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Digital Course Academy

The most comprehensive program for validating, creating, launching and selling your digital course

Digital Course Academy is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create your digital course like a pro — but how to get it into the hands of dozens or even hundreds of customers every month.

16,809 courses in 30+ industries started with DCA


DCA is a right fit if you are:

  • a service provider who’s reached your ceiling and building a scalable digital course is your ticket to helping more people and creating time and financial freedom in your life
  • a corporate employee (with the heart of an entrepreneur) tired of being confined to a cubicle and fully aware you’re capable of so much more
  • a budding entrepreneur who wants to build an online business the smart way with a digital course (rather than starting a business just to remain stuck in the time-for-money hustle)
  • someone who is beyond ready to take your life back, isn't afraid of a little hard work, and knows that there's no “right time” to get started

“Amy is one of the clearest, most inspiring teachers you could ever find!

We used her webinar framework to create two webinars for two different programs, both of which were wildly successful. Her step-by-step process is easy to follow and customize. If webinars are on your list, run — don’t walk to Amy.”

Marie Forleo

By the end of this program you will have:

  1. Nailed down your course topic

    instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it and created a compelling course name that will attract your ideal customer

  2. Validated and pre-sold your program

    before recording a single lesson, to make sure your audience is excited to invest all while giving yourself a motivating cash and confidence injection

  3. Developed a high-converting webinar

    presentation and irresistible offer that authentically enrolls the best prospects into your course

  4. Expertly recorded your course content

    even if you’re a total technophobe and have never recorded a single video in your entire life

  5. Leveraged a mix of email and social media strategies

    to get a packed house of highly qualified prospects onto your webinars every single time

  6. Crafted a compelling sales page

    and post-webinar email funnel to amplify your course sales and make sure your hard-earned prospects have the best possible chance to convert

But above all else…

Digital Course Academy will give you the confidence to finally generate consistent, scalable revenue and make the lucrative leap from trading time for money to giving yourself the freedom to choose who you work with and what you focus on.

Working with Amy changed my whole life. I now have a 6-figure business! Even if you’re afraid, you just have to do it. Look at your situation right now. Do you want to stay in the same place, or are you willing to take a risk and build a better life?
Amanda Ferguson Women’s Etiquette Coach View More Stories

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Don't let finances stop you
from reaching your goals…


If finances are the only thing holding you back from chasing that digital course dream, we’ve created a scholarship program to gladly remove that obstacle.

Click below to apply for a Digital Course Academy scholarship and we’ll let you know about your application status by September 7th. Best of luck!


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