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A Proven (Profitable)
Process 💪

From 1:1 to 1:many — you’ve got
the stuff that digital course success
stories are made of. 🏆

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Based on your quiz responses, you belong to an exclusive group taking the digital course world by storm…

👉 Turning the process you’ve used to get results for your clients into a course.

You’ve got an advantage that many would-be course creators are envious of. 🤩 Can you guess? Ok, I’ll tell you. . . it’s a track record!

You know how to get results and if you can create success serving clients, you can do the same with a digital course.

Here’s what else I know about you: You care so much about the quality of your work. You’re committed to helping your clients get amazing results, and it shows. 💞

Your dedication and high-touch approach has paid off in so many ways BUT it can also leave you feeling WAY over-spent.

So if creating a course would lighten your load, why haven’t you already done it? 🤔

More often than not, my students tell me it’s because they didn’t believe their care and attention would translate at scale.

I’ve got some stories to share that are sure to change your mind, but first…

How many more people
could I help – and how much
more money could I make – if
I went from 1:1 to 1:many?

There will always be restrictions on the time
you have in a day, friend.

But with a course, you can turn your
expertise into an online empire — all while
changing more lives.

(It’s one of those win-win-win type situations.)

Your Distinct Advantage?🦸

(I mean, one heck of a leg-up!)

✅ You have evidence that what you do WORKS.

Client success stories and first-hand experience make your job so much easier once you translate your 1:1 skills into a course.

✅ You *already* have a process – documented or not – to get from A to B.

You’ve walked folks to the finish line dozens of times – meaning your process needs WAY less refining than someone starting from scratch. (And your launch day is MUCH closer, too.)

Package all that up into a course and suddenly you go from helping a finite number of people to reaching the hearts and minds of hundreds, thousands, or more. 💞

(And the income earned with each touch-point doesn’t hurt.)

Your Clients Are Living
Proof That Your Process
Works — Time to Own It. 💪

amy porterfield holding laptop wearing green blazer

But I’ve been around the block a time or two.

And when someone shows up on the scene
with your level of experience… there’s one
mental tripwire trying to keep you in park…

🚫 “How will I offer the
same level of service?”

Let me ask you something…

🤔 If you want to learn something, to solve a problem, does it always make sense to work with someone 1:1?

Of course not.

Sometimes you just want to learn on your own time. Or 1:1 is financially beyond the budget.

Digital courses are a far more accessible way for you to share what you know and they can be just as impactful.

The best part is that you can keep working with your *soulmate* clients while your digital course sells in the background.

(And you can charge a premium because having a course makes you an in-demand, go-to expert like never before.)

This type of diversified income stream gives you the freedom to take time off or reinvest in your biz while creating greater stability and a far greater impact.

I am ready to make a
bigger impact.
🌎 🤝

Your Potential Is Great And Your Impact
Is Limitless. Get The Champage Ready Because
Your Future Just Got Even More Magical. 🍾✨

The 3-Step System to Turn
A Proven
Process 💪 Into A
Digital Course

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  • STEP


    Get Clear On The Problem And The Promise

  • STEP


    Refine Your Process With A Post-it Note Party

  • STEP


    Plot Your Path To Purpose And Profit

All successful courses have 2 things in common — they solve a specific problem and deliver on a specific promise. 

Once you’re clear on what you want to teach, it’s time to dig into the details of (1) WHY this is a problem in the lives of the people you want to help and (2) what realistic promise you can offer based on your experience. 

Problems show up in more ways than one, so I want you to come at this from all angles. 

Here’s an example from one of my students who turned the process she uses with her clients into a successful digital course: 

Meet Alisha Grogan, a licensed pediatric occupational therapist who created a course to help parents with their picky eaters. 

Alisha solves a clear problem for her students — she makes picky eating a thing of the past so that parents can stop desperately hiding broccoli in everything 🥦 and trust their kids are getting the nutrients they need. 

On a deeper level, she saves them from the stress of endless dinner time battles and the guilt of sending their kiddos to bed after yet another well-rounded meal of hot dogs and ketchup. 

So what about Alisha’s promise? She promises a simple step-by-step solution to transform even the pickiest eater into a more open-minded (and healthy) kid.

Now, check this out. 

When Alisha had her first child, she wanted more time at home. Even just a little. So she set a goal to make an extra $200 a month and take on one less private client. 

Well, once Alisha figured out the problem and the promise for her offer, she successfully transitioned her 1-1 work into a digital course format. 

The result? She was able to retire her husband and grow her online business to $250,000 per year — all while continuing to get amazing results for the people who join her programs.

Amy Porterfield wearing white suit sitting on a coach
Meet Amy

And why do I KNOW you were
made for this type of impact
through a digital course?

  • Former Corporate “Yes” Girl Turned Blockbuster Digital Course Creator and Trainer
  • Host of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast
  • New York Times Bestselling Author of Two Weeks Notice: Find the Courage to Quit Your Job, Make More Money, Work Where You Want, and Change the World

I left my corporate job to earn my own money, set my own schedule, and make my own rules just like you did…

Until I found myself even more tied down by demanding clients… sneaking my laptop into my best friend’s wedding (true story)… and keeping ridiculous hours at the expense of my marriage.

This was not the FREEDOM I’d pictured when I left my 9 to 5 – and I can hear your “amen!” through the screen.

So I created a single digital course teaching what I already knew – just like your quiz results! – and I’ve made more than $86 million in 14 years.

Bananas?! Totally.

Pretty easy to replicate the process? You betcha.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to leave behind 1:1 work as you’ve always known it, I’ve made it my entire job to teach you how to win back your time and earn life changing revenue by creating ONE digital course you can sell over and over again.

I’ll break it down step by step until your proven process becomes a legacy of impact and a life and business by your design.

When? How? Where?

Keep reading…

Launching a Digital Course
Doesn't Have to be

The best way to learn is through experience.
The second best way is learning from other
people’s experiences.

In the next few days, I’ll be sharing what I’ve
learned building my own multi-million dollar
digital course business and helping
thousands of other online entrepreneurs
build theirs.

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