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5 Steps to Creating an Engaged Email List Despite the iOS Update

One comprehensive resource to help you understand and navigate Apple’s latest iOS update in your business.

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Have you heard?

Apple’s iOS has changed.

Simply put, this means that Apple is taking strides towards protecting their users’ privacy online. (Sweet!)

But for you, online business owner, this means that the way you measure who is reading your emails and how successfully you’re communicating with your subscribers is changing…whether you like it or not. (That’s entrepreneurship for ya!)

Whether you’re starting your email list from scratch or you’re a long-time player in the list building game, these changes affect ALL of us. After 13 years in the digital marketing industry and making a name as the go-to-expert for all things list building…

…it only made sense to create one comprehensive resource to help you understand and navigate Apple’s latest iOS update in your business. That means you’ll be able to effectively measure how your emails are performing with your readers without relying on metrics that Apple will no longer be sharing with senders (AKA you.)

And you won’t have to do a single Google search to figure it all out.

You in?

In 5 simple steps, you’ll become the expert in your business at:

  • What the iOS update is and exactly what’s changing on your end
  • Which email metrics you should measure NOW (and which you can leave alone)
  • How to keep your emails out of Spam Folder graveyards
  • How to create irresistible subject lines and clickable links in your emails so you can keep your email list wildly engaged
  • What you can do for your email list today so that future iOS updates are a walk in the park

Gimme the Goods, Amy!

A note from Amy

An engaged email list is a business-maker.

After 12 years in business, 56,000 students, and $35 million in revenue, I can confidently say — when your email list grows, your business grows with it. And since Apple mobile users make up more than 35% of the market share, this update means list-builders will need to create a new baseline concerning data based on past performance, and then focus on building a more engaged list, all of which is what you will learn how to do in this guide.

You’ve got this,