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#574: Steal My Lead Magnet Launch Checklist

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#574: Steal My Lead Magnet Launch Checklist

Facebook is an incredible unlimited source of hot leads.

Did you know that Facebook users spend over 700 BILLION minutes a month on FB?

Insane, right? The potential to attract quality prospects is mind blowing.

The great news is that you’ve got this huge source of leads right at your fingertips.

The bad news is that most people are doing it all wrong and not capitalizing on it’s massive potential.

If you want your Facebook Page to drive quality traffic and sales for your business, what you  need is focused, clear, and up to date strategy that’s custom built for YOUR business.

Here’s what your Facebook Page should be doing for you:

  • Getting you automated leads and SALES 24/7
  • Attracting highly-targeted prospects who WANT to do business with you!
  • Getting you testimonials on autopilot, day in and day out
  • Positioning you as the most sought out leader in your industry
  • Creating a vibrant community of raving fans who happily spread the word about you, your products and services.

If you’re done with wasting time and want me to personally make-over your Facebook page so it actually WORKS, this is for you.  My one-on-one overhaul is designed to turn your FB fans into action-taking raving fans who are eager to buy what you’re selling.

Step 1: We Get Together to Laser In On Your Business + Goals

During this 30 minute session, we’ll review your business including your specific marketing + business goals, including how much time you realistically have to spend on Facebook and social media.  Remember, this plan will be tailor made for you so I want to help you refine EXACTLY what you want to achieve through Facebook.  I want to know exactly who your customers are and how Facebook fits into your “big business picture.”

Step 2: I PERSONALLY monitor your Facebook activity for 7 days! (yes, you read that right)

Once we get clear on the exact outcomes we’re shooting for, I’ll personally monitor your Facebook activity for a full 7-days. I’ll monitor engagement levels, identify possible “influencers” in your community, and closely track how your fans are responding to your overall Facebook activity. This allows me to identify CUSTOM opportunities for you to drive consistent targeted traffic to your website and achieve the specific goals that are most important for YOUR business.

Step 3: You get a NEW customized Facebook strategy + simple “do this now” action plan.

After my seven day, in-the-trenches, monitoring of your Facebook activity, I’ll create a brand new, updated strategy for you in a simple, organized report.  I’ll walk you through exactly what’s working, what’s not and why.  (And don’t worry if you don’t have much activity on your Page right now – we’ll get you there!)

Plus I’ll give you five simple action steps to take immediately to turn your Facebook page into a traffic and sales generating machine.  This customized action plan will help you integrate Facebook into your existing social media activity and overall marketing funnel.

Along with my personal recommendations, your customized report will include examples of successful Facebook Pages you can model and links to my go-to-resources (this is the “insider stuff” that no one else gets to see!) that will keep your FB strategy on track.

Step 4: We get together again for a one-on-one review of your new Facebook strategy action plan.

Once you have had time to review my comprehensive Facebook strategy report, we will get on the phone again for 45-minutes to go over the details.  Here I will answer any questions you have and give you personalized training on any areas you need a little extra support with.

This call is for YOU to get all your questions answered so we can make sure you are ready to implement your plan right away.  I usually charge $250 for a 45-minute coaching call – but when you enroll in the Facebook Strategy Overhaul program, you will get TWO one-on-one calls, plus your ten page customized Facebook Strategy Action Plan.

The Way I See It, You’ve Got 3 Options.

Option #1

Do nothing and hope for the best. Not recommended if you’re serious about your business success.

Option #2

Try to do it yourself and continue to let Facebook waste your time as you drudge through it alone without an updated plan (that’s if you have a plan). Of course, you do have thousands of free online resources you can sift through to get answers . . . but a little warning here.

Most posts and articles online are outdated since Facebook changes the rules constantly! I can honestly say, after my recent book project, I am literally one of the few who is totally up to date with all the changes happening on Facebook right now.

Option #3

Make this easy and let me overhaul your Facebook Page for you! Stop messing around with your business and let me help you get more exposure, more leads and ultimately more money.

While other companies pay me thousands of dollars a month to run their social media campaigns, I’m opening this up for a one-time investment of just $847.

I'll completely overhaul your Facebook business strategy to help you turn your Facebook page into non-stop traffic source and sales generating machine.

You Don’t Have to Master Facebook . . .

You just have to get clear on what works best for your business and use it as a tool to get what you really want- – whether that be to grow your leads, finally get the exposure you’ve been working toward or to simply just make more money.

So let's get this started.  Click here to sign up now.


Here's What People Are Saying About Their Facebook Overhauls

“Thank you for seeing ME and what my business stands for.  This is an amazing report that feels so real, so personal, and I can feel YOUR essence and special gifts in it.” -Silvia,


“After the initial quick read I am completely STUNNED at how you totally seem to have gotten what it was that I was looking for. I LOVE all your ideas.” -Marissa,


“Wow – I love it!  This will really help me get things off on the right foot.  Thank you very much for the personalized suggestions.  This was more than I expected and worth every penny.” -Jason,

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