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What To Expect On Your Call

We’re here to answer your questions and shed some light on what DCA is and all that it includes.

That’s right, this isn’t a “Sales Call”. In fact, none of us are “Sales People” and there’s not a penny of commission on the line. 

We’re just members of Team Porterfield and real DCA alumni who know the program like the back of our hand and are OBSESSED with your potential.

We’re here to help with questions like:

  • Is this topic a good idea? What if I already have a course?
  • How on earth would I market a course on grief? Or spirituality? Or addiction? Or any other highly personal topic.
  • I’m SUPER busy and worried I won’t have time to make the most of this investment (and I’d kick myself)
  • Do you have any examples of [INSERT INDUSTRY OR NICHE HERE] that have been successful with a course?
  • Do I have to go live or show my face to do this the right way?

And any other question keeping you on “Pause.”

Long story short – we’re just here to chat and provide any helpful, unique-to-you data that will assist your decision to join – or not join – Digital Course Academy.

A Note From Me


If you’ve made it to this page, that means you take this decision seriously – and I want you to know we respect that. So when you hop on this call, ALL the pressure is off.

We know that sometimes it’s genuinely not the right time to jump into a program like Digital Course Academy.

And, hey, telling you to jump in when you’re not ready creates 10x more work on us! So we won’t tell you DCA is a fit if it isn’t.

But we also know that sometimes one piece of information about a module or accountability group or course creators who have gone through and done well is ALL you need to have the confidence to jump in.

We genuinely care about you, your business, and those big, beautiful dreams of yours. So whatever you need today, you’re in charge. 

We’re just the people with the details. ;)


  • Nicole Nieves
    Nicole Nieves

    Marketing & Brand Strategist

    “I almost didn’t sign up for DCA because I didn’t have an email list. Boy, that would’ve been a mistake. I just had a $49K launch and quit my job to work on my business full time!!!”

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  • “I almost didn’t sign up for DCA because I didn’t have an email list. Boy, that would’ve been a mistake. I just had a $49K launch and quit my job to work on my business full time!!!”

    I had a marketing job where I ran million-dollar launch campaigns. It was sooooo fun! I thought, “This is it. I’ve got my life figured out!”

    Then, in January 2019, the company shut down with only 2 days notice. I thought I’d done everything right, and now I was unemployed.

    But you never know what curveballs will be thrown your way.

    I spent several months trying to figure out what to do next. I knew I wanted financial security for my family, but I also longed for time freedom for myself. That’s when I started thinking about owning my own business.

    I started listening to Amy’s podcast to get inspired. In the meantime, I kept taking interviews for executive roles because that was all I knew.

    Just as I decided to go ahead and start my business, “The Brand Vibe,” I got a job offer. Isn’t that how it always works? I took the job with the understanding that I would still start my business.

    That’s when I signed up for Digital Course Academy.

    When I started DCA, I knew I wanted to use my talents in marketing and branding to help women launch their businesses. I also knew that as a mom I didn’t have a lot of time to pour into working with people one-on-one. Building a course was a no-brainer.

    Yet can you believe that I almost didn’t get DCA because I didn’t have a list yet? But, I decided to take a chance and get it. I’m glad I did. I started with the prework module about how to grow your list, and I followed that to a T.

    (Side note: By the time I launched, I had only about 100 people on my list. I still have less than 1,000 people on my list, but you don’t need a massive list to launch. You just need an engaged list.)

    My Building Your Brand course came together during COVID. I saw a need and put together the 5 Days to Build a Brand Challenge. That was totally based on an idea I got from one of Amy’s podcast episodes. I used the challenge to sell a course that I taught live.

    I ended up making $10K in my first launch — during some of the craziest times, and it’s what propelled my business.

    Since then I’ve built a few courses, but my most recent course, the Launch Vibes Lab, is my signature course. I call it the plan after the plan. It focuses on simplifying the launch of your programs and services.

    I sold VIP slots for that course that included one-on-one done-in-a-day sessions with me to build momentum for the course and build up my credibility. Then I opened the cart of the course. It was all a whirlwind, but in the end I got 35 students plus 10 VIP students. Holy cow! That’s a $49,174 launch!

    DCA gave me all the momentum to step into this business with strength. I sat on my idea for 6 months before I decided to launch. After I got DCA, I launched in just 6 weeks.

    I quit my full-time job in June to run my business. AND I’ve been able to help so many women along the way!

    I don’t think any of this would’ve been possible without DCA. Thank you, Amy!

  • Hunter Donia
    Hunter Donia

    Licensed Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist, Educator

    “I set the goal to make $50,000 by the end of the year with my digital course business… and thanks to Amy and DCA, I’m already halfway there!”

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  • “I set the goal to make $50,000 by the end of the year with my digital course business… and thanks to Amy and DCA, I’m already halfway there!”


    It wasn’t easy growing up and finding a space that I felt comfortable in… But after joining the beauty industry and becoming a hairstylist, I finally found the place where I felt that I belonged.

    Hairstyling became my absolute passion, and as I gained experience working in more and more salons, I began to notice a BIG problem…

    The other hairstylists were struggling to make enough money without completely burning themselves out. And some even secretly wished they had chosen a different profession.

    Because of my own love for the beauty industry and the support it’s given me, I never want any other hairstylists to feel discouraged or to miss their opportunity to create a beautiful life for themselves.

    That’s when I started teaching other stylists how to create a streamlined customer experience so they could scale their businesses behind the chair, and still have a life.

    I began listening to Amy’s podcast, and I totally fell in love with her!

    And when she started talking about Digital Course Academy, I decided that creating a digital course was the perfect way to help even more stylists by teaching them my methods.

    Like many entrepreneurs, I had MASSIVE imposter syndrome…

    In fact, one of my biggest fears was that people wouldn’t trust me enough to pay me any money. But by listening to Amy and following the steps within DCA, I was able to overcome those fears and create my very own digital course!

    My course is called Pre-Visit Pathway to Freedom, which teaches hairstylists how to reclaim time, freedom, and energy from behind the chair by creating a pre-visit experience for their clients that is completely automated, hands-off, and next-level.

    When I launched my course using Amy’s incredible, step-by-step webinar strategy, I enrolled 81 students and made $25,272!

    I was completely blown away!

    By investing in DCA and creating my digital course, I now have the ability to share my love for the beauty industry while helping other hairstylists build a successful business while taking plenty of time off.

    At the beginning of 2021, I made a goal to make $50,000 by the end of the year… and thanks to Amy and DCA, I’m already halfway to my goal!

    If you’re on the fence about investing in DCA, just go for it!

    Amy is the digital course master, and she will guide you every step of the way to build a successful digital course!

    Thank you SO much, Amy! You are so fantastic!

  • Adia Gooden
    Adia Gooden

    Clinical Psychologist

    “DCA taught me the strategies I needed to create a profitable online course, and I made $26,048 on my very FIRST launch!”

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  • “DCA taught me the strategies I needed to create a profitable online course, and I made $26,048 on my very FIRST launch!”


    I’ve been a licensed clinical psychologist for 10 years, and although I love one-on-one client work, I’ve dreamed of helping more people and having a bigger impact.

    (Because, let’s face it… there are only so many people I can help in one day.)

    My real passion is working with people and helping them connect with their unconditional self-worth, so I started thinking about creating an online course to teach how to embody that.

    I took Amy’s Bootcamp in August 2020, and it was SO good that I decided to make the investment in Digital Course Academy! (It was the obvious next best step.)

    After enrolling in DCA, I soon realized that it really is possible to have a successful (and profitable!) online course. That’s when I took the leap of faith and left my job so that I could go full steam ahead with my dream business!

    By using Amy’s incredible framework, I created my Unconditionally Worthy Course, a powerful, seven-week journey that professional women can use to finally realize their unconditional self-worth.

    DCA is FULL of fantastic resources and strategies, but my favorites were the pre-launch runway to warm up my audience and get them ready to buy, and using webinars and email to sell more of my course. These strategies were EXACTLY what I needed to communicate with my audience in a thoughtful and engaging way that feels good to me!

    Oh, and it definitely paid off! When I launched my course in April, I enrolled 16 students and made $26,048!!!


    DCA isn’t just another online course… Amy has created a COMPLETE system that teaches you everything you need to create a profitable digital course business!

    Without it, I wouldn’t even have a course, and I certainly wouldn’t have had such a successful first launch.

    Building my digital course business has been sooo empowering and freeing. Not only do I have an excellent way to earn a great income, but now I can help women around the entire world, which was my dream!

    Thank you, Amy! You’re awesome!

  • Bevin Farrand
    Bevin Farrand

    Founder, Take the DAMN Trip Movement

    “After losing my dear husband, I was suddenly the solo parent AND income earner for my family. DCA helped me build a brand, inspire women, and grow a business.”

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  • “After losing my dear husband, I was suddenly the solo parent AND income earner for my family. As I adjusted to a completely new normal, DCA helped me build a brand, inspire women, and grow a business.”


    I’m no stranger to the world of digital courses — about 11 years ago, I started working for a company as their digital summit producer. In that role, I was responsible for handling the back-end logistics of launching their massive summits and digital courses.

    Although I was great at my job, it just wasn’t fulfilling to me.

    So I took a new job with another online education company… where I was laid off. Then another one… where I was laid off again.

    And that’s when it hit me….

    I’ve done this for so many people! I’ve helped build courses, I’ve launched courses. I’ve made millions of dollars for other people, so what is stopping me from taking my knowledge and making my own courses? With my loving husband’s support, I walked away from the 9–5 grind and started my very own business.

    Since I had worked in the digital course industry for so many years, of course, I had heard of Amy! But now that I was on my own, I started paying even more attention to her trainings.

    First I joined her 30-Day Bootcamp and LOVED it. And even though money was tight, I then went all in and invested in Digital Course Academy!

    My plan was to build a course teaching people the back-end strategy of digital courses, launches, and everything in between. Things were going great, but then my world got flipped upside down…

    In November of 2019, my husband, and love of my life, passed away unexpectedly. It happened 5 days after we returned from my birthday trip to France.

    As you can imagine, I was totally devastated. And as I was adjusting to this new normal, I knew that I needed to build a life to both support and inspire my children. I also knew that Mark would want me to continue on my journey.

    But in light of these recent events, creating a course about how to create courses didn’t feel right anymore. So I followed my heart and went after something completely new…

    I created an entirely new course called “Take the DAMN Trip!” where I teach women the 4 mindsets, based on my DAMN Framework, that they need to bring their big, bold dreams to life. This curriculum felt way more aligned to me, especially at this time in my life.

    So I launched the BETA version of my course… and only made $873. But I wasn’t giving up! I decided to use Amy’s powerful webinar and Facebook strategies she teaches in DCA to further my reach. And, I also created a high-ticket mastermind group that my clients could join to receive more in-depth weekly coaching.

    Listening to Amy pays off! I’ve now launched 3 different times and have made a total of $47,787 in revenue! WOW!!

    Amy reminds me to never compare myself to others. We’re all on our own unique journeys, but as long as we follow the steps in DCA and put in the work, we will all find our own beautiful version of success!

    I am so thankful for Amy and my investment in DCA… It has allowed me to design a new life, and then a brand and business to support it!

    Being a solo parent is never easy, but now I can support myself and my children no matter what life throws at me.

    I can’t thank you enough, Amy! You have truly changed my life! Thank you!

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