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A Digital Course Academy Exclusive Live Event

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The Future of Digital Courses & What It Means For Your Business with Amy Porterfield

Insider Insights:

The Future of Digital Courses & What It Means For Your Business with Amy Porterfield

What's Changed In The Industry, Where Course Launches Are Going, And How To Maximize It All For Your Best Launch Ever

Wednesday, March 29 at 8 am PT / 11 am ET


(PSST… there's no replay! So
mark that calendar, friend.)

What Will Make People Buy Your Course in 2023…

Comes down to understanding why people are buying courses at all these days.

Even if you haven't created your course yet, it's imperative to understand what's driving buying behavior… and what's sandbagging your efforts.

(And where the heck do YOU fall, ChatGPT??)

SO much has changed in our industry in the last few years, including:

  • What's working for course launches
  • What audiences are tired of… and driven by
  • And some old favorites that are now a royal waste of time (ugh)

If you're saying,

“Put it to me
simply, AMES!”

Then consider it a plan.

Join Me!

For a half-day LIVE Event on the State of the Industry – exclusively for my Digital Course Academy Alumni – on Wednesday, March 29 at 8am PT // 11am ET.

All so you can overcome fear and inaction with an unprecedented insider's knowledge of the online marketing and digital course industry in today's topsy-turvy world.


(Reminder… No Replay! Be there or be square.)

Struggling with your course launch?

(Or even to get one created in the first place?)

You and I will take a critical look at where you might be going wrong based on industry trends and new resources that could really support you.


But we won't just talk about it.

We'll do something about it.

I've created a course creation and launch playbook tailored specifically to my Digital Course Academy Alumni…

Full of my best applications for taking what you've learned and keeping your launches simple… without missing the BIG opportunities for leads, sales, and growth in this never-seen-before market.

It's all yours
– for free –
when you attend.

Because I'm determined to make 2023 your
BIG launch year. Deal??


But knowledge is one thing.

Courage to take the risk
and face the change?

That's another.

I've invited the incredible
Patrice Washington

AKA “America's Money Maven” – to teach how to strengthen your mindset and embrace change…

So you can become a wildly adaptable, in-it-for-the-long-haul entrepreneur.

Here's just a sliver of the brilliance you can expect. 👇

Simpler Launches, More Revenue, And A Confident Market-Knowledge Is The Goal For 2023.

And here's how we'll accomplish that together on March 29 >>>


Industry Updates

What's converting, what's on the outs, what's on the horizon, and what you should focus on (and ignore) when it comes to email marketing, content creation, and launching your course in 2023.


Master Your Mind

Patrice Washington, the master of money mindset, will teach you how to regain control of your mindset and protect your peace when shifting circumstances feel beyond your control and push you out of your comfort zone.

AKA – how to be a surfer, not a swimmer when the waves inevitably hit.


Master Your Launch

Once we’ve put ourselves in the mind of a master marketer in 2023, I’ll take you through a made-for-you playbook of my strongest recommendations for creating and launching your course this year…

Down to choosing your launch dates, optimizing marketing timelines, what to do in between launches, timely webinar strategies, and more.

You have BIG launch goals…
but time is your currency.

As a Digital Course Academy alum, you’re my people.

I’ve learned A TON about our industry over the last 12 months… not only from my own launches, but from rubbing elbows and comparing notes with other BIG TIME course creators.

I’d be on the plane home from an interview, meeting, or Mastermind… and I’d have nothing but you on the brain.

The great news is that what you’ve learned inside Digital Course Academy still passes the “market” test with flying colors.

But people are showing up differently. (If you’ve had CRICKETS on your Facebook Lives, you know what’s up.)

There are unreal new tools on the market that’ll cut your course-creator-dread-zone-task time in half.

There are marketing messages that move people to click at the speed of light… and ones that instantly flip the “turn off” switch.

(PSST… there's no replay! So mark that calendar, friend.)

I KNOW you need to nail your launches this year and if you don’t have to do the whole “trial and error” thing, why do it?

So let's get

My insider’s knowledge is your insider’s knowledge.

Get ready to NAIL the 2023-specific market, welcome more students, and make more sales with FAR less resistance or wasted effort.


(Reminder… No replay! Be there or be square.)