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amy porterfield original website on imac

Want to see the worst website in the world?

This is the website I used for 10 years —>

It’s giving early-2000’s “Ask Jeeves” vibes, no?

I’m leaving it here as evidence that your early online biz can be messy, unrefined, or even plain ol’ ugly, too.

Because guess what? I earned my first million with this rinky dink little website.

Not immediately. Definitely not without a little time and a lot of hard work.

But that “are you kidding me” million dollar moment would have NEVER happened if I was all caught up on “perfect”.

In fact, it’s not just your website that can start a little sloppy but grow into something magical.

  • My Website Then

  • My Website Now

  • My List Then

    ~ 200

  • My List Now

    200,000+ 600K

  • My Revenue Then

    (womp, womp)

  • My Revenue Now

    Over $84 Million Over 84 Mill.

amy porterfield holding her new book two weeks notice

Nailing your perfectly profitable business idea is how you kickstart your “before” and set out in the direction of your own dreamy “after.”

Cheers To Taking More
Messy Right Steps Together

Inside my book, Two Weeks Notice, I’ve laid out the step-by-step process for creating a smart exit plan and building a business that gives you serious creative, financial, AND time freedom. So if you’re really serious about ditching your 9 to 5 and starting a business of your own, be sure to snag a copy if you haven’t already.