Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

#632: How To Craft The Perfect Digital Course Module From Scratch

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#632: How To Craft The Perfect Digital Course Module From Scratch

Hey there!

I’m Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield online course educator

Hey there!

I’m Amy Porterfield

And if you landed on my little slice of the Internet, you’re probably a business owner or entrepreneur (or flirting with the idea of becoming one.)

So come in, kick your shoes off, and fill your Google Drive with the FREE resources, trainings, and action steps necessary to build a highly engaged email list, create online training courses, & use online marketing strategies to sell with ease.

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I’ve been where you are…

Scattering free content and paid “opportunities” into the void of the Internet with zero return.

After years of winging it, missing my son’s football games to meet client deadlines, and having nothing but burnout and business debt to show for it…

My business has now earned more than $82 million in revenue. I’ve served more than 50,000 students in my online courses. And my podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, receives over 1 million downloads every month.


Growing my email list. Creating 1 digital product. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s the simple online business cycle I love to teach because it yanks you right off of the virtual content hamster wheel and into the financial abundance that the scale of the Internet allows.

Want to find out how your experience and expertise fits into this equation?

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My brand new book will show you how to turn it into a reality.

Two Weeks Notice will take you from “stuck” to making strides in the direction of your dreams — even if you have no idea where to start or just how liberating where you’re headed really is.

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The top ranked podcast

Online Marketing Made Easy

Emphasis on “made easy.

World-class experts, detailed execution plans, and gritty, actionable strategies…

Meet approachable breakdowns, mindset chats, and the honest transparency of a friend shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the trenches.

It’s no wonder the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast has earned its spot as *can’t miss* listening for hundreds of thousands of results-driven entrepreneurs like you.

58 million+



5 Ratings Avg.

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Amy does a remarkable job breaking down the steps for creating a passion-filled life and business.

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Trust me, you can’t just throw content together and hope it sticks. Designing the best digital course is all about organizing it in a way that delivers a transformation so smoothly that your students soak it up like a sponge! 💯

Want to know my top frameworks for upleveling your course value? 🙌📈

Just comment “632” to listen to today’s episode! 🎧🎙️💌

Oh, and I’m not just scratching the surface, my friends. I’m deep-diving into the art and science behind designing the perfect modules that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your students. 👏

Listen in and consider this episode your golden ticket to creating top-notch digital course modules. 

Comment “632” below to dive in! 😉
Every setback, every hurdle – they're shaping you into the resilient powerhouse you're meant to be. 👏💯🔥💫 

So, don't shy away from the challenges – dance with them! And always remember to celebrate the small victories along the way because each one is a testament to your growth and progress. ✨

Here's to embracing the challenges, learning from them, and celebrating every tiny win on this incredible entrepreneurial adventure! 🙌💛
I always tell my students that their email list is the #1 MOST important AND profitable asset in their business with a return of $36 for every $1 dollar you spend. 😱💸

Over the years I’ve grown my email list to 400,000 subscribers (and beyond!) and I wanted to share a glimpse into my step-by-step list building strategies with you weekly!

If you’d like to learn more on how I did this, I also have a FREE Masterclass called Inbox Money: How To Monetize an Email List in 4 Easy Steps (Even if you’re starting from zero!) 💸👏

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Comment "631" below for my take on WHY I think competition AND collaboration is important to keep us pushing towards our goals as an entrepreneur 💯👏

Competition keeps us hungry and keeps us ambitious. But let me caveat this with the fact that I’m not necessarily competing with someone specific, or by definition, an actual competitor of mine. In fact, I never am. 😱

If you're curious about WHO I typically compete with, comment "631" below! 

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Hey there!

I’m Amy Porterfield

I’m an ex-corporate girl, author, online marketing expert and the host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. Welcome to my virtual living room! Stay a while, won’t you?