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Based on your quiz responses, you belong to an exclusive group taking the digital course world by storm… by leading by example. 

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Whether you built a tiny home from scratch, finished your first triathlon at age 55, or you know how to groom a Labradoodle like nobody's business — 

your personal success story is your ticket to building a profitable digital course and a business you love.

Here’s what else I know about you 👉 when you set your sights on an achievement, you make it happen. 

You’ve used this strength to your advantage in the past and you can and will do it again.

“What have I personally achieved that I could teach others?” 

Whether it’s mastering how to make the perfect macaroons, teaching your kids how to love spinach, or building a top blog from the ground up — there’s SO much you know that others don’t. 

The #1 assumption people make about digital courses is that you need to have a whole bunch of qualifications to be successful. 

The good news? That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Your own story and personal experience is qualification enough (and you better believe I’ve got examples to prove it!)

You Are Living
Proof That Your Process
Works — Time to Own It. 💪

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But I’ve been around the block a time or two.

And when someone shows up on the scene with your level of experience… there’s one mental tripwire trying to keep you in park. 👇

🚫 Doubting your ability to translate your success or teach your process to others.

Friend, let that stinkin’ thinkin’ roll right on through. 🦨👃

Because holding back what you know is only doing a disservice to the unknowable number of people who need your help.

I know enough to teach others.

Your Potential Is Great And Your Impact
Is Limitless. Get The Champagne Ready Because
Your Future Just Got Even More Magical.

The 3-Step System to Turn
Your Personal Story Of Transformation 🤝 Into A
Digital Course

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  • STEP


    Get Clear On The Problem And The Promise

  • STEP


    Develop Your Personal Process With A Post-it Note Party

  • STEP


    Plot Your Path To Purpose And Profit

All successful courses have 2 things in common — they solve a specific problem and deliver on a specific promise. 

Once you’re clear on what you want to teach, it’s time to dig into the specifics of  (1) WHY this is a problem in the lives of the people you want to help and (2) what realistic promise you can offer based on your experience. 

Problems show up in more ways than one, so I want you to come at this from all angles. 

Here’s an example from one of my students who turned her personal process into a successful digital course: 

Meet Casey McGuire, a wife, a mom, and a successful corporate employee. 

But Casey was also something else. Her drinking became all-consuming, so she waved her white flag and hired a sobriety coach.

Casey never planned on helping people with their sobriety issues, but she found she had the right words to help high-achieving women who also had an issue with drinking, just like she had.

Casey uses her personal experience to solve a specific problem for her students – she helps them identify feelings of inadequacy in their work and home life that cause them to drink in order to cope.

So what about Casey’s promise? She promises to help busy women quit drinking with the framework, strategy, tools, and support found within her digital course.

The outcome? As of this May, Casey has helped more than 770 women with their sobriety (and earned more than $275,000!)

Amy Porterfield wearing white suit sitting on a coach
Meet Amy

And why do I KNOW you were
made for this type of impact
through a digital course?

  • Former Corporate “Yes” Girl Turned Blockbuster Digital Course Creator and Trainer
  • Host of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast
  • New York Times Bestselling Author of Two Weeks Notice: Find the Courage to Quit Your Job, Make More Money, Work Where You Want, and Change the World

I loved my husband too much to keep leaving for work trips.

THAT ☝️ is the reason I wanted to leave my cushy corporate job, earn my own money, and set my own schedule.

I wanted FREEDOM to call the shots and to spend my Wednesday afternoons on the couch with my hunky man… without sacrificing the BIG goals I had for myself.

So I created a single digital course teaching what I already knew – just like your quiz results! – and I’ve made more than $86 million in 14 years.

Bananas?! Totally.

Pretty easy to replicate the process? You betcha.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to leave behind work as you’ve always known it, I’ve made it my entire purpose (and business… seeing a theme here?) to teach you how to win back your time and earn life changing revenue by creating ONE digital course you can sell over and over again. 

I’ll break it down step by step until your story that transforms becomes a legacy of impact and a life and business by your design.

When? How? Where?

Keep reading…

Launching a Digital Course
Doesn't Have to be

The best way to learn is through experience. The second best way is learning from other people’s experiences. 

I LOVE to share what I’ve learned building my own multi-million dollar digital course business and helping thousands of other online entrepreneurs build theirs.

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