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#670: Excel At 1-on-1 Coaching, Public Speaking, & High Converting Lead Magnets with Mike Pacchione

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#670: Excel At 1-on-1 Coaching, Public Speaking, & High Converting Lead Magnets with Mike Pacchione


Considering B-School this year? Team Porterfield has a little challenge planned just for you…

Marie opened the doors to B-School just this week — and in the spirit of doing what it takes to create a business and life you love, I am hosting a nationwide treasure hunt for a signed copy of Marie’s best-selling book, Everything Is Figureoutable

I created this adventurous challenge to help you get out of the house and explore your local city…

…and the best part is, you can win a chance to join B-School on us! That’s right! When you find the book in your city, you’ll be entered into a drawing where ONE of the TEN book-finders will receive a 100% paid for scholarship to Marie’s program, B-School.

Who doesn't love a friendly treasure hunt? #bschooltreasurehunt


My amazing team is hiding 10 signed copies of Marie Forleo's, Everything Is Figureoutable, throughout various locations in the US. Each book contains a special treat and a chance to win a scholarship to B-School 2020!


Starting Saturday, February 15, and continuing through Tuesday, February 18, there will be a series of clues dropped to help you identify where one of the hidden books is located. 

The clues will be released on my Instagram Stories (@amyporterfield) following the schedule below:

  • Saturday, February 15th
    • Location 1: San Diego, CA (Carlsbad)
    • Location 2: San Diego, CA (Encinitas)
    • Location 3: Temecula, CA
    • Location 4: Los Angeles, CA
  • Sunday, February 16th
    • Location 5: Boston, MA
    • Location 6: Washington, DC
  • Monday, February 17th
    • Location 7: Raleigh, NC
    • Location 8: Houston, TX
  • Tuesday, February 18th
    • Location 9: Colorado Springs, CO
    • Location 10: Asheville, NC


Here's how to participate in the Treasure Hunt:

  1. Follow along with my Instagram Stories (@amyporterfield) to hear about new treasure hunt locations and get clues on each of the hiding places. 
  2. If a city near you is announced as one of the participating locations, read the clues and start hunting. (First come, first serve! Don't worry – we'll post on IG when the book in each city has been found!)
  3. As you are hunting, share your quest on social by tagging @amyporterfield and #bschooltreasurehunt
  4. One of the 10 people who find a hidden book will be chosen to receive a scholarship into B-School!
  5. Share a photo of you and the book in the location you found it on social and be sure to tag @amyporterfield and #bschooltreasurehunt so we can follow along (and repost too!). 
  6. Team Porterfield has included instructions inside of the book on how to communicate your win to us. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!
  7. There will be a lottery on Thursday, February 20th to announce the winner. (If you already joined B-School, no worries — we will still cover your tuition!)

If you are the lucky B-School Scholarship winner, please email no later than Friday, February 28, 2020, 12 pm PT to claim your scholarship by providing the book code (included inside the book), as well as your name/email/Instagram handle so we can announce your win to all!