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Feeling stuck in your business? Looking for security so you don’t have to worry about where the revenue is going to come from? You’re in the right place!


 Inside The Membership Experience and my bonus package you’ll find everything you need to create and launch a thriving membership site (regardless of your niche, audience size, or level of experience in the online business world)


That's how many Americans are currently enrolled in at least ONE online membership, according to Statista.

Which means your ideal audience is already suuuper used to the idea of a membership providing them with (1) convenience, (2) knowledge, or (3) enjoyment.

They're looking for exactly what you have to offer them. Are you ready for them?

Inside of The Membership Experience and my bonus package, you’ll find everything you need to create and launch a thriving membership site.

I’ll be bringing you behind the scenes to show you how I built my 7-figure membership and how you can do the same.

I'll be cheering you on...

… and guiding you every step of the way because I truly believe the world needs your unique brand of brilliance!


Are you ready to build a community of raving fans and customers that need your knowledge and support?


The more support you have on this journey, the easier it will be to create and launch a membership site that…

  • Becomes a source of financial stability by simply meeting people where they’re at with what you already know, love, and do
  • Connects you with the exact-right people looking to learn, grow, and improve their lives right now (because even 100 people joining your membership would be a complete gamechanger)
  • Allows you to use your existing skills and expertise to create a recurring revenue stream every month for years to come because additional revenue streams = additional safety nets
  • Compliments your future or existing offers like PB&J…. in fact, might I suggest a digital course paired with a membership? AKA – the entirety of my 8-figure online business product suite
  • Gives your students the ongoing support and implementation strategies they need to get better results OR the preliminary actions steps they need before taking your course
  • Turns your “someday” dreams into a reality and catapults you from someone thinking about a thriving business to the type of person who actually *builds* a thriving business
  • Gives you the ability to pivot what you provide in-person and create a profitable method for supporting the growing number of people looking to learn online

It’s for all these reasons and more that I’ve put together an EPIC collection of next-level resources, trainings, and support – exclusively for The Membership Experience students who join my bonus package.

These bonuses are intentionally designed to support you in creating momentum, amplifying your results, and expanding your horizon of what’s possible in your online business.


    Bonus One

    How It’s Made: The Online Membership Edition

    *nerd glasses optional

    (A $997 Value)

    In 2019, I added a membership site to my own product suite. So I know exactly how you feel right now about the idea of creating your very own membership site.

    A whole lot of hope… knocked around by a whole lot of fear.

    The truth is, even as an experienced online business owner, my journey starting my membership was full of doubt, nerves, and plenty of moments of insecurity. But I had a steadfast commitment to doing it the RIGHT way.
    You too?

    When I was putting together my bonus package for The Membership Experience, I had the idea to share every little bare-bones detail about how I created and launched my own membership with you.

    There’s nothing I love more than pulling back the curtain and peeking inside other people’s businesses because you get ALL the juicy how-to details… but you also see the human bits.

    So in this exclusive bonus, you’ll not only get a glimpse at how I planned and launched my 7-figure membership, you’ll get a full-on backstage pass.

    Here’s what you’ll get inside my How It’s Made: The Online Membership Edition

    • An unfiltered look at what goes into a membership program and why it took me so long to create one, including all the mindset hurdles I had to overcome.
    • Get the inside scoop on what we include in our membership, how we support our students, and how we do it all without getting stuck in content creation overwhelm.
    • The team and I do not play around when it comes to launches! This is our jam and you can bet that our membership launch was no different. You’ll get a front row seat to hear all the no-holds-barred details of our launch strategy.
    • We aim to create a membership where people want to stick around for a loooong time. Samesies? Hear Team Porterfield’s tips to nurture your community and keep retention levels high.
    • Super personal insights that I never share! I’m admittedly a little nervous about sharing the intimate details involved with creating something brand new but I think you’re totally worth it!


  2. Bonus Two

    The Membership Afterparty: Live Q&A with Amy

    (A $297 Value)

    Hey you, yes you!

    Hanging out with you in “real life” is one of my favorite things ever.

    Is this bonus a little bit selfish? Maybe. But you know what, there’s a whole lot in it for you too!

    By the time this bonus lands in your members portal, you’ll have worked through the content in The Membership Experience and maybe even successfully launched your first membership!

    You’ll also be itching for new inspiration and ready to kick your results up a notch. That’s where I come in!

    Join me for a LIVE Q&A session. Bring all your questions and I'll answer as many as I can during our time together.



    Bonus Three

    VIP Ticket To The Million Dollar Mindset Event: Secrets to Mastering Your Mindset, Money, and Marketing From Million Dollar Entrepreneurs

    (A $297 Value)

    Million dollar business owners – including Stu McLaren, Marie Forleo, Patrice Washington, Glo Atanmo, and yours truly – will be hitting the stage to share the mindset strategies that have taken their businesses to the 8-figure level.

    Whether your business has made tens of thousands…or you’re still working towards that first sale…this exclusive LIVE virtual event was designed just for you – an entrepreneur who knows that mindset matters when it comes to mastering your biz.


    You can master online business, no matter your industry. These rockstar business owners are living proof. From personal finance to blogging…marketing to travel…in this LIVE event, these brilliant million-dollar business owners are breaking down how.

    Stu McLaren: online memberships expert passionate about helping entrepreneurs move past “success guilt” and increase their wealth to increase their impact.

    Marie Forleo: #1 New York Times bestselling author, world famous podcast and video show host, and the leading voice for multi-passionate entrepreneurs and business owners looking to nail this online business thing.

    Patrice Washington: personal finance coach and award winning podcast host committed to teaching a holistic approach to life while redefining “wealth” back to its original meaning, “well-being.”

    Glo Atanmo: “digital storyteller” whose travel blog grew into “The Social Educators Academy”, where she teaches women how to use their platforms to make a difference and a living online.

    If you're 100% committed to building a business bursting with soul, don't miss this!


Here's What Our Amazing Alumni Are Saying About The Membership Experience Bonus Package.

  1. “We have more members than we've ever had before… 300 total! We have Stu and Amy to thank.”

    Karen Pattock

    Karen Pattock

    Business Coach

    We have more members than we've ever had before… 300 total! We have Stu and Amy to thank for our membership’s new format and success.

    Amy, thank you for The Membership Experience Bonus Package, especially The Membership Afterparty. With the help of The Membership Experience Bonus Package we just revamped our membership program and opened the doors to 120 new members! Amy’s bonus trainings were so helpful and inspirational. We restructured our lesson library based on what Amy taught.

    The combination of The Membership Experience program and Amy's bonus package made all the difference. I already had a membership site when I purchased, but things have changed and improved so much since then.

    We now have an open and closed cart membership and we have more members than we've ever had before… 300 total! We have Amy and Stu to thank for our improvements and success. All I can say is THANK YOU!

  2. “I created a 6-figure membership site in 6 months, thanks to The Membership Experience.”

    Brandi Mowles

    Brandi Mowles

    Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist

    I created a 6-figure membership site in 6 months, thanks to The Membership Experience.

    While I might have only had a tiny social media following and fewer than 400 people on my email list when I joined The Membership Experience, I also had a burning desire to help service-based entrepreneurs scale their businesses. As a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist, I was able to scale my own business without hiring a team. I knew I could help other business owners do the same, and I was looking for a smart way to do it!

    Before joining The Membership Experience, I didn’t know what a membership site would look like. I had no idea if anyone would join my membership site. I didn’t know if I should create a course rather than a membership. And I definitely didn’t know Stu.

    Finding out about The Membership Experience helped me get clear on my next steps and gave me the confidence of knowing that what I wanted to do was possible. I didn’t need to have a big list. I just had to have the passion to help people. (Which I do!)

    I did a beta launch of my membership site using all the scripts inside of The Membership Experience in May 2019. At that time, I added 23 members! That was my first win!

    Then I built out my membership with those 23 people to guide me so I knew what type of content they needed. Basically, I got paid to build my membership site, which was really exciting to me!

    In July, I did a full launch and added over 50 more members. Now I have over 250 members. In 6 months I created a 6-figure membership site!

    From that, I created an entirely new ecosystem for my business. Now I run a live event and have a mastermind group. This amazing community exists because of the guidance I got in The Membership Experience.

    Since starting my membership site, my husband has been able to retire and I’ve inspired a whole group of people who want to work from home like me. I’m helping to create a community of people who get to work from home doing what they love and showing their children what is possible. (And it feels amazing!)

    If you are on the fence, go ahead and join The Membership Experience. It is definitely worth the investment. I thank Stu a million times over for how much he’s impacted my life.

  3. “After The Membership Experience we were able to increase our retention rate from 84% to 92% resulting in an additional $3000/month.”

    Tricia Callahan

    Tricia Callahan

    Founder & CEO, Once A Month Meals

    After The Membership Experience we were able to increase our retention rate from 84% to 92% resulting in an additional $3000/month.

    I had been running a blog for 9 years and decided to turn it into a membership 3 years in. If you looked at just the membership numbers we had back then you’d say we’d already had success, but I was frustrated. We had trouble keeping members, we had plateaued and were only able to increase membership by spending a lot of time on sales.

    Then I joined The Membership Experience!

    The Membership Experience taught me how to develop a Success Path with defined personas, move to an open/closed membership model, and increase the price of our membership. Our retention rate increased from 84% to 92% resulting in an additional $3000/month of revenue per month.

    But the biggest win is that the lifetime value of our customers has more than doubled. It used to be $89 and is now $220! I couldn’t have done any of this without The Membership Experience.

  4. “I went from a brick-and-mortar business owner to an online entrepreneur in less than a year!”

    Melissa Bezotte

    Melissa Bezotte

    Pastor & Coach

    I went from a brick-and-mortar business owner to an online entrepreneur in less than a year!

    I’ve been a counselor and coach for almost 20 years and have been in private practice for 10. I recognized the limits of working one-on-one and was looking for a way to bring healing to more people. I tried running retreats and speaking on a national stage, but I needed a way to level up my business even more.

    I’m thankful that when I found The Membership Experience I said “YES!” to taking the course because my life and business have been impacted in more ways than I could’ve imagined.

    The Membership Experience gave me all the tools I needed to go from a brick-and-mortar business owner to an online entrepreneur. It’s like a business in a box giving you the exact instructions you need.

    Thanks to The Membership Experience I have 45 people in my membership and have had 100 people go through my course. Being able to help so many women walk through their healing has been a beautiful thing. Watching my membership community develop and the relationships in the community grow has also been amazing.

    The Membership Experience is so much more than a course. It’s helped me transform as a professional. My mindset has shifted in the most beautiful way, and now I 100% believe in myself! AND The Membership Experience community… the people there have helped me reach new levels in my life and business.

    Now I get to fulfill my purpose and do what I was meant to do. This is the avenue you need to take if you want to do the same. If I can do it, you can too!

  5. “Not only was I able to launch a community of paid members but I've been asked to speak on podcasts and write guest blog posts.”

    Katie Jefcoat

    Katie Jefcoat

    Entrepreneur & Community Curator

    Not only was I able to launch a community of paid members but I've been asked to speak on podcasts and write guest blog posts.

    The How It’s Made: The Online Membership Edition bonus was a permission granting experience for me! When Amy said during the Live, “I had false starts and some of my best content came from that” – wow, that was an ah-ha moment for me to keep trusting the process.

    I launched a community of paid members who are exactly the right fit. A happy byproduct of being in The Membership Experience was that I clarified my message so strongly that it's helped me increase engagement in my community and on social media. From that, I've been asked to speak on podcasts and write guest blog posts based on my unique message.

  6. “Before The Membership Experience, I was working full time. Now I have a 6-figure membership and full control over my life, my finances, and my business.”

    Tasha Cochran

    Tasha Cochran

    Wealth Expert & Entrepreneur

    Before The Membership Experience, I was working full time. Now I have a 6-figure membership and full control over my life, my finances, and my business.

    Before The Membership Experience, I was working full-time as an attorney. I loved my job but I wanted to have complete control of my schedule and my earning potential and I just couldn't have that with my old job. Now that I’ve launched a membership I have full control over my life, my finances, and my business.

    A membership made it possible for me to quit my job and still make a six-figure income so that I could continue to support my household financially and build wealth. I also feel a lot more empowered in my business. It's not just this thing that I'm doing on the side. It is a full-fledged company with customers and revenue goals.

    But the thing I love the most is that my daughter now works with me in the business. I've been able to show her what is possible!

A little birdy told me you have questions

  • If I get your bonuses, do I still get Stu’s?

    Is the sky blue?

    Is The Notebook the best movie ever? (Oh, Ryan Gosling, I love you.)

    Are you MORE than ready to ditch the struggle (and the doubters) and make this the year your online business finally becomes a full-time thing?



    And if you’re reading this… definitely yes.

    But the best part about snagging both Stu’s and my bonuses is that they’ve been carefully DESIGNED to support one another.

  • When do I get all of your bonuses?

    Raise your hand if you just LOVE feeling overwhelmed.


    Yeah… me neither.

    That’s why we’re not gonna send you 19 links and 40 downloads the second you order The Membership Experience, and pretend we’re actually delivering value.

    Like George Clooney’s super smooth tequila brand, there is such thing as too much… too fast.
    (not like I’m speaking from experience or anything)

    Instead, we’re gonna ease you into the experience… dripping out the right bonus training at the right time to make sure you’re getting the smoothest ride possible, and ONLY investing your energy and attention into training that supports your current leg of the journey.

    Following the refund period (aka once you’ve gone “all in” on building your membership site)… we will begin dripping your exciting new bonuses.

    It’s pretty much like Christmas morning for your business.

  • Do I only have a limited amount of time to use your bonuses?


    How does “for life” sound?

    Too good to be true? OK, there is ONE catch.

    While you do get lifetime access to your bonuses, it’s up to you to download and save them to your computer within one year of joining The Membership Experience.

    After a year, your member’s area will disappear — but don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder before that happens. Once your bonuses are downloaded and added to your super organized folder you’ll be able to revisit them anytime.

    And if in 50 years you want to show your great-great-grandkids what the tipping point was in building the life and business of your dreams (and setting the foundation for a legacy of impact)…

    Then these bonuses will still be yours to show them.

  • How can I ensure that I get all of your bonuses?

    SUPER important instructions (Please read carefully. No skimming)

    If you’re ready to start your membership journey and want to make sure you get EVERYTHING we just got you all excited about…

    You need to follow this simple 3-step process to a tee:

    Step 1:
    Click our extra special magic Membership Experience link here.

    Step 2:
    After you click that link, you’ll be taken to Stu McLaren's official Membership Experience page.

    Step 3:
    Scroll to the buy button and fill out your info on the order page.

    Need some help walking through the process: Contact Stu's Team directly at help@membership.site

  • When does The Membership Experience begin?

    The Membership Experience begins Monday, May 2nd, after the opening ceremony. The training is released in weekly modules.

  • What is The Membership Experience?

    The Membership Experience is a six-module training program that gives you the clarity and confidence to launch, grow, and scale a high 6, 7, and even 8-figure membership site.

    The course is taught by Stu McLaren who has over 10 years of experience working with tens of thousands of membership site owners. This knowledge has been distilled down into the key modules inside of The Membership Experience that will make all the difference for you and your business.

  • Why is The Membership Experience only open once a year?

    The Membership Experience is only open once a year so we are better able to serve our students.

    Stu only spends a small amount of time marketing The Membership Experience so he and his team can focus all their energy and attention on serving their students rather than marketing the course.

    It also enables all of The Membership Experience students to be on the same page when going through the material. This allows everyone to partake in the community with no confusion about students being ahead in the course.

  • How is The Membership Experience different from other courses?

    This is the only membership site course that is based on years of best practices from over 60,000+ membership sites and online communities. This isn't based on a one-time success.

    It's the accumulation of strategies from hundreds of different markets, all distilled into a blueprint for recurring success. You don't have to experiment to hopefully find something that works. Just follow the blueprint.

    It's been proven to work over and over again.

    And don't forget, Stu has been doing this himself, having experience running both high 6-figure and 7-figure membership sites. And, every single month Stu personally coaches and consults other high-level entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and well-known influencers on how to launch their high profit, low-stress membership sites.



    Over the last year, Stu and his team have been consulting with high-performance experts, coaches, and consultants to find out those subtle differences that turn those who “want to succeed” into super-high achievers who actually get results.

    Stu and his team found what they believe to be the needle movers. And they have added to the “experience” of The Membership Experience again and are SUPER confident that this will produce even more results than ever before.

    Because The Membership Experience for them is SO MUCH MORE than just “teaching content”.


  • Is The Membership Experience right for my business/idea?

    It is difficult to say one way or another without knowing more about your particular situation.

    However, here's how you can identify if the idea will work: Does the market have an ongoing need? If so, that is a good indicator.

    Is the market trying to master a skill? An example would be someone learning to play a new instrument or learning how to paint.

    Can you make something that your ideal community does regularly more convenient?

    These are typically signs that your target audience is interested in a membership site.

    Stu and his team dive deep into these indicators inside of The Membership Experience Course and help you figure out what your audience wants.

  • I don't have an audience or online business yet. Is The Membership Experience right for me?

    If you don't have an online business yet but have an idea, expertise, or passion about a particular topic, you're on the right track.

    Not having an audience or having a small audience isn't the problem that it once used to be.

    So many in The Membership Experience have launched with small lists.

    For example:

    Jonathan Milligan had a small list of 621 subscribers and he did a “beta launch”. His goal was 50 members at $20/month (resulting in $1,000/month in recurring revenue).

    He accomplished that goal in 48 hours and his site now has over 350+ members.

    Another example is Nicholas Wilton who just launched a membership site for his small audience of artists (200 people).

    His promotion went to a list of 200. 180 of those people signed up at $30/month. That's an immediate $5,400/month!

    Will that happen for everyone with a list of 200? No. But it does demonstrate that it can be done. The key is that you develop a deep relationship with your audience. Then when you do offer something, they respond.

    So should you focus on list/audience building before starting a membership? The reality is, everyone needs to focus on list building regardless of their list size. Sure it will be a little slower if you don't have an existing audience. But that's ok.

Just a few years ago I was in the membership creation trenches too and I know they’re lined with a wild combo of hope, excitement, anxiety, and most importantly — BELIEF.

It’s the thing that separates successful entrepreneurs from the ones who spin their wheels for months without much to show.

The belief that you CAN do this.

Deep down you know it’s true. But I completely understand that you might have some pesky, lingering doubts.

The good news? Perfect confidence is an illusion.
That small, quiet, underlying belief that this is possible for you… that’s the real deal.

When you close your eyes and picture your Stripe account replenishing itself every month, it might feel further away than Mars. But it’s truly a whole lot closer than you think.

Yes, you’ll have to show up. You’ll have to do the work. But with the extra support, inspiration, and momentum you’ll receive through my Membership Experience Bonus Package, I know you can do it.

I’ve walked this path and I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned building my own 7-figure membership.