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in how you work.

And how much you earn.

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Your online business is only as good as your audience.

Makes sense, right?

In order to sell, you need to have people to sell to

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an Email list

And one thing they all have in common?

I’m an online marketing expert and my business has earned over $100 million from my email list.

I'm Amy.

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2023 New York Times Bestselling Author

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I teach dreamers, entrepreneurs, and online business owners how to grow their business by growing their email list.

Because when you have an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you, you’ve never made an easier sale. 

The best news?

You don’t need a single follower… an ounce of experience… a business… or even an offer to get started. 


start small. start simply. 


start small. start simply. 

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How To Have A 10,000 Subscriber Year

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Spend 1 hour learning the 4-phase list building system that’s grown my email list from a handful to hundreds of thousands 🙌 , my revenue from thousands to millions 🎉,  and allowed me to enjoy a 4-day work week every week. ✌️

The First 10 Steps to A Profitable Email List 💰

I broke down the first 10 steps of growing a profitable email list into 5... 10... 15 minute tasks so even the busiest bee can see your first batch of subscribers in 10 days. 🙌

free guide!

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Turning inspiration into action;
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