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6 steps. 1 skyrocketing email list.

SUBSCRIBED: A Live List Building Bootcamp with Amy Porterfield

Master the 6-step framework to grow your email list fast

SUBSCRIBED is a BRAND NEW LIVE  list building intensive.

I’ll be hands-on with you as we kickstart your list, amplify your reach, and nail down a rock solid long-term list building strategy in your biz.

And did I forget to mention it's only $37? That's right!

Get ready for lots of “Subscribed” notifications in your (very near) future.

Whether you have an existing business or you’re hot on the heels of starting one, a healthy, growing email list means →

  1. No. 1

    You have a dependable, algorithm-proof line of communication to the community you love (or would love) to serve

  2. No. 2

    You stand out as the go-to expert for real people who need exactly what you have to offer

  3. No. 3

    You can make money in your business at any time because you have a faithful and engaged following of kick-the-door-down fans. (Like the time I made an extra $100k by sending 2 emails! 🤯 )


    That's what it took to create an extra $100K+ of revenue in my business.⁣


    Long story short…


    Last year I wanted to launch a brand new course about systems to my audience…but we didn't have a lot of space in our promotional calendar to launch it.


    We had room for a couple of emails and a few social media mentions… and that's about it.


    When I saw the growth in sales during our second week of the new course launch.⁣…I (shouldn't) have been shocked!


    Our revenue increased by 50% ($100K!) from the first week to the second week… and the only difference? ⁣


    ⁣Two. Emails.⁣


    This experience proved — once again — that email ALWAYS wins the day.⁣


    I want that for you, too. ⁣


    I want you to have the same trust with your audience so that, when you have something new to offer, an email or two is all it takes for your perfect customer to step up and take action.


    So, go ahead — skip the line and steal my 6-step list-building framework to create THIS kind of list in your biz… and soon.⁣


    Join me inside SUBSCRIBED today and… one day, two emails might change everything for your business, too!



But here’s the problem…

  • You don’t know where in the digital world to find these perfect subscribers
  • You’re O-V-E-R creating content and casting your line… and getting 1 or 2 bites in exchange for all that work
  • You sure as heck don’t have the energy, time, or money to waste on outdated or ineffective list building methods

Let's Fix That

Over the last 13 years, I’ve helped more than 45,000 online entrepreneurs create and grow a business-changing email list.

And after $69 million in revenue in my own business, I can confidently say — when your email list grows, your business grows with it.

Your list is the most powerful metric you’ve got when it comes to measuring your success trajectory, and it’s surprisingly simple to get started and gain major momentum FAST.

If you’re willing to commit to your email list, spend 3 days online, learning what I have to teach you, and 4 days implementing alongside your virtual community….I promise to reward your energy with only the latest and most effective strategies that will have you leapfrogging over everyone else competing for your audience’s attention.

When I first started I had 8 people on my list (mostly family) and now I have almost 700. It is so detailed and provided me with clear steps on how to build my list. This experience truly changed my perception of list building. It opened me up to how much this can impact my business.
Millie C. Williams

SUBSCRIBED: A Live List Building Bootcamp
is a right fit for you if you are:

  • A teacher, consultant, realtor, watercolor artist, stay-at-home parent, sourdough baker, zoologist… you name it… who wants to build a profitable business online
  • A list building newbie with zero audience, zero subscribers, and zero clue how to find your perfect audience online… but you’re 100% committed to starting and growing a faithful following of future buyers
  • An online business owner and this isn’t your first digital marketing rodeo… but you want to see your reach and revenue go WAY up without spending more hours chained to your desk
  • At a place where your profits have plateaued and you need a dependable way to secure recurring revenue, month in and month out


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Amy’s step-by-step list building plan gets results. Because of Amy’s course, I have built an engaged list of over 12,000 people in less than 2 years. Most importantly, they’re the right people - they’re the students who I want to teach, and the audience I want to engage with.
Anne LaFollette Artist and Educator

By the end of SUBSCRIBED, you’ll have:

  • Honed in on the lead magnet and corresponding opt-in page that will bring your unique business eager subscribers for months & months to come
  • The confidence of knowing what to post, when, and where so you’re maximizing the content you already have
  • An intuitive long-term list building strategy that feels right for you, your business, and your audience so you never have to reinvent the wheel again
  • Your trickiest list building questions answered, plus a crystal clear understanding of the list building systems that will run your business in the background
  • The 3 C’s to simplifying your weekly content and the industry’s best-kept secret to nurturing your subscribers into happy paying customers
  • BONUS digital marketing resources and templates worth thousands $$

But above all else…

You’ll walk away from SUBSCRIBED with an asset in your business that will return 4,200% more than what you put into it (according to Litmus Research Center.)

You’ll have exactly what you need to scale your business and see dependable recurring revenue without pouring more hours in.


One-Time Payment


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Did you think we were done? Not even close.
Let’s talk about bonuses, Baby!

  1. Bonus 01

    Exclusive Access to our Community Facebook Group

    ($197 value)

    Surround yourself with the most serious list builders in the game.

    Join me, Team Porterfield, and a community of online entrepreneurs at every stage of business and list building for accountability, networking, and next-level support.

    Whether you’re making it all happen before the sun comes up or after the kids go down, you’ll be able to get your questions answered, access list building support, and build like-minded relationships 24-hours a day.

    Google could never.

  2. Bonus 02

    30 Day Training Extension

    ($47 value)

    This one’s for my side hustlers, homemakers, and full-time 9-to-5ers.

    While you'll have community support inside the Bootcamp cheering you on…with your busy schedule, it might take you a few more days to implement each list building strategy. And that's okay!

    You'll have access to ALL my trainings for an entire month after the bootcamp.

  3. Bonus 03

    Step-by-Step Training Workbooks

    ($47 value)

    Building an email list doesn’t have to be complicated… but it takes work. It requires putting one foot in front of the other, over and over again.

    So I put together a training workbook for each lesson to keep you out of the weeds and make building an email list that fully supports your business as simple as possible.

    Never wonder what you should be doing next.

    Cross actions items off the list – one at a time – until you have a beautiful, thriving email list to show for it.

  4. Bonus 04  

    FREE Bonus Masterclass

    You don't learn how to spell until you learn your ABC's, right?

    Well, inside SUBSCRIBED, you'll learn the (super profitable) list building equivalent of A-is-for-Apple.

    Then, inside this brand-new (that's right, you will be the first to see it!) BONUS Masterclass, I'll help you weave each of the 6 foundational elements of list building into systemized, business-boosting practices so that list building becomes an area of your business that you're totally fluent in.

    My email list is my business's #1  revenue generator – by far – because I’ve spent the last 13 years incorporating strategies that *actually* matter when building a list into my day-to-day business. This Masterclass is the culmination of those 13 years.


We 100% guarantee you will love this bootcamp.

If after the end of Day 1 you feel like you haven’t gotten waaay more value than what you invested, we will happily refund you in full.

All you have to do is email by 8:59am ET on Day 2 (May 14) for a full refund.

You definitely won’t want to. 

But know that you can.

Here’s what Amy's previous students have to say:

  1. “I feel like I’m an elite mastermind with all the amazing resources, tips, ideas, and hacks! I love this bootcamp!”

    – Melanie Ota

  2. “I've started everything I've learned from Amy, started with list building and my conversion rate is at 65% and in less than 2 months I have 4500 highly targeted leads! I'm beyond thrilled!”

    – Amy Udani

  3. “I have loved the energy, camaraderie, encouragement and support given and received here! It’s been an experience and I don’t want it to end!”

    – Rita Coward

  4. “SUPER VALUABLE AMY! You are a God sent with all of this phenomenal information. My vision is so much clearer now.”

    – Astrid H Vlahakis

  5. “Amy is a real pro. Went from 0 to 10k active in just over 3 weeks in me taking action with her information”

    – Matt Crane

  6. “Things are starting to come together and click for me! I had so many questions answered in the last 20 minutes.”

    – Ally Nik

Got a burning question?
Here’s what other bootcampers have asked:

  • How do I know if this is right for me?

    SUBSCRIBED is right for any online business owner that needs to clarify their overall vision and strategy when it comes to their email list – then get to “doing.” Regardless of whether you have 0 subscribers or 10,000 subscribers. Regardless of whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or you’re starting from scratch. In SUBSCRIBED, you’ll develop a big-picture vision for your profitable email list… then we’ll get into focused action in the 3 major areas of list building. (1) Lead generation with a single lead magnet + opt in page (2) Amplifying your online reach using social media + engaging more meaningfully with your audience (3) Long term list building strategies that will simply and effectively scale your business for years to come. If that sounds like your cup of tea, SUBSCRIBED is right for you!

    And one more thing. SUBSCRIBED is right for you if you need a little extra dose of accountability to finally make list building a priority in your business. Because you’re busy. I designed this Bootcamp to be hands-on and high-support for exactly this reason. An email list WILL change your business if you give it a little time and attention. SUBSCRIBED is designed to take you out of the day-to-day whirlwind, create your unique list building game plan with the support of myself, my team, and a community of the brightest online entrepreneurs around, and give you the tools to finally weave list building into your daily business practices.

  • When are the live trainings?

    Starting on May 13, I’ve cleared my calendar so I can spend 3 consistent training days with you.

    1. Friday – May 13th (11:00am – 11:45am CT)
      TRAINING #1: Kickstart Your List: Create Your Irresistible Lead Magnet & List Building Funnel
    2. Saturday – May 14th (11:00am – 11:45am CT)
      TRAINING #2: Amplify Your Reach With Social Media & Authentic Online Engagement
    3. Sunday – May 15th (11:00am – 11:45am CT)
      TRAINING #3: Your Long Term List Building Strategy: Master Your Weekly Content & Nurture Life-Long Subscribers
    After we wrap up our training weekend, I’ve included 4 implementation days (May 16th – May 19th) to give you the time and support necessary to start to implement what you’ve learned and get your trickiest questions answered.
  • What if I can’t make it live every day?

    Don’t worry about it! Every single SUBSCRIBED training is recorded and instantly available to rewatch, so you can catch up whenever is best for you. Plus, when you enroll in SUBSCRIBED, you receive a BONUS 30 day training extension which means you’ll have access to all the SUBSCRIBED trainings for a month after the LIVE Bootcamp wraps up. However, after that 30 day extension, the trainings will no longer be available, so make catching up on any missed trainings a priority and schedule your time wisely!

  • Why is it so affordable to join?

    You're right…maybe I should increase the price? Just kidding! But in all seriousness, I believe in the business-transforming power of an email list. And I believe the information in this bootcamp should be made available to everyone (no matter their financial situation.) That’s why the enrollment price is so affordable.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Oh yeah! By Day 1 of this Bootcamp I want you to feel like $37 was a steal. Like you’ve received so much support and relevant, business-boosting instruction that paying ONLY $37 for it feels like a crime. If you get to the end of Day 1 and you don’t feel absolutely floored at the value of content you’re receiving inside SUBSCRIBED, simply email my team by 8:59am ET on Day 2 (May 14) and we’ll happily issue a full refund.


One-Time Payment


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