Surprisingly Simple Ways To Turn Your
Knowledge Into A Digital Course

Proof that
what you know

👉 To make a living sharing what you love.

👉 To make the complex, simple.

👉 To make an income limited only by
borders of the internet (and I’ll let you
know once they’ve found them.)

What you DON'T need

in order to create a successful,
profitable digital course?

(According to this 8-figure course creator)

A Degree

Professional Experience

Dozens (Or Even A Handful)
Of Raving Testimonials

What you DO need

in order to create a successful,
profitable digital course?

A Result Achieved

For Yourself, A Client, Or A Friend

ipad showing a happy customer text

mockup of a digital course on an ipad

A Big-Hearted Desire To
Share That Result With Others

Whether You Meal Plan For 5 Or
Market Dental Practices


I know enough to teach

Whether you know how to start a mobile
tanning business, manage corporate
burnout, flip a house on a budget or make
the meanest caramel cake in town…

Here's How It Works

  1. 1

    Download Your Free Guide

    By Clicking Here 📍

  2. 2

    Identify Which Of 4 Categories You Fall Into

    To Learn The Quickest Path To Impact And Earnings, Based On Where You’re Starting Today 🗺️

  3. 3

    Use The “Sample Module” As A Guide

    To Map Out Your Knowledge – Lesson By Lesson – And Watch As Your Everyday Know-How Becomes A Transformational, Profitable Digital Course Outline 😍

Inside This FREE Guide, You'll Get:

  1. 1

    A comprehensive breakdown of ALL 4
    groups of people seeing the most impact
    and profit
    with digital courses (Spoiler Alert “experience” not required.)

  2. 2

    2 specific strategies based on where you’re
    – whether you’re turning years of
    professional experience into a digital course
    or your course idea feels a little *ahem*

  3. 3

    Real-life examples of your specific
    , what these groups of people
    with their know-how looks like broken into modules
    and lessons, and how that applies to you

  4. 4

    A sample module with each lesson type +
    laid out for a concrete idea of what your
    course could look like

  5. 5

woman using a journal to plan her digital course

Imagine The Digital Course
You’ve Dreamt Of…
Completely Outlined ✅

  • Every Module Crystal Clear And
    In Perfect Order
  • Your Students Crushing Each Lesson,
    Making It To The End, And Saying
    “Worth Every Penny”
  • Falling In Love With Selling Because
    You Know Your Content – Start To Finish
    – And Believe In It With All Your Heart

Friend, if you have the
know-how, you have a
simple (and free!) way
of turning it into a

And one more thing…

With your process laid out inside a digital
course, you now have an asset to sell.

Let's say you enroll
4 people
in your

(Heck, you could do that by
word-of-mouth, right?!)

A pretty approachable start! And with it,
you just secured:

👉 A few hundred (or thousand) extra
dollars you wouldn’t have otherwise 💰

👉 4x the teaching experience 🧑‍🏫

👉 Testimonials of happy customers 💬

👉 Info on where your students get
stuck + how you offer *can’t get this
on Google or YouTube* support that
sets you apart online and makes YOU
a go-to voice 💕

With all that under your belt, the next time
you promote your course, you might get 20

Then 100.


All with the SAME course!

Think 4 people on the
internet want the outcome
you've achieved?


amy porterfield walking in the street with a cup of coffee

You don’t need to start
with experience.

You need to


(And I'm with you every step of the way!)