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Inflexible & Unsatisfying

↑↑ Words to describe a
30,000-foot view of your work life.

It may not have started this way, but good grief,
the people and passions that mean the most to
you are getting the least of you lately.

You want to create a business that gives
you back the decision-power in your life…

But where do you start?

The Online Business Starter Suite
focuses and guides the

first steps of starting an online business

one that offers flexibility and meaningful, profitable work.

Julie Naismith

Dog Trainer & Consultant, DCA Student

“Working with Amy has been an absolute game-changer. Strike that… a LIFE changer! I was in corporate; I now work full-time doing something that I absolutely love.”

Inside The Online Business Starter Suite,

You'll Get

From choosing your business name, identifying your ideal client, and creating your offer…

To registering your business, creating your financial plan, and managing your time as you balance multiple responsibilities…

You’ll get to follow a streamlined process for setting up an online business that’s solid and profitable from Day 1.

In this short workshop, you and I will tackle the mindset blocks of putting yourself out there online…

Because showing up on video allows you to show up for, connect with, and teach the online community you love & who you can genuinely serve.

I’ll also share a few shortcuts that will allow you to dip your toe into creating video without being *fully* on video.

“Lead magnets” are the free resources that get your perfect future customers who are currently strangers to become subscribers.

And these 5 particular lead magnets have added tens of thousands of subscribers to my email list.

I’m handing them over to you so starting your email list – one that’s directly tied to you earning money in your business or side hustle – becomes as easy as looking over my shoulder, into my business and what I’ve done that’s worked, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Each of these elements are designed to
help you get the basics of your
business handled
, begin to
grow your audience, and quickly
create an offer so you can start
bringing in revenue ASAP.


Katrina Ubell

Physician, Weight Loss Coach, DCA Student

“Not that long ago, I barely knew what marketing
was, and now, I’ve earned half a million dollars
still working in my medical practice. Once you really
start understanding how to run an online business, it
almost seeps through your pores.”

Here’s How It Works



Order The Online Business Starter Suite


work through the checklist

Work Through The “No Business Plan”
Ultimate Online Business Checklist

(Using The “How To Get Comfortable” Workshop & Lead Magnet Guide To Support You Along The Way)


happy dance

Watch Your Confidence Grow In Stride With
Your Online Reputation & Monthly Take-Home Income.


the alternative?

Spend more days devoting your time and talent to
pad the pockets of the “higher-ups.”

Sacrifice even more nights and weekends away
from the dinner table, as you try to implement strategies
you *pray* will set your business up for success.

With The Online Business Starter Suite…

you will...

Check off your business building decisions and to-do’s in a focused, orderly fashion – laid out by someone who’s built a multi-million dollar online business from scratch.

you will not...

Bet your business on Joe Shmoe from YouTube who read a blog post once.

you will...

Gently work through the very common, but very real, fear of putting yourself out there online.

you will not...

Let insecurities, nerves, or a fear of criticism keep you in a job you hate or rob you of the joy & freedom of a career you’re in control of.

Imagine a few short weeks from now…

You have something on the side
that’s all your own…

Where 100% of your efforts contribute towards a life you’re proud of, one that includes:
  • Covering the peewee soccer fee
    without a second thought (and
    planning celebratory restaurant
    lunches after each match)
  • 10 new subscribers every. single.
    day. with notes in your inbox saying,
    “I LOVED this! What else you got?!”
  • A fast-approaching resignation date
    on the calendar

All you have to do to make this dream
your reality is to start.

And I’ve taken ALL the guesswork out of that
simple start inside The Online Business Starter Suite.

The Online Business Starter Suite

  • The “No Business Plan” Ultimate Online
    Business Checklist
    (A $47 Value)
  • How to Get Comfortable Putting Yourself
    Out There Workshop
    (A $97 Value)
  • My 5 Most Popular Lead Magnets
    And Why They Convert
    (A $97 Value)

Over $338 worth of business startup advice and support…

ALL yours for just $97.

One-time payment 97

Order Now!

2 Monthly Payments 50

Order Now!
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