If you have a business of your own that you plan to continue to grow, please do not apply. This is a full-time gig and we are looking for a superstar that is excited to put their full focus into this position.

Application Instructions

If you’d like to be considered for this role, please respond to by Friday, November 17th, with the following details:

  • Step #1: Take your Myers Briggs Test here:
  • Step #2: Respond to this post with…
    • Your Myers Briggs Test Results from step #1.
    • Your Resume
    • 2-3 sentences on why we should hire you for the Community Manager role
    • A Facebook Group you engage in regularly and a short explanation as to why you enjoy the group

Did we forget to mention all of the Team Porterfield perks?

We’re fast-paced and rapidly growing. Our small but mighty team is full of talented and motivated individuals who enjoy coming into work. (But these awesome perks help just a little too):

  • The Benefits:
    • Competitive compensation and paid-time off, along with ample company paid holidays.
    • Never working on your birthday again! Hit the beach or the spa, we don’t care what you do, just don’t come to work!
  • The Office:
    • Want to hit the beach for a quick surf sesh during lunch? Be our guest! Our Carlsbad office is just minutes from the water and will provide the beach cruiser to get you there, the surfboard and a nice warm shower before you get back to your desk!
    • Need some motivation to get you to the gym in the new year? How about a completely free membership to the brand new gym just 10 feet from your office?! Head in before work or during lunch, we’ll join you!
    • Plus, all the kombucha you could drink is on tap right outside your door! (There’s beer too, just sayin’!)
    • Sick of sitting at a desk all day? You’ll have the flexibility to work remotely when necessary, so sit outside or head to another country- that’s the benefits of online business!
  • The Team:
    • What can we say? We really like each other! From monthly team building events and happy hours, to annual team trips, we like to work hard and play hard!
    • Plus you’ll be workin’ for boss lady Amy Porterfield! (Did you know she was nominated for Forbes’ Social Media Influencer)
  • The Culture:
    • Forget the traditional corporate culture. Amy left that behind years ago for a reason and has created something entirely different! Have a question? Have an emergency? Having a bad day? At Team Porterfield we’re all family and here to support you however we can!
  • The Development:
    • Something you’ve always wanted to learn? We offer annual professional and personal development opportunities, so let us know where you wanna be and we’ll send you there!
    • While still taking care of business we like to take care of our community too! Whether it’s participating in the office food drive or Amy’s annual charitable bonus, giving back is important to Team Porterfield!

Application Instructions

Due to the holidays, we’ve extended the window to accept applications. If you’d like to be considered for this role, please respond to by Friday, December 1st, with the following details:

  • Step #1: Take your Myers Briggs Test here:
  • Step #2: Respond to this post with…
    • Your Myers Briggs Test Results from step #1.
    • Your Resume
    • 2-3 sentences on why we should hire you for the Community Manager role
    • A Facebook Group you engage in regularly and a short explanation as to why you enjoy the group

If you want to step into a role with a ton of potential, like to dig in and get stuff done and have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is the role for you!