Guided Audio


Working Better Than Before: Redefining Your Unique Vision of Success

Before you smash big business goals that deliver you to success’ door…

Knowing what success *actually* means to you and exactly how to get there is a must.

In this 15-minute guided visualization, I’ll help you take inventory of your unique “before” – AKA what you feel, experience, and possess today – so you can confidently pin down your most soul-satisfying definition of success and map out exactly how to get there.

In this exercise, I'll help you:

  1. 1

    Take a full inventory of your life as it is now including your joys, frustrations, and what gets your time.

  2. 2

    Get clear on your wildest, most authentic vision of success – down to the tiniest detail – so you can joyfully work towards what you *really* want out of business and life, every single day.

  3. 3

    Create a plan to make your vision a reality, including the specific action steps to take, broken down into a timeline and scheduled into your calendar so success is no longer a hope – it’s a game plan.


I’ve included a workbook so you can follow along as you listen and keep track of your thoughts, questions, and game-changing moments of inspiration.

Pre-Amy I was grasping at different things and trying to figure out what my plan looked like. And Post Amy, I’m very clear, like I’m so crystal clear on exactly what I’m doing, what makes me money, what doesn’t, what’s cute but what’s a waste of time … I’m clear on what I want to do, not what I have to do.
Molly Wendell
A Quick Note

I had the title, the connections, the jet-setter lifestyle…  and I hated it.

I’ve always been a high achiever, so I worked hard for years to climb the corporate ladder. 

By my 30s, I was working for peak performance coach, Tony Robbins, getting paid to fly all around the world, meeting celebrities, and leading one of the most influential content teams in the game.

I was living the dream. It just wasn’t my dream.

Because success for me…

  • Looks like a laptop, a Barefoot Dreams blanket, and my labradoodle, Scout, snoozing beside me.
  • Sounds like my sweet husband, Hobie, on his riding lawnmower (the guy is obsessed) outside my window.
  • Tastes like morning coffee dates with Hobie – every single day.

This audio guide is everything I wish I’d considered before chasing a dream that was beautiful… but wasn’t mine.

I created it with you in mind, sweet friend, so you can take the most direct path to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams…

Whether that looks like a private jet to Bora Bora, influencing the world from a mountain cabin, or a slow meeting-less Tuesday morning at home.