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My (Brutally Honest) Road To Business Success And The Blueprint I Would Follow Today

This private podcast series offers an exclusive, no-holds barred look into my business-building story… the good, the bad, and the business debt.

Each of these 4 episodes share a hard lesson learned and, together, form a blueprint for you to follow as you think, plan, act, and scale your way to a flexible, profitable online business and a legacy you’re proud of.

This series is available to listen to NOW but it’s only available until September 13th.



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  • Episode


    25 min

    The Mindset Adjustments Required To Bet On Yourself

    In this episode, I’ll take you through the most important journey of my business – shoring up my mindset to keep me from caving to self-doubt, pressing eject, and planting my tush right back in a desk chair in some corporate office.


    1. A healthier way to manage business envy and comparison
    2. How I finally shook an “employee” mindset 
    3. The surprising insecurity I had about being my own boss and making decisions with no one to blame but myself
    4. How I rewired the people-pleaser in me
  • Episode


    18 min

    A Simple Business = A Successful Business (Here’s How To Do It)

    Years into my business, overwhelm, debt, and an unsustainable business plan forced me to simplify my business… and changed the entire trajectory of my career.

    In this episode, I'm sharing the business model that actually helps you work less and earn more using playbook-style details.


    1. The exact “yeses” I said that really should have been no’s
    2. Which programs and products I ditched (and how I ended up making more money)
    3. The actual revenue I brought in with each launch (and what I changed about my marketing between each)
    4. How to simplify your own offers so you can scale 10x faster, especially if you’ve seen your sales plateau 
    5. Why white space in your calendar IS available to you, even if you’ve been in the business-building trenches for a while
  • Episode


    21 min

    Start Planning So You Can Start Making Money

    In this episode, I’m sharing the planning model that created life changing revenue, a 4-day work week, 30-day sabbaticals, an audience I adore, and 100% location freedom…

    And how you can create this too, even on Day 1 of your business.


    1. How to plan your way to success, even if you don’t have an offer yet
    2. The intuitive, easy-to-replicate practice for building your quarterly (and annual) goals around repetition and simplicity *aaah*
    3. How to do simple “backwards math” from those annual and quarterly goals to know exactly what to work on every single day
  • Episode


    16 min

    The Scalable Offer I Wish I Created Earlier

    It took me YEARS to feel good enough to create one in my business. 

    Who am I to sell something like this? What will my peers say about me if I do? 

    So in this episode, I’m giving you every gory detail about how I added a scalable offer to my business so you can have a how-to manual that stirs up glorious confidence to help you get out there and nail it from the get-go. 


    1. The evolution of my own offers and what percentage of my revenue they account for today
    2. Why client work can be WHATEVER you want it to be (and “extinct” is 100% an option)
    3. Examples of real businesses across all types of industries and the scalable offers that are bringing them the big bucks
    4. Why your personal definition of success should inform the offer you choose to double down on

What people say about my other #1 Podcast,
Online Marketing Made Easy

l learn and feel encouraged every time…

This podcast has given me so much value ever since I started listening in 2020. Every episode Amy delivers value relevant to my business, tons of free resources and her guests are incredible!

I also leave with a feeling of “I can do this” which is so important to me as a soloprenuer.”


“Always makes my day…

When I feel bad, confused, or just lacking in energy, Amy’s voice, vibe, and the solutions she provides always brighten me up and restore my drive to keep going. Being in Amy’s environment alone changes everything.

Each episode of the OMME podcast is like a mini-classroom that you actually want to be in, so you’re guaranteed both leisure learning and results!”


“Exactly the talk I need in my business day…

I just discovered Amy, and I’m loving her business savvy tips! I connect so much with what she shares and the real life struggle entrepreneurship is and all the highs and lows that it brings.

I’ve been searching a long time to find a podcast like this.”

Indie May
A Quick Note

To be brutally honest…

Building my business wasn’t all 45-degree line charts and healthy flows of cash.

In this intimate series, I’m sharing everything from honest conversations with my husband to finding myself in debt…

To learning how to rewire the people-pleaser in me and stand up for what I believed (read: hoped) was possible…

From the progression of my offers (including ones I should never have made) to the money I made with each launch.

I’m laying out – in no unclear terms – how I went from 70-hour work weeks to an 8-figure online business.

After these 4 episodes, you’ll have the blueprint I would walk you through today if you and I were to sit down (with a spicy margarita or two) and knock out a business plan that feels so absolutely dreamy, it feels nearly impossible.

But, my friend, it’s entirely possible for you.

And this podcast is not only the proof, it’s the process.