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How to Confidently Create Your
First Profitable Course in 60 Days


In This Master Class


  • 1

    The 5 Key Ingredients

    of a wildly profitable online course that creates leverage, expands your ripple of impact, and generates steady and predictable income for years to come.

  • 2

    The “Minimum Viable Validation”

    technique to rapidly assess if your course idea will be a winner without killing your momentum with exhaustive research or data crunching.

  • 3

    The 80/20 Rule

    of becoming a powerful, influential teacher that earns the respect of your students while confidently leading them to the promised result (even if you’re camera shy).

  • 4

    The Simple Tools I Personally Use

    to record, design and host my courses without any nasty tech hangups and why the technical aspects of course creation aren’t as scary as you might think.

Kyle Schultz

“Amy gives high quality content and I love her teaching style . . .
clear, concise and easy to implement.”

Suzanne Fogloi
Now is the time

Want to Create a Profitable Online Course?

Join me as I walk you through what it takes and the super-specific strategies I’ve used to build MULTIPLE 7-figure courses in my own business.

It’s your clear first step to generating more income, creating more time freedom, and serving MORE people with your skills and talents.

Not only will we demystify these false barriers… But we’ll equip you with the strategies needed to fast track your success and engineer your own course for immediate impact (even if the whole teaching thing is still a little new or scary for you).

A Note From Amy...

I’ve been building online courses since the day I became an entrepreneur. Six courses, 40,000 students, and $8.4 million dollars in revenue later, I’ve pinpointed the exact ingredients that differentiate a wildly successful course that converts… and one that disappears into a dark place in your Dropbox folder.

My goal is to help you sidestep those major pitfalls so that you can confidently get on the path to building your first 6 or 7-figure business asset. All while serving your market in a powerful, impactful, and fully leveraged way.