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Looks like you've got yourself…

A Masterful (Transferable) Skill 📝

You've cracked the code on a specific system, tool, technique, or methodology — now it's time to show others how it's done.

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Based on your quiz responses, you fit squarely into an exclusive group of people taking the digital course world by storm…

👉 Teaching the system you’ve mastered to get results in your career, with clients, or in your personal life.

Whether you know your way around Photoshop, are a master at PowerPoint, or you do digital art using Corel Painter — you’ve got specific skills that you’ve likely spent YEARS mastering. 

Your course will serve as a valuable shortcut for others who want to do the same.

Here’s what else I know about you:

✅ You’ve invested a lot into educating yourself on the tools you need to reach your goals, which means you’re not afraid to put in the work if the reward is worth your while. 

✅ You know the difference a good teacher can make.

ask yourself

How would your life be different if you hadn’t discovered the tool or system you use (and love) every day? 🤔

When you’re teaching how to master a specific tool, system, or technology, it’s vital to look at…

😮‍💨 The complexity you simplify. 

😮‍💨 The frustration you soothe. 

😮‍💨 The time, creative freedom, profitability – you name it – that you add back into your students’ lives.

What you do feels easy to you at this point, but that doesn’t mean it’s second nature for your future students. 

Go back to when you were first getting started and what steps you took to achieve mastery.  

When you can package that up into a digital course, you can turn what you know into a scalable offer that educates, simplifies the lives of your students, and creates a dependable stream of revenue for you.

(It’s one of those win-win-win type situations. 👏)

Your Results Are Living Proof
That You Know Your Stuff —
Time to Own It. 💪

amy porterfield holding laptop wearing green blazer

But I’ve been around the block a time or two.

And many of my students who teach a specific system 🚫 struggle to see the value in what they do so well.

And let’s address the elephant in the digital room — often there are free resources out there that your potential students might have access to. 

But here’s the thing — free resources only go so far. 

🥣 The user manual for a Kitchenaid mixer doesn’t include additional recipes or little-known pro tips like how you can shred chicken with the paddle mixer.

⏯️ YouTube videos don’t let you pause and ask a question.

💬 You can’t get reliable, consistent feedback from a Reddit thread.

💻 You won’t get encouragement, a heads-up, or a personal story of implementation from Google.

As a course creator, you offer those things – in one place, to boot. 

You can offer your comprehensive solution for using the system, tool, or technique you’ve mastered – something so many people wish existed.

repeat after me

If I can teach myself, I can teach others.
🦸 📚

Your Potential Is Great And Your Impact
Is Limitless. Get The Champagne Ready Because
Your Future Just Got Even More Magical. 🍾✨

The 3-Step System to Turn
A Masterful (Transferable) Skill 📝 Into A
Digital Course

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  • STEP


    Get Clear On The Problem And The Promise

  • STEP


    Refine Your Process With A Post-it Note Party

  • STEP


    Plot Your Path To Purpose And Profit

All successful courses have 2 things in common — they solve a specific problem and deliver on a specific promise. 

Once you’re clear on what you want to teach, it’s time to dig into the specifics of  (1) WHY this is a problem in the lives of the people you want to help and (2) what realistic promise you can offer based on your experience. 

Problems show up in more ways than one, so I want you to come at this from all angles. 

Here’s an example from one of my students who turned her unique expertise with a specific system into a successful digital course: 

Meet Clare Le Roy, an interior designer that teaches other interior designers how to use the software Sketchup.

Clare solves a clear problem for her students — she takes the confusion out of learning a complicated software so designers can focus on doing what they love.

On a deeper level, she saves them from the frustration and discouragement they face trying to learn this skill by themselves. She also empowers them to use their newfound skills to take their business to new heights.  

So what about Clare’s promise? She provides a step-by-step system to learn SketchUp in a fun and practical way. 

Clare figured out the problem and the promise she wanted to offer and learned how to teach it inside a digital course format. 

The result? In 2.5 weeks, she went from having nothing – no course, no product – to welcoming 122 students and generating over $42,000 (AUD). 

Over the next 18 months, Claire added a few more courses to her lineup and has made over $1.8 million (AUD). 

Claire wrote to tell me, “I’m having so much fun, and most importantly, I’m enjoying helping other designers and decorators start and grow their businesses.”

Amy Porterfield wearing white suit sitting on a coach
Meet Amy

And why do I KNOW you were
made for this type of impact
through a digital course?

  • Former Corporate “Yes” Girl Turned Blockbuster Digital Course Creator and Trainer
  • Host of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast
  • New York Times Bestselling Author of Two Weeks Notice: Find the Courage to Quit Your Job, Make More Money, Work Where You Want, and Change the World

I was the employee of every C-suite director’s dreams. 

Driven. High producing.

And yet, completely miserable.

I was missing my son’s football games for “important” deadlines and sneaking my laptop into my best friend’s wedding. (True story.)

Until I’d finally had enough.

I left my cushy corporate gig and created a single digital course teaching what I already knew – just like your quiz results! – and I’ve made more than $86 million in 14 years.

Bananas?! Totally.

Pretty easy process to replicate? You betcha.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to leave behind work as you’ve always known it, I’ve made it my entire purpose (and business… see a theme here?) to teach you how to win back your time and earn life changing revenue by creating ONE digital course you can sell over and over again. 

I’ll break it down step by step until your masterful and transferable skill becomes a legacy of impact and a life and business by your design.

When? How? Where?

Keep reading…

Launching a Digital Course
Doesn't Have to be

The best way to learn is through experience. The second best way is learning from other people’s experiences. 

In the next few days, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned building my own multi-million dollar digital course business and helping thousands of other online entrepreneurs build theirs.

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