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San Diego

October 17 – 19, 2019

Hosting this event is my dream come true.

No, really! Showing up on Facebook live and connecting with you through DM is one thing. Seeing your face light up in the crowd is another. I live for it. It’s why I do what I do.

This isn’t your “average” business event, friend. There’s a whole different vibe going on at the Entrepreneur Experience. This feeling that we’re all in this together. That your goals are completely attainable. And that the commitment of your time and energy is being honored — because it is!

My goal is for the Entrepreneur Experience to feel like the online business owners version of one of those surprise bags you got as a kid.

Everything inside is designed to help you grow an online business that fuels your purpose and pays for trips to Paris (or St.Tropez, you choose!)

You bet I’ll be up on that stage sharing my best step-by-step strategies, but I also can’t wait to help you master your mindset and tackle all the invisible hurdles standing in your way.

I’ve developed a reputation for more than just being a dark chocolate connoisseur… seats to my events are highly coveted because I always go above and beyond for my attendees. That’s just what you do for a dream come true.

  • “Surrounding yourself around ambitious, like-minded people can be a game changer in your life, and in your business. This weekend, I’m speed-writing and taking massive notes because I’m at Amy Porterfield’s one day conference in San Diego. @amyporterfield is the real deal. So, go follow her now! Trust me, you won’t regret it. She’s a driven, female entrepreneur who has had such a huge impact in my online business. If you have an online business, or you have a desire to create one, Amy is one person you need to have in your life as a mentor. #EntrepreneurExperience #EEwithAP”

    Elaine Zlaket

  • “I’m so excited & clear on next steps for for the rest of 2017 and 1st 6 months of 2018!!! Amy Porterfield & team went way above and beyond with the Entrepreneur Event. More value then I could have hoped for, they took such good care of us with food & drinks…we were spoiled! Thank you! And the people we met were inspiring. There are some rockstars who are making a difference in the world! If you are coming in Dec, you’ll be all set for 2018!

    Melissa Tucker

  • “Highlight of the day: learning from and chatting with the one-and-only Amy Porterfield!! Amy’s been my mentor for the longest time ever and her podcast a constant source of encouragement and empowerment! Listening to her speak and share her step by step live workshop creation process was just priceless. Getting to ask her my burning biz questions at the VIP party later was just beyond amazing. So glad I could do this!! Totally worth the 24-hour flight and the heartache of staying away from my family!! #EEwithAP”

    Prerna Malik

Expert Speakers

I’ve invited some of the best of the best online marketing experts to join
me in sharing the most powerful strategies with you!

  • Rachel Hollis

  • Stu McLaren

  • Jasmine Star

To make this EXTRA SPECIAL...

I’ve invited best selling author and speaker (and all around cool chick!) RACHEL HOLLIS, Instagram and biz strategist for creative entrepreneurs (and one of my dearest friends) JASMINE STAR and the one and only membership ninja and all around online business genius STU MCLAREN to join us in person, live on stage! Can it get much better than that?!

Rachel is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, mom of 4, in-demand speaker, and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Girl, Wash Your Face.

She’s hilarious, fun, down to earth, and a champion for finding success on your own terms. She’s lovingly known as “the Tony Robbins for women”. You bet she’s as high-energy and inspiring as she sounds.

On a personal note, I’ve had the honor of hanging out with Rachel and just being in her presence makes you feel like you can do anything.

Get ready to walk away from Rachel’s talk feeling lit up and encouraged to stop comparing and start sharing.

Stu will be giving an in-depth talk sharing valuable insights on his favorite topic ever… you guessed it, membership sites!

You’ll get a chance to learn directly from the industry leader in creating and launching a successful membership site that makes your bank account and your heart smile big every single month.

Jasmine is the Queen of Instagram and my go-to gal to learn from when it comes to social media. I love Jasmine’s style because she keeps it real and teaches others how to do the same.

She’ll be sharing her best tips and inspiration to help you stand out on Instagram just be being yourself.

After this impactful session full of creative examples, you’ll never be stuck wondering “what should I post?” ever again.

+Panel Discussion with Team Porterfield+

This is your opportunity to ask my team anything. Panel sessions often
end up being one of the favorites of our live events.

Audience questions give us the opportunity to troubleshoot, share insights we’ve never discussed before, take everyone behind the scenes with us and zero in on what’s most important to the group.

From the the big decisions you need to make to identifying the kinds of projects that will yield the most success and the exact areas of focus that will bring quick wins and long-term results, this event will transform how you approach your work.

Sign up for the chance to gain clarity, learn mastery, connect and collaborate with others, and take real action on the dreams that inspire your business.


Imagine Yourself

in Sunny San Diego

Here’s how we GUARANTEE this event will catalyze game-changing growth in your business:

  • 10+ expert sessions covering in nitty-gritty detail online marketing strategies, course creation, entrepreneurial mindset, and so much more.
  • Plenty of built-in time for networking with other attendees that are most likely to become your new business BFF’s, helpful mentors, or even promotional partners on your next launch.
  • The perfect excuse to treat yourself to some time in San Diego — voted the second most pleasant city in the country, where the temp this summer will be an average of 75 degrees and sunny!
  • Live Q&A with Amy, Rachel, Jasmine, and Stu!  Get your personal questions answered directly from the speakers!

Here’s the Truth:

I used to dread going to live business events.

Those awkward, impersonal, “let me just hang here in the corner and look busy on my iPhone” kind of events.

Events where I’d have to make generous use of the in-flight bar service on the way home just to convince myself that all those notes I took would actually turn into concrete, profitable action.

(Hint: They never did.)

Or worse… those “events” that would slowly morph into sleazy sales pitches in disguise.

(No, thank you.)

That’s why my team and I decided to totally flip the script on the live event experience.

Especially for driven, outcome-focused entrepreneurs like yourself.

Over an inspiring, jam-packed 3-days in San Diego, CA, we’ll dig into the nitty-gritty on important areas you need to predictably grow and automate your business without the guesswork or anxiety.

The things you wish teachers and business coaches would stop glossing over, and finally give to you straight.

Meaning that instead of going home with a notebook full of random scribblings you’ll never turn back to, you’ll be buzzing about your new lifelong relationships, profitable execution plans, and renewed motivation to see it all through.

That is why I am so over the moon excited to invite you to join me and my team in San Diego. Make sure to enroll before all the seats fill up!


Got a Question?

No problem! Click below to chat with us or check out our frequently asked questions page!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the event dates?

    The event will be held on October 17th, 18th, and 19th.

  • Where should I stay?

    For your convenience, we have compiled a list of a few amazing hotel options in close proximity to the host hotel.

    Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa
    (12-minute drive from host hotel)
    Phone: 619-435-3000
    Average Room Rates: Approximately $320

    Glorietta Bay Inn Coronado Island
    (8-minute drive from host hotel)
    Phone: 619-435-3101
    Average Room Rates: Approximately $340

    El Cordova Hotel
    (4.3 miles from host hotel)
    Phone: 619-435-4131
    Average Room Rates: Approximately $240

    Coronado Beach Resort
    (4.3 miles from host hotel)
    Phone: 877-681-4170
    Average Room Rates: Approximately $230

    Crown City Inn and Bistro
    (5 miles from host hotel)
    Phone: 619-437-4867
    Average Room Rates: Approximately $145

    Coronado Inn
    (5 miles from host hotel)
    Phone: 619-435-4121
    Average Room Rates: Approximately $159

    Coronado Island Inn
    (5 .5 miles from host hotel)
    Phone: 619-435-4121
    Average Room Rates: Approximately $149

  • Where is the event located?

    The event will be held at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego.

    The address is 4000 Coronado Bay Road, Coronado, California 92118.

  • What's included in my ticket?

    Each day will be filled with power-packed content, networking opportunities, implementation and inspiration built into the days’ schedule. We are working hard to make sure that everyone walks away from the event ready to take their business to the next level!

  • What time does the event end each day?

    The Entrepreneur Experience is set to conclude at 7:00pm on October 17th, 9:00pm on October 18th, and 5:00pm on October 19th (Pacific).

    Also, we reserve the right to make minor modifications to the schedule on-site to better serve you.