From Desk Job
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4 Questions To Take You From No Business To A Profitable Business Idea (Even If You Have No Clue Where To Start)

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Find your online business idea sweet spot – including the “you” factor that sets your biz apart from the rest.

What Sets You Apart


List ALL potential business ideas onto paper so you can see with your own eyes just how realistic this is. (FUN!)

What’s Possible


Uncover Your Profitable Business Idea In 4 Questions

Identify the skills, knowledge, or insight you already possess that people would pay the big bucks for.

What’s Already Working


(What they really, really want!)

Clarify or validate your idea before you go full-send and take it all the way!

What Your Customers Want


A Note From Amy

Ah, the desk job.

For years, I, too, was a good corporate girl behind the scenes, pumping out big ideas that earned other people a lot of money.

Until one fateful day, I was called into a high-level meeting (to take notes, of course) and I heard online entrepreneurs sharing stories of freedom.

Time freedom. Creative freedom. Financial freedom. Location freedom.
And in that moment, I knew something had to change for me.

Your moment might have been the day they announced that “work from home” was ending.

Or when you got a taste of greeting your kids at the school bus every afternoon. Or when your PTO was denied. Or when you caught wind of what your company paid that consultant per hour.

If you’re desperate to part ways with a life of stale office Folgers and business casual, but you’re not exactly sure what you could offer to earn a living… I literally wrote the book on it, my friend.

This FREE guide (which pairs perfectly with my NY Times Bestselling book, Two Weeks Notice) will help you uncover the profitable business idea that sets you apart from the crowd so you can confidently hand in your two weeks notice and find your own style of freedom.


From Desk Job To Dream Job

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