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How To Have A 10,000 Subscriber Year


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2023 New york times bestselling author

Registered Nurse Turned Entrepreneur

“I watched your list building masterclass. The next day I went and made a lead magnet for my ideal customer. I made my lead magnet in 20 minutes. Created my landing page. Sent it out.

Within 2 days I got over 4,000 subscribers! I had to turn notifications off. Just wanted to share. Thank you for everything you do.”

Kelsey Rowell

Grew her list by

4,000 in 2 days!

Registered Nurse

Just imagine ✨…

audience of buyers

Having a direct line of communication to a warmed-up-and-ready audience of buyers 

go-to expert

business growth

Being the go-to expert for people who need exactly what you offer 

Never having to beg for sales, hunt for clients, or question how your business will grow

Here's What You Need To Know About Email And Your Business. 🤝

If That ☝️ Is What Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Are Made Of…




72% of Buyers Prefer Email As The Primary Way They Hear From Your Business

Email Marketing Is 40X More Effective Than Social Media Marketing 

Just By Introducing Email Marketing Campaigns, Businesses See An Average 760% Increase In Revenue 

(SnovIO Labs)

(McKinsey & Company)

(Campaign Monitor)

I get it!

I started my business while balancing a full-time job, a firefighting husband, and a 7-year-old stepson.

But I also went from a $267 launch to a $30,000 launch of the same program by focusing on growing and nurturing my email list in between.

So I want to help you skip the $267 disappointment and win some of that precious time back.

“But Who Has The Time?” ⏰

Whether You’re Starting From Zero…

Reviving An Abandoned List…

Or Hitting A Lull In New Growth…

Spend 1 hour learning the 4-phase list building system that’s grown my email list from a handful to hundreds of thousands 🙌 my revenue from thousands to millions 🎉 and allowed me to enjoy a 4-day work week every week. ✌️





What To Do (And When To Do It) To Add 10k Subscribers In 365 Days, Broken Into 90-Day Increments 🗓️

How To Align Your List Building (Including Lead Magnets, Social Media, “Blitzes” and More!) With Your Current Or Future Paid Offers 💰

Numbers To Shoot For, Metrics To Track, And Countless Examples Of Actual List Growth Over Time So You Can See What’s Realistic… Doable… And Pretty Darn Exciting 🤩

In This Masterclass, You'll Learn:

What Masterclass Attendees Are Saying!



Your Guide to Understanding & Mastering Email Metrics for Growth

In this instantly downloadable guide, we'll go even deeper on all things email metrics...

So you can keep a pulse on what your people need, want, and love from you without wasting your precious time pulling reports, organizing data, and crossing your fingers that it all means something. 😬🤞

And here’s what I give my email list ALL the credit for. 👇

Earning $100 million dollars in my business 💵 (since my email list is the #1 revenue winner in my entire biz.)

A NY Times Bestselling book about leaving your 9-5 job 🏅 (because a larger email list = a larger impact.)

Invitations to be an affiliate, media features in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and others, paid speaking opportunities, and so much more 💌 (because a healthy email list gives you massive credibility.)

The only reason I say any of this is to show you that an email list isn’t just about weekly newsletters…

It’s about opening doors of opportunity you don’t even realize are possible. 💛

Hi! I’m Amy.

Give me one hour, friend, and I’ll teach you how to make it happen with whatever time you have to give it. 

ALL my best,