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Your Personal Path to a Profitable Digital Course Is…

  1. Step 1

    Start with Your Client Successes

  2. Step 2

    Distill How YOU Create Results

  3. Step 3

    Reach More People & Change More Lives

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From 1:1 to 1:many — you’ve got the stuff that digital course success stories are made of.

Based on your quiz responses, your personal path to a profitable digital course is to take the process you’ve used to get results for your clients and turn it into a course. 

You’ve got an advantage that many course creators would be envious of. Can you guess what it is? Ok I’ll tell you. . . it’s a track record! 

That’s right, you know how to get results and even though you might not believe me yet —  if you can create success stories serving clients 1:1 you can do the same with a digital course. 

Here’s what else I know about you: You care so much about the quality of your work. You’re committed to helping your clients get amazing results and it shows. 

Your dedication and high-touch approach has paid off in so many ways BUT it can also leave you feeling depleted. So if creating a course is the answer, why haven’t you already done it? 

More often than not, my students who went from only working 1:1 to creating a course resisted it for so long because they didn’t believe their care and attention would translate at scale. I’ve got some stories to share that are sure to change your mind, but first…

Ask yourself…
“How many more people could I help and how much more money could I make if I went from 1:1 to 1:many?”

There will always be restrictions to the amount of time you have in a day, friend. But with a course, you can turn your expertise into an online empire — all while changing more lives (it’s one of those win-win-win type situations.)

Ready to amplify your reach and turn your proven process into an asset with the power to transform your business?

These aren’t your average quiz results, friend.

Below I’ll tell you how to take your 10% edge and use it to bring your digital course to life, but first let’s take a look at your personal course creation success path.

step 01


Get ready, I have happy dance worthy news for you. Here it is: if creating and launching a successful course is like climbing a mountain, you’re already at the halfway point. 

What I mean by that is you have evidence that what you do WORKS. Client success stories and first-hand experience is going to make your journey so much faster once you embrace the pivot and learn to translate your 1:1 skill set into a scalable asset.

step 02


In addition to proof you also have a process. Whether it’s documented or not, you know what needs to happen to get results. 

And better yet, your process is likely more refined than someone starting from absolute scratch. You’ve tested it out, adapted it to specific circumstances, and learned what works and what doesn’t through your client experiences.

step 03

Profit with Purpose

When you put those 2 together and package them up into a course, you can profit with purpose. The invisible ceiling that’s kept you feeling stuck gets eliminated and suddenly you go from helping a finite number of people to reaching the hearts and minds of hundreds, thousands, or more. (It’s definitely as exciting as it sounds.)

Curious how to take your course from idea to reality?

Keep reading and I’ll show you the 2-step process that’ll help you turn your story into student success…

Your Clients Are Living Proof That Your Process Works — Time to Own It.

Easier said than done, right? I hear you. Most of my students who work with clients 1:1 approach me with righteous skepticism. 

“How will I offer the same level of service?” is their go-to question when it comes to creating a course. Before you get stuck in that same trap, let me ask you something… 

If you want to learn something, to solve a problem, does it always make sense to work with someone 1:1?  

Of course not. 

Sometimes you just want to learn something on your own time. Or 1:1 is simply out of reach financially. 

The thing about 1:1 work as a business model is that you only have so much time, which means you have to charge accordingly. Digital courses are a far more accessible way for you to share what you know and they can be just as impactful. 

The best part is you can keep working 1:1 with people and have your digital course running in the background. This type of diversified income stream gives you the freedom to take time off or invest in continuing your education while creating greater stability and a far greater impact. 

Did I mention having a digital course in addition to a service based business puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing which clients you say yes to? I’m talking about working with your soulmate clients *only*  (and charging a premium because having a course makes you an in-demand, go-to expert like never before).

Repeat after me:

I can make a bigger impact. 

Get Your ideas out of your head and onto paper:

The 2-Step System to Make Your Digital Course Dreams a Reality

Step 01

Get Clear on the Problem and the Promise

All successful courses have 2 things in common — they solve a specific problem and deliver on a specific promise.

Once you’re clear on what you want to teach, it’s time to dig into the specifics of WHY this is a problem in the lives of the people you want to help and what realistic promise you can offer based on your experience.

Problems show up in more ways than one so I want you to come at this from all angles.

Here’s an example from one of my students who turned her personal process into a successful digital course:

Meet Alisha Grogan

She's a licensed pediatric occupational therapist who created a course to help parents with their picky eaters. 

Alisha solves a clear problem for her students — she makes picky eating a thing of the past so that parents can stop trying to hide broccoli in everything and trust that their kids are getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy. 

On a deeper level, she saves them from the stress of endless dinner time battles and the quiet guilt they feel long after their kiddos have gone to bed with yet another well rounded meal of cut up hot dogs. 

So what about Alisha’s promise? She promises a simple step-by-step solution to transform even the pickiest eater into a more open minded (and healthy) kid. 

Before creating a course, Alisha worked with clients privately as a pediatric occupational therapist. She became known for helping children with sensory issues overcome their extremely picky eating. 

When Alisha and her partner had their first kid, she set a goal to make an extra $200 a month and take on one less private client. But her readers wanted and needed more! She knew she could only teach so much in a blog post and started thinking about creating a course. 

Once Alisha figured out the problem and the promise she wanted to offer, she was able to successfully transition her 1-1 work into a digital course format. The result? She was able to retire her husband and grow her online business to $250,000 per year — all while continuing to get amazing results for the people who join her programs.

Step 02

Plot Your Path to Purpose and Profit

Creating a course is a big undertaking with BIG potential.

Making space in your calendar over the course of a few months is essential if you want your course to go from idea to reality.

Open your calendar right now and block off at least a few hours each week for the next 60 days to devote to creating your course.

The easiest way to commit to doing the work is to get crystal clear on what you want out of it.

Try answering these 2 questions:

  1. What results would make me feel purposeful?
  2. What results would make me feel abundant?

One of my students, Lauren Messiah successfully transitioned her in-person personal styling business into a digital course against all odds (her own business partner was sure it would never work).

Lauren was working constantly, traveling all over the place, and knew there had to be a better way. She went from styling high-maintenance celebrities, to busy female executives, and then to teaching other stylists — all in person. When she took her expertise and put it all in a digital course she didn’t know what to expect.

Her purpose: to help women find their authentic personal style, maximize their wardrobes, shop smarter, and learn how to style themselves like a pro

Her profit: After just one digital course launch, Lauren made $50k, on her second, $150k, and today she runs a 7-figure business selling multiple digital courses.

All by sharing the same process she used with her private clients.

“Hold up, who’s the course creation expert behind this quiz?”

Meet Amy Porterfield

Former Corporate “Yes” Girl Turned Blockbuster Digital Course Creator and Trainer, Host of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, Lover of Kombucha, Her Pup, Scout (and fam!) and Audiobook Addict.

Hey there,

I’m so happy you took this quiz because it shows that even a teensy tiny fraction of you believes you can create a successful digital course following a proven path many others have walked before you. Hint: you totally can!

I teach entrepreneurs like you how to leverage your time and increase your revenue by creating a course ONE time that you can sell over and over again — no 60+ hour work week or 20 person team necessary.

How do I do it? Simple, I teach what I know, and break it all down step-by-step. Because creating a successful digital course is like a good relationship, it’s the small, consistent actions that count the most.

Your quiz results are designed to give you a hearty dose of clarity and inspiration, all you have to do is follow-through. Don’t worry,

I’m here to cheer you on.

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt— you’ve got this.

Launching a Digital Course Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated…

The best way to learn is through experience. The second best way is learning from other people’s experiences.

In the next few days, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned building my own multi-million dollar digital course business and helping thousands of other online entrepreneurs build theirs.

Ready to Take Action, Stay Accountable, and Get the Support You Need to Bring Your Digital Course to Life Starting Now?

You’re my kind of CEO.


Digital Course Academy

The most comprehensive program for validating, creating, launching and selling your digital course

By the End of Digital Course Academy, You Will Have:

Nailed down your course topic instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it and created a compelling course name that will attract your ideal customer

Validated and pre-sold your program before recording a single lesson, to make sure your audience is excited to invest all while giving yourself a motivating cash and confidence injection

Developed a high-converting webinar presentation and irresistible offer that authentically enrolls the best prospects into your course

Expertly recorded your course content even if you’re a total technophobe and have never recorded a single video in your entire life

Leveraged a mix of email and social media strategies to get a packed house of highly qualified prospects onto your webinars every single time

Crafted a compelling sales page and post-webinar email funnel to amplify your course sales and make sure your hard-earned prospects have the best possible chance to convert


Meet Azhelle Wade

I followed Amy’s advice about preselling your course and hosted what I called a Zoom Launch Party. This was essentially my sales webinar, but I made it exciting with balloons, music, and giveaways. (I mean, we’re talking toys! We gotta make it fun!)

After my Zoom party, I was so full of adrenaline that I was shaking. I was so nervous no one would want in on my course. But I checked the sales and saw that 3 people had signed up! I was so excited that I cried. This was my proof that this was the beginning of something amazing.

Then I woke up the next morning with 2 more sales. Now I was at 5 and wanted to keep going!

I ended up preselling my course to 25 people! And I made back my investment in DCA by 5x (beating my goal by $3k!).

I get goosebumps when I think about DCA. I’m now growing my own legacy instead of someone else’s, which feels empowering. Plus, I get to help grow the industry that I love all while working from home!

My advice? DCA is the best investment you can make if you want to start an online business. If you are thinking about it, go for it! You’ll be happy with the results when you take Amy’s advice and launch your course right!

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