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Your Course-Ready Audience Tool Kit:
Fill-in-the-Blank Templates for Sharing Your Course-Focused Lead Magnet on Email, Social, Web And More

Show up LIVE and get professional, customizable templates for social media, Facebook ads, Instagram Stories, website pop-ups, email, and podcast or on-stage promotion to help you share your lead magnet professionally and effectively…

With tons of examples of how these templates are used in real life in all types of industries and business models.

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I’ll Post Digital Course Quiz Questions Between Now And The Masterclass. Answer And You’ll Have The Chance To Win A Grand Prize (Worth Over $500!)

Prize includes:

  • A 30 min kick-off call with a member of my team
  • A 1 year subscription to Convertkit
  • A Yeti Microphone
  • A Lumecube Ring Light
  • Signed copy of my New York Times Bestselling Book, Two Weeks Notice

Each question answered is an entry to win. Your name and email are required so we can be sure to count each entry. You only have to answer each question, once. Our winner will be announced LIVE at our Masterclass.

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How many courses do you need to create and launch to generate $100,000+ in one year?

The road to a wildly successful digital course begins with what you have now.

amy porterfield

In our Masterclass, I’ll spell out how to get started with efficiency and profitability in mind…

So you can turn what currently feels like the equivalent of hiking Mount Everest in flip-flops into a well-mapped hike with trail markers, stops, snacks, and a buddy to accompany you to the peak.

Because once you have a launch under your belt, you’ll never wonder how you’ll make money in your business again.

And that’s worth the climb, if you ask me.