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Your Digital Course Coach: A Done With You Course Creation Experience

A 12-week personalized private coaching experience to create and validate your digital course.

Starting the week of April 10, work with a Digital Course Academy-trained private coach to implement what you’ve learned on a customized timeline, receive expert guidance and feedback in real time, & get the accountability necessary to remain confidently consistent.

After 90 days, you’ll be the proud creator of a digital course that will change the way you work and earn money… forever.

Psst… we have limited availability, so snag your spot while they last!


As seen in:


But as it stands, you don’t have a course.

You don’t have an offer.

Which means, presently, you’re not making money.

And I know you haven’t put all this work into creating a course because you need a hobby!

You saw a business opportunity in digitizing your 1-1 service, coaching experience, or real-life insights to help people, make an income, and live life on your schedule and your terms…

But somehow that one-to-many business dream feels further away than the day you enrolled in Digital Course Academy.

Analysis paralysis… prioritizing your full-time gig or other revenue generating opportunities… or a serious case of imposter syndrome have turned your course creation process into a march through mud.

What you need is some no-nonsense help to create your course so can finally enjoy the freedom and revenue that comes with a one-to-many business model.

“I’ve gotten more done in these few weeks than I did in the past year. I used to take course after course, thinking I needed to learn more. Now I’m finally doing it. I’m taking action and seeing my course come together!” – Gwyndolyn Morasko

woman carrying a green planner

After 90 Days

You'll Have A Digital Course You Can Launch Over And Over And Over Again.

AKA You'll Be Ready To Make Money, Work With Who
You Love To Work With, and 86 That 9 To 5.

Which looks like:


Every single module and lesson is organized, and outlined in a way that streamlines your student’s experience and delivers BIG on your course promise, reviewed and signed off on by your coach


A highly strategic course content flow so your students can blaze through each lesson feeling accomplished, equipped, and motivated to finish


Slide decks created (if you want ‘em!) to aid your teaching and help your students consume your content at a glance


Support resources – like a tech library, mini-training, checklist, workbook, etc. – that allow you to over-deliver like the big-hearted entrepreneur you are and create happy, recurring customers for life


Your “9 Key Decisions Made” with guidance and input from coaches that have created and coached through multi-million dollar courses themselves


An air-tight recording strategy that perfectly aligns with your budget, teaching style, content needs, and comfort on-and-off camera (take your time to deliver the content or have every lesson recorded and ready to go within the 90 days – up to you!)


A validated digital course with counsel and input from your coach so that, by the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll have a digital course and a long line of potential students eager to pay $$ to enroll


Your pre-launch and launch details are scheduled with expert precision so that, once your course is created, you can confidently check-list your way to your profitable digital course launch

What does
“Done With You”
Coaching Mean?

YOU SHOW UP LIKE. 😵‍💫🤷‍♀️🤯










Who is this for?

  • Want specific feedback on your stuff, not just general best practices or pro tips.
  • Are rocking the coaching or 1-1 gig yourself, which leaves you with less time than you’d like to give to creating your digital course. You need someone with a bird's-eye view to tell you exactly what do, when to do it, and what to ignore for now so you can maximize the time you do have in order to launch and see income ASAP.
  • Have lost a little steam and maybe even semi-abandoned Digital Course Academy because #life… but you know every day is a new day to keep promises to yourself and a one-on-one coach is the accountability you know you need to relight the fire and help you see this dream through (HECK YEAH!)
  • Cosign on the idea that coaching = shortcuts, tailored strategy, and self-assurance that otherwise can quickly fizzle in the isolation of life behind a closed office door.
  • See Team Porterfield as industry leaders in the digital course world and every birthday candle wish since enrolling in DCA has been to have MY team elbow-deep in the creation process with YOU (because you need this course to make money – serious money!)



  • You want someone to create your course for you. Your coach will be your sounding board, an eye over your shoulder, your task-manager, and your biggest cheerleader… but in this program, you’ll be the one putting the proverbial pen to paper.
  • You have ZE-RO time to give. To get your course up and running in 90 days or less, we suggest you set aside 10 – 15 hours a week to work with your coach and implement the customized action items (because no one ever said there wouldn’t be plenty of hard work… just that the payoff will be first-class-trip-to-Paris worth it.)
watching done with you coaching with coffee and taking notes


A personalized coaching experience means you can come as you are.

Whether you’ve put together a course you feel so-so about or you’re only halfway through Module 2 of Digital Course Academy…

Your coach will put together a tailor-made, zero judgment plan to start strong from exactly where you are today and hold your hand as you follow through like the finisher you are.

Any shame about falling off halfway isn’t going to serve you (you know that) and we sure as heck aren’t going to judge you for being human.

But we will remind you that you owe it to yourself – and to the fire in your belly – to see this dream through. You can count on us to provide a unique-to-you accountability structure to create your digital course in just 90 days and make good on the promise you made to yourself.

I'm in!


There are limited spots available! Grab one while they last…

And we'll ride shotgun until you get there.

Single payment of 8,000

Pay In Full

3 payments of 3,000

Buy now + pay monthly
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  • Shannon Pfeffer

    Shannon steps up to the coaching bat with a Stanford business degree, a pedigreed coaching certification, and first-hand experience in big corporate burnout.

    After elevating the brands of some of the largest food, tech, and entertainment names in the world, Shannon used Digital Course Academy to make the switch from desk-job-junkie to digital course creator. She now has a successful course running on evergreen… recurring revenue win!

    Shannon helps her students thrive by shifting from overwhelm to an “I’ve got this” mindset. She knows better than anyone that the work is hard, but the freedom is possible…and so dang worth it. Shannon will be there, every step of the way.

  • Emma Tait

    If an extra shot of affirmation, encouragement, and science-backed mindset coaching are what you need in your course creation cocktail, Emma’s serving it up.

    “Intentional and integrated” is the mantra this experienced coach, marketing executive, and entrepreneur sings as she builds out a personalized plan to help you achieve, not just course completion, but decisiveness and self-trust to get your unique magic out of your head and into the world.

    Her experience spans the breadth of online marketing from content creation, funnel set-up, marketing campaigns, email sales sequences, and more!

  • Christine Short

    What it’s like to be coached by Master of Content, Christine? A LOT like this →

    “Feel less alone, set goals, and trust yourself to complete them.”

    With years of coaching and content creation under her belt, Christine is massively committed to building your confidence as you build your digital course. In fact, her past coaching experience centered around resiliency.

    So if picking up where you left off feels like a marathon of a feat, Christine is the coach to help you create new, gentle consistency in your life that leads to momentum and next-level confidence.

  • Trina Parnell

    Here’s what I love about Trina →

    Her motto is, “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.”

    What I love even more? Using my strategies, Trina grew her email list by 95% and had an amazing launch of her course, The Confident Mindset, less than 3 months after taking Digital Course Academy.

    Trina Parnell combines her personal digital course success, the DCA framework, and her expertise as a Mindset and Strategy coach to help you feel confident and on track and see results quickly.


You’re one of a kind. (And not just cause your momma says so.)

Your course… your audience… your problem areas… and your end game are completely unique.

So when you enroll, your coach will create a personalized project plan that starts from where you are today and itemizes each step to get you across the finish line with a 5-star course that’s ready for launch.

Pretty special, huh? (Like momma always told you.)

For 60 minutes every week for 12 weeks, you’ll virtually meet one-on-one with your digital course coach.

During these calls, you and your coach will review the items on your project plan from the previous week, talk through any feedback, celebrate every little thing, and get strategic and clear about what you’ll tackle over the next few days.

You’ll check in with your coach about how you’re progressing, anything you’re struggling with, and how you’re feeling. Because ALL of it – the internal and external – plays into your success. And that’s what your coach is there for → your greatest success.

Twice a week, you’re invited to gather around the virtual table with your Digital Course Coaches and other 1:1 coaching participants. Bring your software issues to troubleshoot, your module titles for feedback, or just hop on to get inspired by the big movers and shakers in your 1:1 coaching community.

These calls are 30 minutes long and optional as needed, so the thrill of solving big, big issues in a matter of minutes never has to wait for your weekly 1:1 call.

You don’t just have access to your coach for 60 minutes a week.

You’ll receive access to a private Slack channel between you and your digital course coach for those quick-and-fast questions that don’t require an entire Zoom call but definitely require a little input.

Let’s be real. The limitations of a traditional digital course format are that there just isn’t time or space for personalized feedback on what you’re actually creating.

Until now.

Your Digital Course Coach will review assets like your course outline, slide decks, support documents, all 9 Key Decisions, your launch timeline, and more and offer their industry-leading advice, insights, and feedback.

“Is this good enough” goes from a nausea-inducing, momentum-killing voice in your head… to a strategic question asked to the right person with data-driven insights… to a confident “I can’t believe how freaking good this is.”

Real talk → There’s nothing worse than signing up for “personalized attention” and being wedged into a tight schedule, rushed through, or cut short.

With that in mind, we’ve placed a hard and fast limit on the number of clients your private coach will be coaching during these 12 weeks so you can be sure to get the time, attention, and accessibility to your coach that you’ve invested in.


These Bonuses To Help You Simplify The Process And Generate Unstoppable Momentum

Bonus 01

$200 Value

2 Months of The Momentum Membership Experience

At the end of 12 weeks, you’ll officially be the proud owner of a digital course that’s so streamlined and so darn tailored to your ICA, it’ll be as irresistible as Amal Clooney.

So we’re not going to leave you to launch it alone!

The purpose of Your Digital Course Coach: A Done With You Course Creation Experience is to create your course.

The purpose of The Momentum Membership Experience is to help you launch that course.

So when your 1:1 coaching wraps up, enjoy TWO months of Momentum on us so you can have the community support, hyper-specific launch trainings, accountability, and cheer squad to launch your beautiful digital course into the world!

(Already in Momentum? July and August will be on us! Enjoy the extra cash in your account, my friend.)

Bonus 02

$150 Value

Digital Course Slide Deck Templates

We’re providing the professionally designed backdrop for your digital course lessons – free of charge.

Put 0 mental energy towards what your slides will look like inside each digital course lesson with plug and play templates designed by my in-house graphic designer.

Swap out colors and fonts to match your branding, then sit down with your coach to plan out the content for seamless flow and a visual course experience that looks like a million bucks. (But didn’t cost you a single extra one.)

Bonus 03

$197 Value

Course Launch & Marketing Live Q&A's with Amy

When you start to see your course come alive, you're going to start dreaming glorious dreams about launching it. It's the course creator's version of “When You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. So as an exclusive BONUS for my coaching students, I'll host two separate, hour-long Q&A's to answer ALL your questions about nothing but marketing. 

The first hour-long Q&A will be held about halfway through your coaching experience to get those big marketing questions off your chest, out of your head, and clear as you move forward. Then we'll have our final hour-long Q&A towards the end of our 12 weeks together when launch day feels WAY more in sight.

Bonus 04

$2,000 Value

Pay in Full Bonus: Your Digital Course Webinar Audit

Once you’ve completed your coaching and have your digital course in-hand, I have ZERO doubt you’ll become so convinced of the value that promoting your course becomes a joyful reflex.

With this exclusive pay-in-full bonus, your coach will do a full audit of your webinar presentation to ensure your flow, sales strategy, presentation, and delivery does that value justice and converts attendees into eager paying students.

You’ll receive feedback on what’s working like a charm, what needs tweaking, and fresh ideas that might not have occurred to you.

Whether you send over a recording of a practice run or a LIVE webinar, you’ll have up to 6 months from enrollment to submit your webinar for review.

$8,000 is a big investment in your business.

Here's what you'll get in return:

  • Once A Week Personalized Coaching From A Digital Course Coach With Extensive Course Experience (A $10,000 Value)
  • Twice A Week Group Coaching Calls So Your Progress Never Slows And Your Course Is Ready For Launch Day 5x Faster (A $500 Value)
  • A Personalized Project Plan To Beeline Your Way To Your Digital Course Without Confusion, Overwhelm, Or Wasted Effort (A $1,000 Value)
  • Regular Reviews Of Your Content By Coaches I’d Trust (And Some I Have Trusted!) With My Own Digital Courses (A $2,000 Value)
  • A Private Slack Channel With Your Coach To Solve In-The-Moment Problems, Gain Perspective, And Keep Rocking Along (A $500 Value)
  • Course Slide Deck Templates To Save You Time, Simplify The Process, And Give Your Course Presentation An Extra Dose Of Professionalism (A $150 Value)
  • 2 Months Of The Momentum Membership Experience To Help You Launch Your Course Once It’s Ready To Roll (A $200 Value)
  • Course Launch & Marketing Live Q&A's with Amy To Help Answer ALL Your Marketing and Launch Questions So You Feel Equipped To Launch (A $197 Value)
  • Pay In Full: Your Digital Course Webinar Audit So You Can Sell Your Course Content As Effectively As You Can Teach It (A $2,000 Value)

A $16,540 Value For

Every single element of coaching and support lends itself to ONE thing → You have a gold-standard digital course within 90 days.

And here’s where I’ll do a little coaching of my own.

Remember that you’re investing $8,000 so you can make much, much more in return. Heck, let’s shoot for recouping that $8k on your very first course launch!

The entire aim of Your Digital Course Coach: A Done With You Course Creation Experience is to create one asset that will earn you an increasing income for years.

We don’t take that lightly, friend. So we’re 100% committed to setting you up with a digital course that every bit of our coach’s 40 years combined experience tells us will be massively profitable in the long run.

“I didn’t think this kind of personal, in-depth support was possible and I can’t say enough positive things. It was beyond anything I could have hoped for. This experience was priceless.” – Kelly Clark

Bring on my course AND my income source!
Let’s do it, Ames!

Single payment of 8,000

Pay In Full

3 payments of 3,000

Buy now + pay monthly
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Why make big decisions alone?

Schedule a 30-minute call to speak with Team Porterfield!

Are you right for Your Digital Course Coach? Heck, is Your Digital Course Coach right for you? Our team is here to help answer your questions!


A little warning! There are limited spots available on a first come, first serve basis. If all avaliable spots are filled before your scheduled call, we will reach out to put you on our waitlist for the next time the program opens. If you have any questions we can answer in the meantime, please reach out at


*anxiety has entered the chat*

So let’s talk about it.

Because I’ve been in your shoes 100 times, friend. I’ve scanned the pages, fallen in love with something that would serve me in the exact way I KNOW I needed… and I’ve felt jittery at the 4 (sometimes 5) digit price point.

You and I have linked arms and worked together long enough for you to know coaching isn’t something I take lightly. You’ve heard my story about investing in a $17,000 Mastermind when I didn’t have $17,000 (or anywhere close to it) in the bank.

Well, there hasn’t been a minute of my entrepreneurial life that I haven’t had a coach. Even before I left my 9-5, I was paying for coaching!

Because I’ve always known when you want to go somewhere you’ve never been, you need someone to teach you how. Someone who knows exactly how to get the results you want.

But more than that, someone who’s outside of your brain and can separate fact from fear. Who can call out your forward progress and small wins when you’re deep in the weeds because we need good news to keep moving forward.

amy porterfield smiling at the camera wearing a white shirt sitting in chair

But left to our own devices, we’re inherently pretty darn good at sabotaging. Ugh.

So I’ve created Your Digital Course Coach to give you personalized attention, feedback, and direction as you create a digital course that you can sell over and over again, one that will act as a force for good in the lives of thousands of students.

But just as importantly, I’ve created this one-of-a-kind coaching program to offer you a structure that creates a pattern of completion so you can gain a stronger sense of self trust as you create the business and life you love.

If you choose to put your trust in my team and I in Your Digital Course Coach, you have my word that we’ll do everything in our power to meet you on the other side of these 12 weeks and hear you say, “Worth every penny – a million times over.”

Cheering you on ALWAYS,


Single payment of 8,000

Pay In Full

3 payments of 3,000

Buy now + pay monthly
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