Live Masterclass for Course Creators

The 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Digital Course Success

How to Build, Launch and Grow a Thriving Digital Course Business Without Hiring a Big Team, the Constant Overwhelm or the Momentum Crushing Question, “What the Heck Do I Do Next?”

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In this Masterclass, you’ll learn:

  1. 1

    The Major Mindset Shift

    that all successful digital course owners adopt as they begin to create their first profitable course

  2. 2

    Real-Life Examples of Profitable Digital Courses

    that you can create in your own business and how to double down on the ONE that’s most likely to be a runaway hit in your market

  3. 3

    The Most Simple and Effective Recording Strategy

    that dramatically cuts down on time and production costs, yet still delivers an amazing course that students are excited to pay for

  4. 4

    The Single MOST Effective Way to
    Sell Your Course

    and why you MUST know this right out of the gate to stay motivated through the entire course creation journey

The Digital Course Game is About to Change in a BIG Way

Whether you’ve been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the “right time” to create and launch your course, or struggling to generate the life-changing results you’ve been hoping for … this can be the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

So much has changed, and there’s NOTHING but room at the top for digital course creators who are prepared to take advantage of these shifts.

Join me to get fully updated on what it takes to build, launch, and grow a successful digital course business.

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if…

  • You’re a soon-to-be course creator who wants to get your course creation and course launch right the first time.
  • You’re an existing course creator who wants to launch and promote more profitably.
  • You want to learn how to make your digital course the CORNERSTONE of your business while phasing out client work, done-for-you services, or even a day job.

A Personal Invitation From Amy...

I’ve been building online courses since the day I became an entrepreneur.

Eight successful digital courses, 48,000 students, and $15 million dollars in revenue later, I’ve discovered the exact ingredients that differentiate a wildly successful course that converts from one that never gets beyond a google doc outline.

This brand new, fresh masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned in creating, launching, and promoting digital courses.

If you’re committed to making this the year you finally build and launch a profitable digital course, I can’t wait to slash that learning curve and help get you there faster and more profitably.

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